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Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms in Python

Chennai Mathematical Institute and NPTEL via Swayam

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Pythongcd is a programming language for programmers. This article includes an informal introduction to programmin, algorithms and data structures. It also includes an introduction to Python functions, expressions, strings, lists, tuples and other programming paradigms. For more information on Pythongcd, or to download and install it, visit: python.


Week 1
Informal introduction to programmin, algorithms and data structures viagcd
Downloading and installing Python
gcd in Python: variables, operations, control flow - assignments, condition-als, loops, functions

Week 2
Python: types, expressions, strings, lists, tuples
Python memory model: names, mutable and immutable values
List operations: slices etc
Binary search
Inductive function de nitions: numerical and structural induction
Elementary inductive sorting: selection and insertion sort
In-place sorting

Week 3
Basic algorithmic analysis: input size, asymptotic complexity, O() notation
Arrays vs lists
Merge sort
Stable sorting

Week 4
More on Python functions: optional arguments, default values
Passing functions as arguments
Higher order functions on lists: map, lter, list comprehension

Week 5
Exception handling
Basic input/output
Handling files
String processing

Week 6
Backtracking: N Queens, recording all solutions
Scope in Python: local, global, nonlocal names
Nested functions
Data structures: stack, queue

Week 7
Abstract datatypes
Classes and objects in Python
"Linked" lists: find, insert, delete
Binary search trees: find, insert, delete
Height-balanced binary search trees

Week 8
Effcient evaluation of recursive de nitions: memoization
Dynamic programming: examples
Other programming languages: C and manual memory management
Other programming paradigms: functional programming

Taught by

Madhavan Mukund



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  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    Right now I am taking the course along with my Btech 2nd year studies. It's really hard to find time for studying. The course is actually nice but you should at least have a programming experience in any language or else it would be hard to cope up with the syllabus.
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    Good course for Python beginners to learn the basics, syntax and algorithms of Python. One can take it at one's own pace and moreover can earn a certificate by writing the exam.

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