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Full Stack Foundations

via Udacity


In this course you will learn the fundamentals of back-end web development! You will create your own web application that queries a database for items on restaurant menus and then dynamically generates complete menus in the form of web pages and API endpoints.

You’ll start by learning how to interact with a database from a web application using an Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) layer. From there, you’ll learn how GET and POST requests translate to CRUD operations. You’ll then explore the Flask framework and the various ways in which it can speed up the development of your applications. Finally, you’ll develop your very own web application from the ground up using the iterative development process.


  • Working with the CRUD
    • Learn about CRUD; Create, Read, Update, and Delete.,Implement CRUD operations on a database.,Use an ORM (Object-Relational Mapping) as an alternative to SQL.
  • Making a Web Server
    • Build a web server from scratch using Python and some pre-installed libraries.,Learn how GET and POST requests can retrieve and modify information on a web site.,How to add CRUD functionality to our website.
  • Developing with Frameworks
    • Introduction to web frameworks like Django and Ruby on Rails.,Use the Flask web framework to develop our own web application.,Introduction to APIs and how to add JSON endpoints to our application.
  • Iterative Development
    • Build an entire web application on your own.,Learn about the iterative development process.,Have a working prototype throughout all stages of the development process.

Taught by

Lorenzo Brown


3.1 rating, based on 10 Class Central reviews

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  • Bobby Brady completed this course, spending 7 hours a week on it and found the course difficulty to be medium.

    This was a true disappointment. Riddled with errors that made completing the material impossible and an instructor who just copied and pasted code without explaining any of it. I spent all of my time teaching myself outside of Udacity how to use Flask & SQLAlchemy with multiple flavors of databases. This class was the reason I quit the Full Stack Nanodegree.
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous is taking this course right now.

    I'm almost done with this module (module no.6 of 10) as part of the Full Stack Nanodegree program. I had previously considered module 4 (back-end) as the worst, until I dug into this gem. There are two sub-modules, CRUD and OAuth. Both are truly aw…
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    I don't know why so many people are complaining against this course. This course is great! Either the people who are complaining incredibly dumb, or they are lazy. Yes, some parts of the codes are not explained (in the CRUD section) but a little…
  • Profile image for Jeanette Samuelsen
    Jeanette Samuelsen

    Jeanette Samuelsen completed this course.

    If you already know some Python, HTML and CSS, but want to learn to build web applications, with and without a framework, then I think it's a decent course. For me it was mostly a good and engaging learning experience. What I didn't like was that the instructor didn't use any coding standards (PEP 8 would have been a good choice), and that sometimes there were errors in the example code provided. Also, I think it would have been more interesting to build a new web application in lesson 4, than to build the same application as in lesson 3 (only now without detailed instructions).
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous is taking this course right now.

    I'm honestly debating even continuing the course after enduring one lesson of this CRUD course. I understand what Lorenzo is trying to convey conceptually but the he moves at light speed with no elaboration on the key concepts. Leaving the student piecing together every aspect of your program is not how you teach a person, at all. It's an awful attempt at teaching in comparison to the others at the beginning of the full stack course.
  • Profile image for David Gutierrez
    David Gutierrez

    David Gutierrez completed this course.

    I'm almost done with the course . I find it really good .Indeed it is not for people with zero knowledge of web technologies . But the overall course I find it very good. Now prices went up and the old price of $199 a month does not exist any more .
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    The instructor seems to be in a rush and the concepts introduced have no structure. This course is definitely not suited for beginners or experts. This might be a refresher course for someone who already know these things.
  • Profile image for Samir Abo El Yameen
    Samir Abo El Yameen

    Samir Abo El Yameen is taking this course right now and found the course difficulty to be hard.

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  • You Jia Sun

    You Jia Sun is taking this course right now, spending 6 hours a week on it and found the course difficulty to be easy.

    All the codes, guidelines, everything is clear and easy to follow. Great lecture videos! Finally, have a chance to learn the backend staff. Thanks so much to the platform and the great lecturer!
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous is taking this course right now.

    This isn't such a bad course. if you're willing to invest some time in researching things yourself. Got me up to speed with Flask and SQLAlchemy

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