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UX Design Patterns Course

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Software is often defined by what makes it different, but in many cases, the same UX and design problems appear over and over again; a pattern, across many applications. Rather than come up with a brand new solution for every problem - a solution that could require a tutorial to educate users - it's often best to turn to familiar solutions that a user will immediately recognize. These solutions are called design patterns, and when it comes to UX, these patterns can solve problems in the user interface and they can also help influence the behavior of users.

What you'll learn

  • Interface design patterns
  • Behavioral design patterns


Designing with Patterns

The same problems repeat themselves in software, over and over again. These problems can be categorized, and patterns can be identified. A design pattern is a reusable solution to a common problem.

Chevron 3 steps
  • What Is a Design Pattern?


  • UI Versus UX


  • Designing with Patterns

    5 questions

UI Patterns

Often times when creating apps, it's easy to build things a little too quickly and create user experience issues. But if you can spot these problems early and fix them with a pattern, your users will have a smoother experience.

Chevron 7 steps
  • Form Patterns


  • Additional Input Patterns


  • Form and Input Patterns

    5 questions

  • Content Patterns


  • Data Patterns


  • Tutorialization Patterns


  • Content, Data, and Tutorialization Patterns

    5 questions

  • Extra Credit

    Ready for more? Find a website or mobile app that you find frustrating to use. Make a list of the specific UX problems that you can identify, and then search for design patterns that might form the solution. Then, wireframe a new version using the design patterns that you chose.

Persuasive Patterns

UI patterns are often the most visible solutions to user experience problems. But what about what we can't see? How can we drive a user's behavior toward a goal? This is where persuasive patterns can help.

Chevron 4 steps
  • Perception and Memory


  • Gamification


  • Cognition


  • Persuasive Patterns

    5 questions

  • Extra Credit

    Want to take things further? The next time you're shopping online, try to see how many persuasive patterns you can identify and make a list of them. You might be surprised by how many can be packed into just a single page! Then make a wireframe of the same website and try removing those elements. Does the design still work?


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