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Life Coach Certification Associate ACELC Life Coach Training

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Life Coach Training Life Coach Certification Life Coach Credentials and Associate Life Coach Directory for Level 2 Grads

What you'll learn:
  • April 2022 Updated + Level 2 Certification Bonus $1791 We Cover (Watch Preview) Work as a Life Coach while Training with Level 2 Life Coach Practicums.
  • Life Coach Training 14+ Hour Interactive Video Tutorials, 139+ Resources, 7 Ready-to-Use Sessions + Skills Training to Master Life Coaching.
  • 10 Part Life Coach Training in Business Fundamentals to Empower Your Life Coach Practice/Life Coach Business Using Practical and Free Online Solutions.
  • Life Coach Training in Our Proprietary Proven System Designed to Uncover Your Innate Wisdom to Fearlessly and Confidently Life Coach Anyone Starting Today.

People need an Empowered Approach to navigate the New Normal! Be prepared to meet those needs by becoming an Associate Certified Empowerment Life Coach. With 14+ hours of step-by-step video training, 139+ downloadable and ready to use resources, you become skilled in using a proprietary Empowerment Coach Academy Associate Life Coaching Foundation Program that has been done-for-you so that you can begin Life Coaching Sessions with your online or in-person clients starting TODAY.

Life Coach Training Made Easy with Ready-To-Use Life Coaching Sessions

You don’t have to waste time trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t. The hard work, research and carefully crafted Life Coaching Session guides give you the exact timings, coaching questions, activities, and resources so you can start Life Coaching clients immediately. With 2 Levels of Certification included with your one-time course purchase, your skill and professionalism as a trained Empowerment Coach Academy Life Coach is world-class.

Life Coach Training ACELC Students Share Their Experience

Your success as a Life Coach is my purpose! If you have never met me before my name is Louise Anne Maurice. The thousands and thousands of people I have either coached, trained, consulted or taught over the past 30+ years have benefited from my Empowered Coaching Approach™. I want you to benefit as well!

Here are just a few of the reviews people, just like you, have shared about their experience before, during and/or after learning in the Associate Certified Empowerment Life Coach Training Certification Course. You can also scroll past the Instructor Profiles to read more reviews.

  1. "This is a VERY comprehensive course and I am learning a lot about life coaching. I like that it's not just about how to do basic coaching, but also how to be a GOOD coach via skills and additional training. This is exactly the foundation that I wanted"

  2. "Thank you very much for the important content that you’ve shared in this course. I also appreciate that you’ve shown step-by-step, how to work with clients since first to the last meeting. I strongly recommend this course"

  3. "Wow! This course is amazing! You really get VALUE for your money. I really appreciate Louise's direct approach in providing tips and suggestions to handle obstacles and challenges, and the level 2 fieldwork is something I look forward to pushing myself to complete. I have taken other life coaching training before, but was never pushed to approach clients or to develop my business resources! Wow!! Thank you, Louise!! I already have one person lined up for level 2"

  4. "I am excited about this course, not only to start my own business, but also to give new direction to my life. Lost my husband 8 months ago and am at a crossroad. Thanks"

  5. "This program refreshes your mind on refining who you are, and even if you know, you don't really know what to do, unless you own yourself, and do for yourself. This is where you will see change, and I have enjoyed learning the steps, and I look forward to moving on to level 2"

Life Coach Training That Empowers Success

Imagine for a moment that your current job becomes obsolete and HR wants you to reskill. Do you accept or would you hand in your resignation? This might be the silver-lining opportunity you have been waiting for. The problem is, you have to make your decision tomorrow! Are you prepared? Do you have a back-up plan that you can implement today?

Excel as a Life Coach Using Done-For-You Empowerment Life Coaching Model

Moments like this can change your life! As Curriculum Developer and Lead Instructor for Empowerment Coach Academy, I designed this foundational Associate Life Coach Training program to set you up for success as an Empowerment Life Coach. Whether you want to coach yourself, coach other people face-to-face or use technology to coach individuals, groups of people or corporate teams, you are guided step-by-step to quickly master it all.

  • Build your confidence, even if you have never coached before, through Level 1 life coach video training, hands-on coaching practicums and my step-by-step guidance.

  • Maximize your impact using my done-for-you REFINE™ Empowerment Coaching Model to deliver Life Coach sessions to groups or individuals online and in-person.

  • Advance your people skills using my tried-and-true empowerment process for connecting with clients before, during and after the Life Coach Session.

  • Learn simple coaching techniques and receive done-for-you sessions complete with questions, exercises and activities to coach yourself or clients.

  • Accelerate your Life Coach Career, Business or Practice with free but optional Level 2 coaching practicums and the Associate ACELC Empowerment Life Coach Directory.

Life Coach Training Specializing in Empowerment

  • Knowing how to set goals and cultivating the persistency to achieve those goals are challenging when stress and worry overtake the thinking part of the brain. An Empowerment Life Coach becomes an invaluable necessity for people needing to push-past blocks and obstacles. In this course, I personally train you to use my proprietary Empowerment Coaching Model to Life Coach people to effectively achieve their goals, even if they have never been successful in the past.

  • According to a study published by McKinsey, they state that even before the current crisis, changing technologies and new ways of working were disrupting jobs and employees were required to learn new skills. Back in 2017, the McKinsey Global Institute estimated that as many as 375 million workers around the world would have to change jobs or learn new skills by 2030 because of job automation and artificial intelligence. The largest issue they found was that less than half of respondents did not have a plan to address the problem. This is where an Empowerment Life Coach becomes crucial to give people the focused direction they need.

Life Coach Training ACELC Course Content Overview

With over 14 hours of video tutorials, 139+ downloadable resources ready to use, hands-on practice assignments, interactive learning and Q & A, this continually updated course has you covered. Let's break it down for you:

  • FIRST SECTION: The first section of your Empowerment Life Coach Training is dedicated to empowering you. You discover what coaching is and what coaching is not. You personally engage in the coaching process to uncover your purpose, passion and perspective to propel you past any internal blocks you may face. I share with you my own blocks when I first started as a Life Coach and what I did to move beyond them.

  • NEXT 3 SECTIONS: The next 3 sections of your Life Coach Training focus on learning the essential Coaching Skills that you need to excel as a Life Coach. I teach you my Empowered Coaching Approach™ to increase your skills competency during a coaching session. You watch a client re-enactment so that you can assess your own approach and with what you discover, adjust as needed before coaching real clients.

  • NEXT 8 SECTIONS: Now you are ready to connect with prospective clients, enroll them in your program and coach them! The next 8 sections of your Empowerment Life Coach Certification Training focus on the Discovery Session and the 6 REFINE coaching sessions as well as basic psychology. The sessions are mapped-out, timed-out, done-for-you Life Coach sessions complete with coaching questions, resources, activities, exercises, and insight. You have time to practice and implement what you learn.

  • NEXT 10 SECTIONS: The next 10 sections give you my 10-part plan for building a profitable Life Coach business or Life Coach practice in the New Normal. You are given step-by-step instruction designed to improve your proficiency using the latest technology as well as the how-to insight for connecting with prospective clients before, during and after the session. You walk away with done-for-you PDF documents as well as links to free online resources saving you time and money.

  • FINAL SECTION: The final section is dedicated to the Level 1 and Level 2 Certification requirements and as a bonus, you receive ongoing personal and professional development.

2 LEVELS OF CERTIFICATION: As of 2020, Students and Graduates of Empowerment Coach Academy on Udemy benefit from the E.C.A 2 Levels of Certification at no extra cost. Here are the details of the 2 Levels + the benefits of joining us on Udemy:


Included with your one-time low-cost enrollment fee on Udemy is life-time access to the course content and features on Udemy; including a verifiable Udemy generated certificate of completion.

EMPOWERMENT COACH ACADEMY COVERS THE $995 U.S.D. RIGHT OF USE FEE: When you join this course on Udemy and stay enrolled (no refund), you have permission to use my Proprietary Accredited Life Coaching Session Guides with your coaching clients or work teams.

PLEASE NOTE: A “right-of-use fee” is not a licensing fee. I own the copyright to the accredited session guides including the processes and material which means that you do not have permission to re-sell it or develop training, workshops, speaking or books based on my proprietary program.

1) Watch 100% of the coursework lectures as fast or as slow as you want.

2) Download all of the accredited resources including the session guides.

3) Download your Udemy generated certificate of completion when you have completed 100% of the coursework.


In addition to the cost-saving benefits and features of Level 1, when you remain enrolled in the program past 35 days, you have access to LEVEL 2 benefits; a total of $1791 U.S.D in fees that we cover when you join this one course on Udemy and graduate Level 2.

EMPOWERMENT COACH ACADEMY COVERS THE $995 U.S.D. RIGHT OF USE FEE: When you join this course on Udemy and stay enrolled (no refund), you have permission to use my Proprietary Accredited Life Coaching Session Guides to coach clients or work teams.

EMPOWERMENT COACH ACADEMY COVERS THE $199 U.S.D. ACCREDITATION FEE: Level 2 requires that you complete a mandatory Life Coaching Practicum which assesses your competency using my accredited proprietary session guides with real clients or work teams. This is referred to as hands-on coaching fieldwork. This is step-by-step easy to complete but submission is mandatory for Level 2 Graduation. This is what differentiates this program and the Empowerment Coach Academy Life Coach Graduates above the rest. While a quickie diploma or certification from having just simply watched videos is appealing and what some life coaching courses on Udemy use as a marketing tool to get you to buy, this is not the solution to long-term success. If that is your goal and expectation, this life coaching program is not for you.

EMPOWERMENT COACH ACADEMY COVERS THE $99 U.S.D. CERTIFICATION FEE: This is a one-time fee to create one individualized certificate of completion from Empowerment Coach Academy that displays your certification designation verifying your completion of accreditation.

EMPOWERMENT COACH ACADEMY COVERS THE $199 U.S.D. COACH DIRECTORY LISTING FEE: This is a one-time listing one-time fee to add your first and last name to this specific Life Coach Directory on Empowerment Coach Academy.

EMPOWERMENT COACH ACADEMY COVERS THE $299 U.S.D ASSOCIATION FEE: This is a one-time membership fee to keep your certification current and valid.


Now you might be thinking “this sounds too good to be true; what’s the catch?” or you might be saying “Life Coach Training like this should cost 5 thousand or more; why would such a valuable program be available on Udemy for such a low price?” There is no catch just my vision, purpose and mission to empower more people like you to make a positive difference in the world through life coaching.

Life Coach Training by Empowerment Coach Academy Available on Udemy

I teamed up with the Udemy E-Learning Platform to make my proprietary Empowerment Life Coach Training Certification Program easily accessible to a global audience at an affordable price. This comprehensive and streamlined curriculum shortens the learning curve for you to become a Professional World-Class Empowerment Life Coach.

I invite you to join with me as well as the other students and start living your purpose today! Simply click on the “Buy now” button to enroll in this course or click on the “Add to cart” button to enroll in all 12 courses from Empowerment Coach Academy.

I will see you in the first lecture.


Your Life Coach Training Instructor Louise Anne Maurice

© Intellectual Copyright of all details in this description (except for student reviews) and material in this Empowerment Life Coach Training Certification Course are owned by Louise Anne Maurice of Empowerment Coach Academy

Taught by

Empowerment Coach Academy and Louise Anne Maurice |Coaching Instructor


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