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Data Wrangling with MongoDB

MongoDB via Udacity


In this course, we will explore how to wrangle data from diverse sources and shape it to enable data-driven applications. Some data scientists spend the bulk of their time doing this!

Students will learn how to gather and extract data from widely used data formats. They will learn how to assess the quality of data and explore best practices for data cleaning. We will also introduce students to MongoDB, covering the essentials of storing data and the MongoDB query language together with exploratory analysis using the MongoDB aggregation framework.

This is a great course for those interested in entry-level data science positions as well as current business/data analysts looking to add big data to their repertoire, and managers working with data professionals or looking to leverage big data.

This course is also a part of our Data Analyst Nanodegree.


  • Data Extraction Fundamentals
    • Assessing the Quality of Data,Intro to Tabular Formats,Parsing CSV
  • Data in More Complex Formats
    • XML Design Principles,Parsing XML,Web Scraping
  • Data Quality
    • Sources of Dirty Data,A Blueprint for Cleaning,Auditing Data
  • Working with MongoDB
    • Data Modelling in MongoDB,Introduction to PyMongo,Field Queries
  • Analyzing Data
    • Examples of Aggregation Framework,The Aggregation Pipeline,Aggregation Operators: $match, $project, $unwind, $group
  • Case Study - OpenStreetMap Data
    • Using iterative parsing for large datafiles,Open Street Map XML Overview,Exercises around OpenStreetMap data

Taught by

Shannon Bradshaw


3.0 rating, based on 9 Class Central reviews

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  • Anonymous

    Anonymous is taking this course right now.

    There are two main parts of that, SQL and MongoDB, SQL lecturer gave more details for students to understand but not for Data Wrangling and MongoDB, skipping lot of details and not well explanation for the codes. Sure that students need to invest more time to study but not recommend for those who do not have python knowledge, it's the worst course so far from data analyst nanodegree.
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    I do not know how anyone can rate the class more than 1 star. The learning materials were pathetic, and not usually on topic. I have had to go through the materials at least 3 times and consulted with Senior Data Analysts at my current employer.…
  • Profile image for Scott Stevens
    Scott Stevens

    Scott Stevens is taking this course right now, spending 12 hours a week on it and found the course difficulty to be very hard.

    Where to start.

    Although self paced, the course was without direction and expectations. I have worked through the lessons so many times and still the materials are not on target for the exercise. The "project Rubric", was a waste of a mouse click as it showed no specifics as to what is expected.

    I have spent more than 5 months learning from other sites, (read non-Udacity) on how to proceed but I feel like a ship with out a rudder and no destination. It boggles the mind that there is no desired outcome for the project... Just ... Explore that data... what does that mean anyways?
  • Roshan Shetty

    Roshan Shetty completed this course, spending 10 hours a week on it and found the course difficulty to be hard.

    I think the project at the end was very helpful. Getting to clean data, convert it from XML to JSON, load it into MongoDB and analyze it took effort. At the end, it seemed worth it.
  • Profile image for Anirudha Bose
    Anirudha Bose

    Anirudha Bose completed this course.

    I would highly recommend this course. Since this course is self paced, it is possible to finish it very quickly, as the material is not tough to comprehend. I didn't find any "Final Project Instructions" in the course though.
  • Lukas Tencer completed this course and found the course difficulty to be medium.

  • Gennady

    Gennady completed this course.

  • Atila Romero completed this course.

  • Adam Hjerpe completed this course.

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