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Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur

Micro Irrigation Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur and NPTEL via Swayam


Water scarcity and inefficient water resource management technologies are the main challenges in developing countries like India. India has only 4% of the World's freshwater resources, out of which 85 % of water is used for agriculture. Irrigation is the backbone of agriculture, and the efficient utilisation of irrigation water is possible only by the adoption of highly efficient irrigation methods, such as micro irrigation. Micro-irrigation provides water to plant(s) in precise amount, at right time and at appropriate place. In this course contains the basic fundamentals of fluid mechanics, flow through pump, filters, pipes and water dispensing from fine small orifices. The course also covers design, installation, operation, automation and evaluation of micro-irrigation system. This course will be useful to the Graduate, Post Graduate and Ph. D students of Agricultural Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Agricultural Science. This course will also be useful to Micro-Irrigation Industry professionals and field practising Engineers.INTENDED AUDIENCE : Students and Faculty of Agricultural Universities,IIT, NIT, Micro irrigation Industry professionals,Researchers working in the area of Precision Agriculture and EntrepreneursPRE- REQUISITES : B. Tech in Agricultural Engineering/Civil Engineering. M.Sc in Horticulture/Soil Science/AgronomySUPPORTED INDUSTRIES : 1. Netafim Irrigation India Pvt. Ltd., Vadodara (Gujarat) 2. Jain Irrigation Systems Limited, Jalgaon (Maharashtra) 3. Premier Irrigation Adritec Pvt. Ltd, Kolkata (West Bengal) 4. Kothari Drip Irrigation Systems Ltd, Kunnathur (Tamil Nadu) 5. Rivulis Irrigation India Pvt. Ltd., Secunderabad (Telangana)


Week 1:

Lecture 1: Micro-Irrigation: Introduction and Scope Lecture 2: Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics and its Application in Micro Irrigation Lecture 3: Soil Water Concept Lecture 4: Soil Water Constants and Infiltration Lecture 5: Tutorial 1-Numerical Examples on Fluid Mechanics and Soil Water

Week 2 :

Lecture 6: Evapotranspiration Lecture 7: Determination of Evapotranspiration Lecture 8: Crop Coefficients and Crop Water Requirement Lecture 9: Demonstration of Agro-Meteorological Instruments Lecture 10: Demonstration of Lysimeter Lecture 11: Tutorial 2 - Numerical Examples on Crop Water Requirement

Week 3 :

Lecture 12: Irrigation Scheduling Lecture 13: Soil and Plant Water Monitoring Instruments Lecture 14: Measurement of Irrigation Water Lecture 15: Irrigation Efficiency Lecture 16: Tutorial 3 - Numerical Examples on Irrigation Water Management

Week 4:

Lecture 17: Introduction of Water Lifts and Pumps Lecture 18: Variable Displacement Pumps Lecture 19: Irrigation Water Quality Lecture 20: Tutorial 4 - Numerical Examples on Water Measurements and Pumps Lecture 21: Irrigation Methods

Week 5:

Lecture 22: Micro Irrigation System: Concept and Types Lecture 23: Drip Irrigation: Introduction and Types Lecture 24: Drip Irrigation: Design Considerations & System Layout Lecture 25: Types and Selection of Emission Devices Lecture 26: Hydraulics of Drip Irrigation System Pipe Network

Week 6:

Lecture 27: Tutorial 5 - Numerical Example on Design of Drip Irrigation System Lecture 28: Fertigation Lecture 29: Fertigation Application Methods Lecture 30: Drip Irrigation: Filtration System Lecture 31: Tutorial 6 - Numerical Examples on Emission Devices and Fertigation

Week 7:
Lecture 32: Installation and Operation of Drip Irrigation System Lecture 33: Maintenance of Drip Irrigation System Lecture 34: Demonstration of Drip Irrigation Components and Evaluation of Drip Emitters Lecture 35: Soil Water Movement under a Drip Emitter Lecture 36: Design and Development of Drip Emitters

Week 8:
Lecture 37: Tutorial 7- Numerical Examples on Drip Irrigation System Lecture 38: Micro Sprinkler Irrigation System Lecture 39: Bubbler Irrigation System
Lecture 40: Sprinkler Irrigation System Lecture 41: Sprinkler Irrigation System Design

Week 9 : Lecture 42: Performance Evaluation of Sprinkler Irrigation System Lecture 43: Tutorial 8 - Numerical Examples on Sprinkler Irrigation System Lecture 44: Tutorial 9 - Numerical Examples on Design of Sprinkler Irrigation System Lecture 45: Sprinkler Irrigation System: Layout, Installation, Operation and Maintenance

Week 10:

Lecture 46: Standards and Quality Assurance of Drip Irrigation System Components Lecture 47: Standards and Quality Assurance of Sprinkler Irrigation System Components
Lecture 48: Solar PV System for Irrigation (Part 1) Lecture 49: Solar PV System for Irrigation (Part 2) Lecture 50: Tutorial 10 - Numerical Examples on Solar PV Irrigation System

Week 11:

Lecture 51: Automation of Micro Irrigation System (Part 1) Lecture 52: Automation of Micro Irrigation System (Part 2) Lecture 53: Automation of Micro Irrigation System (Part 3) Lecture 54: Automation of Micro Irrigation System (Part 4)`
Lecture 55: Economic Analysis of MIS (Part 1)

Week 12:

Lecture 56: Economic Analysis of MIS (Part 2) Lecture 57: Economic Analysis of MIS (Part 3) Lecture 58: Tutorial 11- Numerical Examples on Economics of MIS
Lecture 59: Precision Agriculture Lecture 60: Micro Irrigation Engineering: Epilogue

Taught by

Prof. Kamlesh Narayan Tiwari

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