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Oceanography: Exploring Earth's Final Wilderness

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Probe the ocean depths in this intriguing course that explores what we know about the world's oceans from the tidal zones to the deepest points on the ocean floor.

Topics Covered:
  • 1: Diving In-The Ocean Adventure
  • 2: Explorers, Navigators, Pioneering Scientists
  • 3: Ocean Basics and Ocean Basins
  • 4: Mapping the Sea-Soundings to Satellites
  • 5: Habitats-Sunlit Shelves to the Dark Abyss
  • 6: The Spreading Sea Floor and Mid-Ocean Ridges
  • 7: The Plunging Sea Floor and Deep-Sea Trenches
  • 8: The Formation of the Earth and Its Ocean
  • 9: The Early Ocean and the Origins of Life
  • 10: Marine Sediments-Archives of the Ocean
  • 11: Offshore Oil and Gas-Resources and Risks
  • 12: The Enduring Chemistry of Seawater
  • 13: How the Physics of Water Controls the Ocean
  • 14: Waves-Motion in the Ocean
  • 15: Rogue Waves and Tsunami
  • 16: Tides in Theory and Practice
  • 17: Marine Life, Energy, and Food Webs
  • 18: Tiny Plankton-The Most Abundant Life on Earth
  • 19: Soft-Bodied Life in the Dark, Open Depths
  • 20: Swimming-The Many Fish in the Sea
  • 21: Marine Birds, Reptiles, and Mammals
  • 22: Whaling, Fisheries, and Farming the Ocean
  • 23: Where Sea Meets the Land and Why Coasts Vary
  • 24: Where Rivers Meet the Sea - Estuaries and Deltas
  • 25: Coastal Erosion-Beaches and Sea Cliffs
  • 26: Tidal Life, Sea Forests, and Coral Reefs
  • 27: Deep Bottom Life and Hydrothermal Vents
  • 28: Trade Winds-The Circulation of Heat and Wind
  • 29: Heavy Weather-Storms and Hurricanes
  • 30: The Gulf Stream to Gyres-Vast Surface Currents
  • 31: Upwelling, Downwelling, and El Nino
  • 32: The Deepest, Slowest River-Polar Bottom Water
  • 33: The Ocean and Global Climate
  • 34: The Warming, Rising Sea
  • 35: Marine Pollution-The Impact of Toxins
  • 36: The Future Ocean

Taught by

Harold J. Tobin, Ph.D.

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