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AWS CloudFormation Master Class

via Udemy


Write Complete AWS CloudFormation Templates using YAML. Learn all the Recent Cloud Formation Features

What you'll learn:
  • Master all CloudFormation concepts
  • Practice learnings with Hands On examples
  • Learn how to use YAML to write the CloudFormation templates
  • Write your infrastructure as code
  • Launch several templates
  • Complete Walkthrough of CloudFormation Init Metadata
  • Advanced Concepts Overview

[March 2019 Update]:Added two sections onDrift and Nested Stacks


AWSCloudFormationis the best way to write, deploy and maintain your AWSInfrastructure. It helps you create efficient solution architectures, all self contained in one file. It supports most of the AWSServices, and is the safest way to make your AWSInfrastructure evolve over time.

Thanks to YAML, writing AWSCloudFormation Templates has become extremely easy and natural. AWSCloudFormation is powerful and supports Parameters, Mappings, Resources, References, Cross-Stack References, Conditions, Outputs, Metadata, and so much more!

In this courseAWSCloudFormation Master Class, I will teach you aboutall the CloudFormation features. In just a few hours, you will know everything about CloudFormation and seamlessly deploy your infrastructure in no-time.

Take a look at these student reviews...

★★★★★ "An excellent course on AWS CloudFormation. It covers everything, but this is definitely not for AWS Beginners. You need to know the fundamentals of AWS if you want to really get something out of it. It is very worth while for AWS System Architects, AWS Developers and SysOps/DevOps professionals. I hold two AWS associate certifications and enjoyed of this course."– Gerry H.

★★★★★"I really enjoyed the course. I spent a day or two going through the overwhelming sea of official documentation before landing on this video. Like the instructor says in the introduction, you need to have knowledge of most of the popular AWS services like EC2, security groups, key-pair, floating ips, volumes, AWS Billing, etc. before watching this as he doesn't waste any time explaining about those services. A slight knowledge of JSON or YAML is really helpful."– Purmode R.


AWSCloudFormation Master Classis theeasiestway to start learning AWSCloudFormation:

>Learn CloudFormation and master all its concepts
> Go through Hands On examples to practice what we learned
> Learn how to use YAML to write the CloudFormation Templates
> Learn how to write your infrastructure as code
>Keep all the course material as a reference for your future templates!
>Learn each CloudFormation building blocks in-depth: Parameters, Mappings,Resources, Outputs, Conditions, Metadata
>Learn about CloudFormation Init, the most powerful way to bootstrap your EC2 instances
> Advanced CloudFormation features:Drift, NestedStacks...
> So much more!

Note:This course assumes you know how to use the AWSCloud.It will help you transform your solution architecting skills into CloudFormation templates.



Stephane Maarek is the instructor of this course. He is an AWSCertified Solutions Architect, and the author of the highly-rated AWSLambda and Serverless Framework courseon Udemy. He hasalready taught to 40000+ students and received 12000+ reviews.

He shares all hisAWS knowledge on the platform, taking the time to explain every concept and provide students with both theoretical and practical dimensions. You are in good hands!

Section outline:

  • AWSCloudFormation Introduction:Learn about high level concepts on CloudFormation. Learn why AWSCloudFormation is a great choice when it comes to deploying your AWSInfrastructure.

  • CloudFormation First Hands:Write your first AWSCloudFormation template to simply create an AWSS3 bucket. You will learn about YAML through a practical exercise.

  • CloudFormation Parameters:Learn about Parameters. You will encounter all the possible options for this must-know building block of CloudFormation.

  • CloudFormation Resources:Learn the core of CloudFormation, resources. Understanding how to read the AWSCloudFormation documentation to start using any resource.

  • CloudFormation Mappings:Learn about Mappings. This section will show you how to use mappings to infer pre-defined values based on the AWSRegion or the Environment Type (dev, test, prod).

  • CloudFormation Outputs:Learn how to use Outputs to efficiently display important information about the result of your CloudFormation templates. Learn how to reference Outputs to start performing some Cross Stack templates.

  • CloudFormationConditions:Learn how to use Conditions to control which resources are created from within your CloudFormation templates. This is very useful when differentiating between AWSEnvironments

  • CloudFormation Metadata:Learn how Metadata can be used to enhance the usability of your CloudFormation template

  • CloudFormation Init and EC2 User Data: Learn about the extremely powerful EC2 User Data and CloudFormation Init scripts, in order to leverage Metadata to bootstrap your EC2 instances in a perfect way.

  • CloudFormation Drift:Learn how to ensure your resources are configured just like your CloudFormation template

  • CloudFormation Nested Stacks: Create re-usable pieces of code across your CloudFormation stacks

  • Advanced Concepts:Push the boundaries of CloudFormation with these advanced concepts. Learn about Troposphere, Deletion Policy, and more!

This Course Also Comes With:

  • Lifetime Access to All FutureUpdates

  • A responsive instructor in the Q&ASection

  • Links to interesting articles, and lots of good code to base your next template onto

  • Udemy Certificate of Completion Ready for Download

  • A30 Day "No Questions Asked" Money Back Guarantee!

This is the course that could change your AWSskills.

Learning and getting hands-on on AWSCloudFormationhelps you to enhance your career opportunities and helps to boost your income. An investment in your career is an investment in yourself. Don’t procrastinate. There is no time like the present to take charge of your career. Take your career to the next level by learning AWSCloudFormationtoday!

Take the course now, completely risk free !

Taught by

Stephane Maarek | AWS Certified Solutions Architect & Developer Associate

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