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Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee

Polymer Reaction Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee and NPTEL via Swayam


The course provides a complete overview of current and future aspects in polymer engineering. The finished polymer product properties are usually determined during the production process and hence it very essential to understand all the fundamentals and chemistry behind the polymerization process. Various terms such as reaction initiation, propagation, termination, reaction kinetics, thermal kinetics, molecular weight, and physical features such as microstructures, morphology, tensile and fractural strength etc. will be discussed in this course. The general polymerization concepts, principles, kinetics and methodology will be discussed through various examples.
The course will be helpful for polymer and chemical engineer, students and industries for the advancement in the concepts related to polymer reaction engineering.
Chemical Engineering, Polymer Engineering, Polymer Technology, Mechanical EngineeringPREREQUISITES : NoneINDUSTRIES SUPPORT :Useful for all polymer industries and companies related to surface and interfacial technology such as plastic, paints, rubber, resin, adhesive, and advanced polymeric material industries.Reliance Industries Limited ;GAIL India Limited and many more



Week 1:Introduction to polymerization process: Short history, monomer and its distribution, Polymer and its composition, morphology of polymers, architecture, control of polymer synthesisWeek 2:Ideal Reactors: Design equations for ideal reactors, namely batch, CSTR, plug flow, design equation for single reaction systems using batch and semi batch, CSTR, PFR and recycle reactor, auto catalytic reactions, reactor choice for single reactionWeek 3:Design for multiple reactions: Parallel and series reactions, quantitative treatment of product distribution and of reactor size for different types of ideal reactors, selectivity and yield, selection of reactor for multiple reactionsWeek 4:Non-isothermal operation and stability of reactors: Non isothermal design of ideal reactors, hot spot in tubular reactor, autothermal process, steady state multiplicity, optimal temperature progression for first order reversible reaction
Week 5:Non-ideal flow: Residence time distribution (RTD), role of RTD in determining reactor behavior, age distribution (E) of fluid, experimental methods for finding E, relationship between E and F curve, models for non- ideal flow-single and multi parameter models (axial dispersion, tanks in series), performance estimation of reactor using reactor modelsWeek 6:Reaction Engineering of Step Growth Polymerization: MWD ofcondensation polymerization: ARB and A2 + B2 4 systems; advance stage of condensation polymerization, similarity solution step growth polymerization modelWeek 7:Reaction Engineering of Free Radical Polymerization: MWDof Free radical polymerization: Standard free radical polymerization; design of tubular reactors involving radical polymerization, solution of equations describing isothermal radical polymerizationWeek 8:Reaction Engineering of Ionic, Ziggler Natta, Copolymerization: Smith-Ewart and other models, average chain length estimation of stereoregular polymers, chain segment estimation and its distribution
Week 9:Bulk, Solution and Precipitation Polymerizations: Modeling of bulk and solution polymerization reactor, precipitation polymerization: reactor modeling to interpret MWD of industrial polymersWeek 10:Suspension and Emulsion Polymerization: Suspension Polymerization: Principles, of reactor modeling and MWD estimation; Modeling of emulsion reactors, prediction of MWD and solution viscosity, examplesWeek 11:Week 12:Purification of polymers, removal of monomers and volatile compounds, Nano and micro structuring of polymers, Monitoring and control of polymerization reactors: Characterization, monitoring, safety, and optimum operational design, Safety of polymerization process

Taught by

Prof. Shishir Sinha

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