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Getting Started With ES2015 Course

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ES2015, also called ES6, is a newer version of the JavaScript language that’s well supported in browsers and commonly used by programmers.

In this course, you'll get up-to-speed with ES2015 basics and be well on your way to writing modern JavaScript. You'll learn best practices for creating variables, using the let and const keywords, and a better way to concatenate string values using template literals. You'll also learn the compact syntax for creating functions using "arrow syntax."

What you'll learn

  • Defining variables with let and const
  • Concatenating strings with template literals
  • Creating arrow functions


Defining Variables With let and const

For most of JavaScript's life, there's been only one way to create, or "declare", a variable: the var keyword. In the latest version of JavaScript there are two new ways: const and let.

Chevron 9 steps
  • Welcome to Getting Started With ES2015


  • Declaring Variables in JavaScript


  • Creating Unchanging Variables With const


  • Using Constants with Arrays and Objects


  • Review creating variables with const

    5 questions

  • Defining a Variable with let


  • Using let with for Loops


  • Reviewing let and const


  • Review let and const

    5 questions

Using Template Literals

Template literals offer a lot of convenience when creating strings in JavaScript. Let's look at the main features.

Chevron 3 steps
  • Basic and Multiple Line Strings


  • String Interpolation


  • Review Template Literals

    5 questions

Create Functions Using Arrow Syntax

ECMAScript 2015 has been widely adopted by all modern browsers. This means we can use a more concise way to write functions. In this workshop we'll convert some traditional functions into a more modern syntax.

Chevron 4 steps
  • Basic Arrow Syntax


  • Adding Arguments To Arrow Functions


  • Concise Arrow Function Syntax


  • Review JavaScript Arrow Functions

    5 questions

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