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Guitar Lessons for the Curious Guitarist

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Complete guitar course. 30+ hours. Chords, strumming, soloing, guitar theory, technique, & more. Beginner to advanced.

What you'll learn:
  • Beginner to advanced guitar lessons.
  • Read & write music with TAB or standard notation.
  • Solo & improvise over any song.
  • Learn every guitar chord.
  • Master rhythm & strumming.
  • Learn how to solo with arpeggios.
  • Comprehensive scales & modes study.
  • In-depth music theory.
  • Ear-training & pitch recognition.
  • Techniques like slides, pull-offs, harmonics, & tapping.
  • 10 guided jam along videos to practice soloing.
  • 6 jam track videos to practice soloing.
  • Acoustic or electric.

What students are saying:

⦁ 5 stars, "Instructor does superb job with explanations and visuals and resources." - Mollie D.

⦁ 5 stars, "Keeping it simple and good with explanations." - Tanja S.

⦁ 5 stars, "Enthusiastic, knowledgeable approach!" - William M.

⦁ 5 stars, "In-depth and gives a clear pathway to each goal." - Derek S.

⦁ 5 stars, "Really amazing course. The concepts are easy to understand." - Josh O.

Welcome to Guitar Lessons for the Curious Guitarist! This is a complete guitar lessons course for all guitar levels - beginner to advanced. These guitar lessons start at the very beginning, assuming that you don't know how to play at all.

Any kind of six-string guitar will work well for this course - electric, acoustic, orclassical guitar.

This course is arranged in 10 sections with cumulative lessons that each build on the previous lesson. The sections are: GUITAR BASICS, BEGINNER LEVEL, NOVICE LEVEL, INTERMEDIATE LEVEL, ADVANCED LEVEL, EXPERT LEVEL, WORLD CLASS LEVEL, JAM ALONG, JAM TRACKS, and BONUS LESSONS.

Throughout this course, we'll focus mainly on these guitar fundamentals:

Chords - Including open & barre chords in multiple positions, relative (scale chords), extended, altered, naming, & more.

Rhythm - Including reading, writing, counting, strumming, picking, tapping, timing, and all things rhythm guitar.

Arpeggios - From basic major & minor to extended & altered, some include multiple redundant positions for better guitar mastery so you can easily solo using arpeggios over every chord.

Scales & Modes - Including major & minor pentatonics, major & minor scales, all 7 relative modes, full-fretboard soloing, & other exotic scales.

Other - Including techniques, reading standard music notation, blues guitar, dyads, ear training, and more!

The JAM ALONG section includes 10 videos, each with a PDF, of live-recorded jam along guitar loops for you to use while you practice soloing. The keys and scales are clearly marked & charted out on the whiteboard (and the PDF attachments) so you'll know exactly what to play!

The JAMTRACKS section includes 6 videos of backing music each set to the standard modal chord structures. These are for you to practice soloing the modes. Additionally, on the video screen there is a tab diagram of the mode for each video.

The BONUS LESSONS section is for your continuing guitar education. Here, you'll find updates & many more lessons that are continually added to this course.

Every lessonvideo has a PDF attachment in the "additional resources" tab which can be downloaded, saved, and printed. These PDFs are the tabs, chords, rhythms, songs, and guitar lessons.

You may have questions throughout the course. You can send me a private message or ask a question in the Q&A area (Questions & Answers) inside this course. Use this when you need it - I'm here for you!

I've been teaching guitarists for over 27 years. I know the pitfalls, issues, questions, and confusions that you're likely to have while learning.

If you want to be an awesome guitarist, this course will help you get there.

I'm glad you're here - let's get started.

Taught by

Dan Dresnok

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