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Linux Redhat System Administration I – SA1 (RHEL8)

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Prepare for first level of Linux Exam and gain sufficient skill to perform core system administration tasks

What you'll learn:
  • About Linux Enterprise Linux 8
  • Installation of Linux Linux 8
  • Accessing the command line using the local console
  • Manage Files From the Command Line
  • Getting Help, Creating and Editing Text Files
  • User Administration
  • Controlling Access to Files
  • Managing Linux Processes
  • Configuring and Securing SSH Service
  • Analyzing and Storing Logs
  • Archiving & transferring files
  • Managing Networking
  • Accessing Linux File Systems
  • Monitoring the system

Linux Certified System Administrator Exam (EX200 - 2.5 Hours Required), there are two course modules as shown below.

  • Linux System Administration I - SA1 First Part ==> This Course Module will teach you this module.

  • Linux System Administration II - SA2 Second Part

Linux Certified Engineer Exam (EX-294 - 4 Hours Required)

  • Linux System Administration III: Linux Automation with Ansible

Course Description:

Linux System Administration I - SA1


  • Linux System Administration 1

  • About Linux Certification

  • Links to download RHEL, CentOS, VMWare Workstation or Oracle Virtual Box

  • Create Linux OS 8 Template using VMWare Workstation

  • Installation of Linux OS 8 using VMWare Workstation

  • Installation of Linux OS 8 using Oracle Virtual Box

  • Connect from putty

Accessing the Command Line

  • Overview of Bash Shell

  • Virtual and Physical Consoles

  • GNOME3 Desktop Environment

  • Practice Lab Session on Accessing Command Line

Manage Files From the Command Line

  • About Linux File System Hierarchy Concepts

  • Identifying Linux File types

  • Absolute and relative paths

  • Command Line File Management

  • Soft Link And Hard Link In Linux

  • Pattern Matching

  • Tilde Expansion

  • Brace Expansion

  • Variable Expansion

  • Practice Lab Session

Getting Help, Creating and Editing Text Files in Linux

  • Reading Manual Pages

  • GNU Info

  • Input Output Redirection in Linux

  • Channels (File Descriptors)

  • Pipelines in Linux

  • tee command

  • Editing Text files from the shell prompt

  • Insert Mode

  • Command Mode

  • Extended Command Mode

  • Visual Mode

User Administration

  • Overview of User Administration

  • Describing user and Group Concepts

  • Primary Groups and Supplementary Groups

  • Types of User Account

  • Overview of Shadow file

  • Managing users passwords

  • Overview of Sudoers file

  • Syntax of sudoers file

  • Various Practice Lab Session

Controlling Access to Files

  • Overview of Linux File System Permissions

  • Attributes of a file

  • Managing File System Permissions from Command Line

  • Special permissions like Setuid, Setgid & Sticky bit etc

  • Practice Lab Session

Managing Linux Processes

  • Overview of Load Average in Linux

  • top command

  • Lab Session on Load Average

  • Process Management

  • Foreground & Background Process

  • Various Process Stats

  • Practice Lab Session

About Linux OS 8

  • Overview of Linux OS 8

  • Features of Linux OS 8

  • Controlling Services and Daemons

  • Introduction to Systemd, Systemd units

  • Lab on systemctl command and journal

Configuring and Securing SSH Service

  • Introduction about OpenSSH

  • SSH Hot Keys

  • SSH Key Based Authentication

  • Customizing OpenSSH Service Configuration

  • Practice Lab Session

Analyzing and Storing Logs

  • Describing System log Architecture

  • System Logging

  • Logging Events to the System

  • Collecting Information using journalctl

  • Log file rotation

  • Practice Lab Session

Archiving & transferring files

  • Archive a file using tar command

  • tar operations

  • tar compression options

  • Transferring files between systems securely

  • Practice Lab Session

Managing Networking

  • Describing Network Concepts

  • TCP/IP Network Model

  • Configuring network

  • Lab on add a network interface

  • Lab on modify an interface

  • Lab on delete an interface

Accessing Linux File Systems

  • Identifying File Systems

  • Block Devices

  • Lab Session on File System, mount, unmount etc

  • Locate Command

  • Find Command

  • Practice Lab Session

Monitoring the system

  • Overview of web console to monitor and analyze the server

  • Cockpit tool

  • Navigating the server using web console

  • Lab Session

  • Last Lecture

Taught by

Shikhar Verma • 50k+ Students Worldwide


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