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How To Get A Job In The Video Game Industry

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Create a Winning Resume, Portfolio, LinkedIn Profile & Job Application. Dominate Interviews & Networking.

What you'll learn:
  • Stand out from other candidates and get interviews for video game jobs no matter which role you are interested in.
  • Create winning Resumes, Cover Letters, Portfolios and LinkedIn profiles specifically tailored to the Video Game Industry.
  • Dominate in interviews by using specific, proven tactics and strategies.
  • Take action to get relevant video game industry experience (even if you have no experience to start with).
  • Create your personal brand in order to make it very clear to employers why you should be hired.
  • Create Proof-of-Value "Artifacts" that will make you stand out more than any other candidate and get your application to the top of the pile.
  • Use LinkedIn to easily Network with the right industry professionals (ie. Decision Makers who can give you a job)
  • Find (and create!) job opportunities anywhere in the world.

Please note: This course focuses on landing your dream job in the video game industry however the strategies included apply to any creative and technical profession.

If you're interested ingame development and aspire to have a career making video games, this course will help maximise your chances of findingopportunities, getting interviews and dominatingthe job application process in order toland your dream job in the video game industry.

No matter what role you're interested in (programmer / developer, artist, designer, producer, QA testerand so on)and what experience level you currently have (from "none" to "a lot"), this course takes you through all of the fundamentals (eg. building your resume, writing cover letters, creating a portfolio, crafting your LinkedIn profile) and dozens of insider tips and strategiesthat 95% of your job-hunting competitors are not (yet) using.

The course is perfect for people who are self-taught from taking courses,those who aresoon-to-be andrecent graduates, people who are switching careers or industry veterans looking for a change or promotion.

Why you'll get HUGE VALUE fromthis program...

  • You'll have the skill tocreate "Artifacts" -the technique which allows you get get interviews even if you have very little or no job experience in the games industry.

  • You'll create your Personal Brand - a critical step inpassing employers"6-second test", and a brilliant way to make writing resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles,emails andconnection requests easier and more impactful.

  • You'll become a LinkedIn Master -using this incredibly valuable tool to connect with Decision Makers, make new opportunities, gather important intel and opening doors that would otherwise be tightly shut.

  • You'll learn fromreal-worldCase Studies-job seekers like yourself who followed the teachings in this programgot theinterviews and job offers they wanted in the video game industry.

  • You'll know exactly how you can Get More Experience on your Resume-its tough to get a job if you have no experience right? This course will show you how anyone can get experience by being smart andoffering neededvalue to teams.

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See you in the course

Ben &Rick

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Taught by

Rick Davidson and Team

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