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Excel VBA & SQL Essentials for Reporting Automation

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Use Excel & Access with Excel VBA macros & SQL to automate any Excel report, and become a master at Data Analytics!

What you'll learn:
  • Learn how to automate recurrent tasks with Excel VBA
  • Learn how to create and structure a Microsoft Access database, and how to interact with it by using SQL
  • Learn how to automate data transfer between Excel and Access by using VBA and SQL
  • Learn how to automate recurring custom reports by using Excel, Access, VBA and SQL
  • Learn how to use Outlook together with VBA to automatically distribute your reports.

Start creating your Excel Dashboard and Data Analytics reports today with VBA macros !

After some years spent in the financial industry, I have frequently noticed that data processes were not as efficient as they could be. Too many times I saw people spend hours creating the same reports, and start again the following month. Usually, this followed a single common pattern: collect data from a specific source, modify and format it, save it and send it.

The moment I realized that it was possible to automate pretty much any routine tasks with a few lines of code was a real revelation for me. Since then, I have been focusing on automating all the processes that my colleagues and I needed, replacing hours of manual processing with a single button click.

Well, this is exactly what I want to show; how you can spare your time and your colleague's, so you can focus on tasks where you have a real added-value.

Stronger together

The objective of this course is thus to show that it is possible for everyone to automate many different data processes from start to finish.

The key to doing this is using the right tools, so you will find that Excel is great, but it is even more powerful when used with other applications. Among other things, we will work with Microsoft Access, which is the Office database tool. We will see how more efficient it is to use Access compared to Excel for certain tasks, but also how these two applications can be used together to build an even more efficient process.

End-to-end automation reachable by anyone


Why is this course different from the others I can find on the same subject?

This course is different for several reasons:

  1. We follow a very specific objective. While some courses try to detail everything you can do with a specific application, we are here looking to achieve a specific goal, which is automating a practical business situation.

  2. It spans several topics and applications, not just one. A lot of courses focus in depth on a single specific subject like Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, VBA or SQL. On the contrary, this course will mix all these relevant subjects, so the final objective is reached faster.

  3. Only key elements are presented. The objective is not to present all the possible things you can do with VBA, but only those which are useful and needed to pursue our final goal. We will seek the relevance of the concepts over the quantity.

  4. Theory is reduced to a minimum and mixed with practice. I do not believe that theoretical explanations alone is enough to understand this kind of subject. However, I do believe that practice is. That's why we will mix both.

  5. Short videos that focus on a specific topic. Just as we are not going to go through every capabilities of VBA, neither will we spend hours on a specific subject. Videos will be concise and straight to the point.

  6. What you will learn is usable immediately. This course does not present isolated concepts, but it presents a complete solution that you should directly be able to implement for your own needs, once you have completed this course.


Can I find the content of this course on Google?

Honestly ... yes, you can! I myself learned a lot about VBA and other programming languages using Google. I can tell you there are tons of useful information you can find online (a few billions in less than a second to be exact).

But this is for the exact same reason that I would have liked to have a resource like this one at the very beginning. Simply, because there are multiple ways to automate a process, which makes it much more complicated to build without any experience.

By following a specific method, with tailored explanations and examples, you have the opportunity to learn a subject much faster.Of course, this doesn't prevent you to keep on exploring the subject afterwards.


Why should I follow this course and learn automation?

There are different reasons for that.

First and perhaps the most obvious is that data is taking up more and more space in most of today's businesses. The more comfortable you are with data, the better prepared you will be for this trend.

After completing this course, I am pretty sure you will approach things differently. I'm not saying you will be an expert in database management or in big data ... because it is not the objective. However, you will have a much clearer vision of what can be automated, with what tools, and most importantly how it can make your life easier.

By following this course, you will have the opportunity to rethink your existing processes, and build new ones, in a much more efficient way. This will more than likely have a positive impact on you and your colleagues, but also on your boss's appreciation of your work.

Finally, maybe the principal reason is that automation is not as complicated as it seems. Contrary to what you might expect, it does not take years to start coding. This course only lasts about 5 hours, which is less than a single work day and already enough to cover many of the important things to know.

So, if you have absolutely no idea what you can automate, or how you can automate it ...

Join us today! and this might be the most productive work day you have had in awhile.

Taught by

Benjamin Termonia


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