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Visual Design Foundations Course

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In this course, you'll build your design vocabulary and learn how to describe the basic building blocks of any visual image. We'll start by learning about the elements of design, like line, shape, and form. Then we'll move on to the principles of design, like balance, harmony, and movement. By the end, you'll have a better foundation for discussing design with other team members and you'll be able to make objective observations about what is often subjective subject matter.

What you'll learn

  • Elements of design
  • Principles of design


Elements of Design

The elements of art and design are the basic visual building blocks used to create an image. These are more familiar concepts, like line, shape, texture, color, and more.

Chevron 5 steps
  • The Elements and Principles of Art and Design


  • Line, Shape, and Form


  • Space and Texture


  • Value and Color


  • Elements of Design

    5 questions

  • Extra Credit

    Try creating a simple logo or a wireframe. Then, using a tool like Adobe Color, see how many different color schemes you can come up with. Do they all work?

Principles of Design

The principles of art and design describe how the elements can be combined together. They can be used to make observations about the overall composition of a work.

Chevron 4 steps
  • Balance and Harmony


  • Emphasis, Variety, and Proportion


  • Movement and Rhythm


  • Principles of Design

    5 questions

  • Extra Credit

    Find a website design that you think could be improved. What don't you like about it? What could be changed to make it better?

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