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The Most Comprehensive Dropshipping Guide Ever Created

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A 7-Figure E-Commerce Expert's Step-by-Step Strategy For Building Profitable Online Stores Even With No Prior Experience

What you'll learn:
  • What dropshipping is & why it's the best business model for new entrepreneurs
  • How to stay motivated through frustrations
  • How to register a business as an LLC
  • How to create a brand from scratch: creative name, logo, url, etc.
  • How to design a clean, high-converting website
  • The essential Shopify apps to add & the apps that are a waste of money
  • Exactly what makes a winning product and where to find it
  • The most consistent Facebook ad strategy for testing products
  • How to analyze advertising data & the most important metrics
  • How to scale up and spend five figures a day profitably on ads
  • How to overcome the worst issues that nobody else will warn about
  • How to travel for free just through business expenditures
  • How to retarget using Facebook ads to recapture lost sales
  • How to send out automatic emails and text messages for abandoned carts
  • How to set up high ROAS Google ads that run themselves on autopilot
  • How to correctly word responses to customer inquiries
  • When, where, and how to hire employees
  • How to earn up to 6.8% free cashback on product costs
  • How to sell a brand for a huge payout
  • How to diversify into other business models with money you've earned

There is only one profession on earth where you can earn more than a doctor—using only your laptop— with less than six hours of training: dropshipping. Without the need to handle inventory, this business model is incredibly scalable, yet simple enough to be easily learned by beginners. This course will teach you everything you need to know to take a store to five figure days and beyond.

My name is David Hanlin, aka the Laptop Legend, and I'm an e-commerce expert who runs more than a half a dozen online stores generating up to $25,000+ a day. I've perfected a simple, step-by-step, repeatable method for creating profitable online stores from scratch, with no prior experience. Want proof? Feel free to look me up on TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube @thelaptoplegend. I post my profits there pretty much daily—unlike the rest of the gurus in this industry who make 98%of their money from selling courses.

Create A Life-Changing E-Commerce Business With AliExpress Dropshipping

  • Understand the Necessary Mindset

  • Create a Brand, Logo, and Highly Converting Website

  • Research, Source, and Import Winning Products

  • Test Products, Scale, and Retarget with Facebook Ads

  • Recover Lost Sales With Text, Email, and Google Ads

  • Hire Valuable Employees To Your Team

  • Increase Your Margins With Affiliate Programs

  • TravelThe World For Free With Rewards From Business Expenses

  • Overcome the Issues Nobody Else Warns You About

Generate Passive Income From Anywhere in the World With an Online Business

The dropshipping business model has been around for a few years now, and a lot of people claim that because of this, it's too competitive or "saturated" to make a profit. The reality is, the global e-commerce market sees over $25 trillion in sales annually, so there's more than enough business to go around. You just need to stand out above the competition.

Since there are so many people in the dropshipping space, the amount of information is overwhelming, and it can be difficult to determine what is reliable. With my course, you will have the exact same system that has taken every single one of my stores to massive profitability. Like clockwork.

Course Content and Overview

All encompassing, this course is designed for you if you're brand new to dropshipping, if you've already tried it but haven't succeeded, and even if you've already seem some success but want to take it to the next level. It's filled to the brim with 99+ lectures including live walkthroughs, a plethora of helpful outside resources, downloadable files, and much more.

We start with the intro to dropshipping, discussing the mindset required to be successful, why it's such a great business model for new entrepreneurs, and the alternative option of print on demand.

Next, we dive into the "nitty gritty," or the backend setup of the store, including apps, logo, domains, email hosting, setting up an LLC, getting a business phone number and address, legal policies, shipping zones, and everything else necessary to get your website up and running.

After that, I walk you through exactly how to design your website to convert customers at a high rate, covering website theme, menus, home page, stock photos, product page, and more.

We then dive into product research, and I explain what makes a winning product, where to find it, and how to import it directly into your store with the click of a button.

The following section goes into detail about every single one of the issues that I've encountered in my dropshipping journey and how to overcome them. Nobody else will even mention these issues—I will show you exactly how to overcome them.

Then, it's on to ads—how to design a clean looking advertisement, how to set up the campaigns on Facebook, who to target, how to scale up and spend $1000s a day on a single ad set profitably, how to analyze the data, how to create custom and lookalike audiences, and more.

Credit and outsourcing are discussed next, and then it's retargeting—autopilot Google ads, automatic retargeting flows for email and text messages that get an incredible return on ad spend (ROAS).

Lastly, we discuss the future. How to run a portfolio of stores, how to sell your stores for large payouts, and how to invest the money that you earn into other business ventures.

Taught by

David Hanlin


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