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Start Finishing Your Projects

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Boost Your Productivity, Effectiveness, and Creative Momentum by Finishing the Projects that Matter Most

What you'll learn:
  • Convert ideas into meaningful, realistic goals
  • Choose levels of success that motivate you
  • Pick people who'll fuel your project
  • Avoid or minimize the people who can block or derail your project
  • Sequence action steps in the right order to avoid mistakes and missteps
  • Leverage previous experience so that you don't repeat the same mistakes you've already paid for
  • Finish more projects, faster, and with less stress
  • Use the Start Finishing Action Guide for any project in the future

Do you have an idea and you just haven't been able to figure out how to do anything with it?

Or maybe you've started working on a project and it's gotten stuck — and you're having a hard time figuring out how to get it unstuck and done.

If so, Start Finishing Your Projects is for you.It'll help you get your unstarted or unfinished project done, as well as teach you how to set yourself up for success with any other project you kick off after taking the course.

If you've tried productivity systems that haven't worked for you, don't fret.Start Finishing Your Projects works because it focuses on creating doable project plans, not just on time management or goal-setting.It doesn't matter if you manage your time well or set good goals if you don't know what to do with the time or how to take actions on those goals.

Throughout the course, I'll guide you, step by step, on how to:

  1. Create project goals that'll help youstay focused

  2. Identify the reasons you maynot finish your project — and the ones that'll help you do so

  3. Identify people who can help youfinish yourproject

  4. List the specific actions you'll need to take, in what order, and when to get the project done

No more wondering what your next stepsare. No more working the hard way, by yourself, and getting nowhere. No more getting stifled by your personal naysayers and wondering why no one appreciates what you're working on.

If you're ready to stop thinking about ideas and start finishing them, enroll inStartFinishing Your Projectstoday.

Check out what students are saying!

"Charlie is so easy to follow and on point. Finally I am not distracted by the process. This is what I have been looking for in a productivity program to move ideas thru the project phase to execution for a long time." — Michelle Ebbing

"As always, Charlie Gilkey creates and delivers extremely helpful, clear, and compelling resources (in this case, a valuable and resource-packed course). This course takes many of the concepts Charlie regularly teaches and shares with his students and clients and presents them in an easy to understand -- and follow -- series of lessons, prompts, and meaningful activities. Each section is supported by just the right amount of additional recommended resources that focus on a concept introduced in that section. I already have taken pages of notes (with specific steps I can take after the course) and know I'll want to refer back to the lessons as I further work on the goal selected during this course. One of the things that's very helpful is how Charlie asks us to stop and complete the various activitiesbeforewe go on to the next lesson. I'm looking forward to 'starting to finish' my project so it can make a difference."— Shahrzad Arasteh

"I am so glad I found this course! It offers a fabulous methodology to getting projects done, as well as highlighting the trips and traps that lie in wait. Charlie is a great presenter whose manner is inspiring and positive. I'd give this course more stars if it were possible."— Robin Scanlon

"Charlie has, in a couple of short lessons, left me excited, motivated, and feeling like I might actually be able to get something done."— Diane Munder

"This course is extremely informative. I leave this digital space tonight with an abundance of knowledge. I am confident about planning my next project! I now understand that the sturdiest plan is in how you built its foundation. I look forward to applying what I have learned in this course to both my professional career and personal life."— Khajuaan Walker

"He really gets it, really understands what it's like to get overwhelmed and frustrated with something new -- like getting bogged down in little details and crippling perfectionism. How often I have abandoned a program because I was afraid to actually write in the workbook and make an ugly mistake!"— Rosalind Stanger

"Charlie doesn't leave any space for prevarication or delay. This is a well thought out course that addresses many of the drag points and sticking points that creatives have. Charlie works them through in a determined and comprehensive manner. Come prepared to do the work and succeed."— Alison Cowzer

"I’ve learned more in a few lessons than I have my entire life!"— Charles Blair

"I've struggled with getting projects done. I've invested in many goal setting programs but never finished them nor my project. This course is very helpful. Now with a clear project in hand (which went through revisions as Charlie worked through this course) I am beginning today on my project. I have a clear action plan, but more, I have a well-thought out process to complete this project."— Elizabeth Matney

Taught by

Charlie Gilkey


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