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Scraping Data From the Web Course

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Almost any information you want is available on the Internet. Web scraping is a key tool for data mining that information allowing for web page exploration and collection for a variety of reporting. The tools and techniques used in this course allow for data to be collected that would otherwise not be easily accessible without robotic assistance.

What you'll learn

  • An introduction to the Beautiful Soup Python package
  • How to scrape a web page with Beautiful Soup
  • An introduction to the Scrapy Python package
  • How to crawl a website with Scrapy
  • Web scraping considerations


Introducing Data Scraping

A look at what data scraping is and how it is used. We'll have a discussion about how a web page is designed and look at the Python package, Beautiful Soup, to scrape data from the web.

Chevron 6 steps
  • What is Data Scraping


  • Web Page Anatomy


  • Beautiful Soup


  • More Soup in the Tureen


  • Being a Good Citizen


  • Review Introduction to Data Scraping

    5 questions

A World Full of Spiders

To go beyond scraping a single web page we need to crawl the web. Enter web crawlers, or spiders. We'll take a look the basics of crawling the web with Scrapy and talk about saving scraped data.

Chevron 5 steps
  • Everyone Loves Charlotte


  • Installing Scrapy


  • Crawling Spiders


  • The Endless Web


  • A Review of Web Spiders

    3 questions

Additional Scraping Tasks

Going beyond static web pages can be a challenge when scraping. Working with web forms and APIs can require a different approach. We'll also touch on how to write tests for a web scraper.

Chevron 6 steps
  • An Intelligent Spider


  • Scraping APIs


  • Using Scrapers for Site Testing


  • instruction

    Common Issues with Data Scraping

  • Wrapping Up


  • Data Scraping Review

    5 questions


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