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Get Started With Microsoft Excel In 1 Hour

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In this course I will show you step-by-step how to set up a fully functioning Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

What you'll learn:
  • Name and Save a Microsoft Excel Workbook
  • Add Titles and Subtitles
  • Add Columns and Rows
  • Format Text
  • Autofill Data (Days of The Week, Months of The Year etc.)
  • Assign Cell Formats (Text, Dates, Number)
  • Use Basic Formula Including AutoSum and Averages
  • Absolute Referencing
  • Adding Cell Borders
  • Printing a Spreadsheet
  • Headers and Footers
  • Build a solid understanding on the Basics of Microsoft Excel

Microsoft's Excel 2013 for Windows is a very useful and powerful piece of spreadsheet software - but it can appear daunting if you have never used it before.

Be daunted and confused no more!

Microsoft Excel can be amazingwhen you get it to work FOR you.It can save you endless time and perform cool functions. You don't need to spend hours learning withExcelin order to get to grips with the basics and to create your first working spreadsheet.

Jennifer is a knowledgeabletutor who has taught at many abilitylevels. She usesherexperience ofteaching absolute beginners topaces thisvideo course well, in bite-sized piecesand withstep by stepinstructions.

Jennifer prides herself on her ability to assume you know something already, tonot leave you confused or as it you are missing a piece of the puzzle.

This Microsoft Excel course does exactly what it says on the tin - 'Get Started with Microsoft Excel in 1 hour'! You will be able to perform some really key actions which nearly allspreadsheets need -in an hour -for example Jennifercovers how to format cells, enter data, autofill, basic formulas and absolute referencing.The course also contains bonus 'tip' videos to teach you extra features of Excel.

By the end of this introductory course, Jennifer gets you feeling confident about creating your first Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. As an example she uses a real working example of a spreadsheet -atimesheet so that you can use this yourself to calculate your hours worked, overtime, net and gross pay.

Let's get started! Enrol today and see how you too can harness the power of Microsoft Excel!

What do the students have to say about the course?

"Well, I began this course knowing next-to-nothing about Excel. And I'm only at lesson #5 or #6 (after about 20 minutes time). Nonetheless, her diction is clear -- she's using (I'm assuming), a written script, and thus everything she says is easily understood. Better yet, there is a very-easily-seen yellow circle surrounding her mouse, so there isn't a second of time when one has ANY confusion about the various maneuvers she's employing with her mouse. AND, she neither speaks nor moves too quickly. All in all, I'm impressed . . . and eager to keep forward. (And no, I have no connection with, nor even the slightest knowledge about, the instructor. But she's really good at imparting new information to a total newbee such as myself!)"

"I feel that it was organized well & segmented enough to where it would not overwhelm & can be picked back up easily to continue further study."

"Strong introductory course"

"She is a very thorough instructor. I look forward to taking more classes in the future from her"

"Awesome step by step for a true novice, never goes to fast and explains everything so you can't miss anything. Very refreshing for someone to really take the time and explain every details of the ongoing of steps and doesn't just assume you know everything already."

Taught by

Jennifer Bailey

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