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Water Resources and Watershed Management

UGC , Osmania University and CEC via Swayam


This four (4) credit, 15 weeks MOOCs course is being offered for Post Graduate students of Sciences and other faculties. This course is also open to water professionals and concerned citizens.

There is a total of 40 modules in this course. These modules are broadly divided into four major categories. They cover, Basics of Hydrology, Water quality issues, Tools and techniques necessary for managing water resources and watersheds, and finally the water resources' societal and environmental aspects.

Course Objectives:

  • To develop an understanding of the availability and occurrence of freshwater, its uses, and problems related to water resources management.
  • To introduce the various tools and techniques for application in Integrated Water Resources Management.
  • To promote awareness for life-long learning and introduce them to ethics and codes of professional practice in water resources management.

Course Outcome:

  • This course is designed to provide a basic understanding of the impact of water and water-related issues in a global, economic, environmental, and societal context.
  • We anticipate that this course will help the participants appreciate water's importance as a precious resource.
  • It will provide the necessary knowledge and skills required for managing water resources.

You are welcome to join this free course to learn more about managing our water resources and solve societal and environmental woes.



Water Resources and Watershed Management
(Course Schedule)

Week 1

1. Mystery of Earth's Water Origin

2. Water on Earth: The Molecule of Life

3. Water Resources and Environmental Sustainability

MCQ Quiz

Week 2

4. Surface Hydrology

5. Groundwater Hydrology

MCQ Quiz

Week 3

6. Chemical Composition of Natural Waters

7. Methods for Collection and Analysis of Water Samples

8. Water Security Challenges of India

MCQ Quiz


Week 4

9. Monsoon Rainfall in India: Occurrence and Variability

10. Water Resources in India: Surface Water

11. Water Resources of India: Occurrence and Use of Groundwater

MCQ Quiz

Week 5

12. Irrigation in India: Status, Challenges and Options

13. India's Urban Water Crisis

14. Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Management

MCQ Quiz

Week 6

15. Water Quality: Inorganic Pollutant in Water

16. Water Quality: Organic Pollutant in Water

17. Water Quality: Geogenic Contaminants in Groundwater

MCQ Quiz


Week 7

18. Water Disputes and Governance in India

19. Water-Food-Energy and Climate Nexus

MCQ Quiz

Week 8

20. Watershed: Concepts and Characteristics

21. Integrated Watershed Management

22. Sustainable Management of Groundwater Resources

MCQ Quiz

Week 9

23. Surface Water Management: Dams, Interlinking of Rivers

24. Water Conservation: Indigenous methods and Four Water Concept

25. Sediment Erosion and Soil Conservation Measures

MCQ Quiz


Week 10

26. Water Quality Issues of India and its Monitoring

27. Drinking water Treatment Technology

28. Sewage Treatment/ Effluent Treatment

MCQ Quiz

Week 11

29. Geo-spatial Technologies in Water Resource Management: Remote Sensing Techniques

30. Geo-spatial Technologies in Water Resource Management: GIS Tools

MCQ Quiz

Week 12

31. Application of Hydrological Models

32. Soft-computing Techniques

33. Statistical Methods in Water Resources Management

MCQ Quiz


Week 13

34. Geophysical Methods for Groundwater Exploration

35. Water Resource Budget Allocation and Expenditure

MCQ Quiz

Week 14

36. Climate data download and down-scaling

37. Climate Change and Its Impact on Water Resources and Societal Interventions

MCQ Quiz

Week 15

38. Climate-Smart Agriculture

39. Climate Resilient Water Sensitive Urban Design: Concepts and Scope

40. People's Participation in Water Resource Management

MCQ Quiz


Taught by

Harish Gupta

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