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Brazilian Portuguese - The Ultimate Course (Level 1)

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Brazilian Portuguese course based on conversational models that will help you achieve great fluency in Portuguese

What you'll learn:
  • In this course, you'll learn how to:
  • Speak Portuguese confidently and in a natural way.
  • express yourself using a wide range of vocabulary
  • greet people in Portuguese
  • ask about quantity
  • use "dois" & "duas"; "um" and "uma"
  • refer to masculine and feminine nouns
  • say the colors in Portuguese
  • say the numbers and the alphabet
  • introduce yourself in several ways
  • say your phone number and email address
  • say lots of professions and occupations
  • talk about your routine
  • use possessives (my, your, his etc.) in Portuguese
  • say what people are doing right now
  • use the Pronoun Verbs LEVANTAR-SE and VESTIR-SE
  • Your vocabulary will increase a lot. You'll learn:
  • countries and nationalities
  • family members
  • places around town
  • characteristics
  • parts of the house
  • days of the week
  • You'll also learn:
  • informal Portuguese (the way most people talk with friends and family members)
  • cultural aspects
  • pronunciation tips

Welcome to Brazilian Portuguese – The Ultimate Course (Level 1)

My name is Eduardo Rodrigues and I love teaching as much as I love learning new languages. And I truly believe that it is impossible not to find the ability of speaking other languages thrilling to say the least. When people say that they dislike a foreign language it is certainly because they haven’t successfully acquired the fluency they desired. After all, what’s not to like? When you learn to speak another language besides your own, you are able to understand different cultures, to laugh at different jokes, to feel independent when traveling. It is simply amazing.

And I know for a fact that the only way to learn how to speak a foreign language is to speak it. You’re not going to learn to speak Portuguese by simply repeating a few words here and there, a few sentences here and there. Repetition is certainly part of process, but it should NOT be the process. That’s why I’ve developed “Brazilian Portuguese - The Ultimate Course”. Short, but meaningful lessons that will have you speaking Portuguese faster than you can imagine.

How does this course work?

At the beginning of the each section, you’ll be able to download a PDF file with all the activities that will be taught throughout the unit. It is a beautiful, well-designed material containing hundreds of pictures that will help you understand Portuguese with ease.

Each unit is divided into the following sections:

Vocabulário (Vocabulary): It works as an introduction to the unit. Here you’ll learn some important words that will be covered on that unit.

De olho na gramática (Keeping an eye out for grammar): this section will bring you just the right amount of grammar you need to do the oral activities in a natural way.

Vamos conversar? (Let’s talk!): this section is the core of this course because it is composed of real-life conversational models. Students have to either ask or answer questions following a pattern while incorporating in their sentences the vocabulary that was introduced at the beginning of the unit. That’s exactly where this course stands out from the others because students are encouraged to say the answers orally, and within the allotted time. That’s the best way to acquire fluency.

Na ponta da língua (On the tip of your tongue): this section gives pronunciation tips that, over time, will help students get familiar with the sounds that may be key to understanding native speakers of Brazilian Portuguese.

Leitura! (Reading!): this section is a text containing lots of words that were studied throughout the unit. Somehow, it is a way to review what the students have learned in the unit, but also to show how much they can now understand.

Você sabia? (Did you know?) This section brings interesting cultural facts from Brazil. After all, from where I stand, language can’t be dissociated from culture.

Besides that, you’ll also be able to download PDF files with lots of writing activities which are also corrected on video.

Please believe me when I say that I’ve tried my best to create a course that would be meaningful to those people whose goal is to learn Portuguese.

For you to see for yourself if my course is what you’re looking for, I’ve turned several videos into free previews.

Thank you so much for your time.

Muito obrigado!

Taught by

Eduardo Rodrigues


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