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Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee

Process Equipment Design

Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee and NPTEL via Swayam


Chemical process plants include a number of important equipment such as reactors, distillation columns, absorbers, heat exchangers, evaporators, crystallizers, etc. Design of such equipment should be carried out a priory to set-up a process plant and thus, it is the basic step in a chemical process. The present course enables one to learn about the complete process design of Heat Exchanger, Condenser, Reboiler, Crystallizer, Evaporator, Packed column and Distillation column. Further, mechanical design of distillation column is also illustrated in this course.
Undergraduate students of Chemical Engineering. However, this course will also be helpful for those who have substantial industrial experience while working in chemical processes and designing process equipment.PREREQUISITES : Basic knowledge of Heat Transfer and Mass transferINDUSTRIES SUPPORT :Any chemical process plant



Week 1:Introduction
Classification of exchangers-1
Classification of exchangers-2
Basic design parameters-1
Basic design parameters-2Week 2:Double pipe exchanger-1
Double pipe exchanger-2
Double pipe exchanger-3
Types of Shell and Tube exchangers (S&TE)
Tubes and Shell-1Week 3:Tubes and Shell-2
S&TE design-Kern’s method-1
S&TE design-Kern’s method-2
S&TE design-Kern’s method-3
S&TE design-Kern’s method-4Week 4:S&TE design-Kern’s method-5
S&TE design-Bell’s method-1
S&TE design-Bell’s method-2
S&TE design-Bell’s method-3
S&TE design-Bell’s method-4
Week 5:S&TE design-Bell’s method-5
Condenser design-1
Condenser design-2
Condenser design-3
Condenser design-4Week 6:Condenser design-5
Reboiler design-1
Reboiler design-2
Reboiler design-3
Reboiler design-4Week 7:Reboiler design-5
Reboiler design-6
Reboiler design-7
Evaporator design-1
Evaporator design-2Week 8:Evaporator design-3
Evaporator design-4
Evaporator design-5
Crystallizer design-1
Crystallizer design-2
Week 9:Crystallizer design-3
Crystallizer design-4
Packed column design-1
Packed column design-2
Packed column design-3Week 10:Packed column design-4
Distillation column (process design)-1
Distillation column (process design)-2
Distillation column (process design)-3
Distillation column (process design)-4Week 11:Distillation column (process design)-5
Distillation column (process design)-6
Distillation column (process design)-7
Distillation column (mechanical design)-1
Distillation column (mechanical design)-2 Week 12:Distillation column (mechanical design)-3
Distillation column (mechanical design)-4
Distillation column (mechanical design)-5
Distillation column (mechanical design)-6
Distillation column (mechanical design)-7

Taught by

Prof. Shabina Khanam

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