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The Complete Database Design & Modeling Beginners Tutorial

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Learn Database Design the easy way. Go from simple to complex with a real life example: online store's DB using MySQL.

What you'll learn:
  • Learn what a database is
  • Learn how databases work and why are they important
  • Learn data modeling and the 3 levels of relational database design
  • Learn what are the steps to create a sound database design
  • Learn what database normalization is and how to apply 1NF, 2NF and 3FN in database design
  • Learn how to build database relationships: one-to-one, many-to-one and many-to-many
  • Understand better every theoretical step by following several concrete examples
  • You will be able to design a relational database from scratch
  • You will be able to answer the most common interview questions about databases
  • You will have a concrete e-commerce database design schema to add to your portofolio

Are you new to Databases and Database Design? Do you feel like you’re left guessing how to properly design the database for your project? ..Or maybe you just want to add this on-demand skill to your CV.

Our Database Design Beginner’s Tutorial is here to help. Here’s how:

  • Learn by Designing a Real Life Database from A to Z. The tutorial covers the design of an online store’s database. By the end of the course you will learn how to apply database design concepts to a real project, not just a mock, nonsense database. You will eliminate guesswork and design a database confidently.

  • Going from simple to complex in simple, incremental steps: you won’t feel overwhelmed by the complexity of database design. Every new concept will develop naturally, making database design feel easy peasy.

  • Several examples for each theoretical definition: Database design theory can be daunting. Following every theoretical aspect with several practical examples makes it easier to understand.

  • Short & Sweet: No rambling. Straight to the point. This is a tutorial that you’ll actually finish. Just the right amount of theory and practical examples that will enable you to take action fast and apply what you’ve learned on your projects!

NEW(2018)Quiz Test! 35 Popular Database Design Interview Questions.

You will learn the answers to the following topics:

  • What is a database?

  • How do databases work? The power of database indexes.

  • What are some different types of database management systems (DBMS)

  • What is a relational database? What are tables, columns, primary keys, foreign keys, relationships, and much more

  • What is database design and why is database design important?

  • What are the 3 levels of database design? Conceptual, Logical and Physical database design.

  • Data modeling and database design tools. You will also learn how to setup MySQL Workbench on your computer and how to design a database with its aid.

  • What database normalization is and how to apply the three normal forms (1NF, 2NF, 3NF)

  • What does data redundancy mean?

  • How to design and create database relationships: one-to-one, many-to-one and many-to-many.

  • Complete the design of an online store’s database. Create entities and attributes for: products, items, customers, categories, brands, reviews, etc.

  • Finally, you'll learn how to use forward engineering (a feature of MySQL Workbench) to create the actual database on MySQL Server.

  • Every technical lecture has attached a screenshot of the resulting database schema

This tutorial is perfect for professionals, entrepreneurs or students who need to integrate databases in their projects and use data more efficiently than using Excel or simply add Database Design to their CV and make a step forward in their career.

Here are some comments from students after taking this course:

“Fantastic fast pace course, well presented and explained backed up with many examples.”

Danny Schell

“The instructor has in depth knowledge abut databases and database design.I would highly recommend this course for any one trying to learn the fundamentals of database design and table relationships further more learn how to create physical databases ..this course is the basis for a strong understanding of the chapters covered.

I highly recommend it.”


“This tutorial fulfill it's promised. It is simple to understand and to the point.I think the author is very experienced and know what he is talking about. No need to ask what else do we, the student need, just make it happen.”

Alcides Apaza Yanarico

The Complete Database Design and Modeling Beginners Tutorial is a heck of a deal compared to the cost of time spent on searching for this information all over the Internet and putting it together in a well structured way; not to say having a real life example on how to design a database step by step.

Because this tutorial takes you through a series of incremental steps, from simple to complex, with real life examples, Database Design will be easy to understand.

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Taught by

Rares Ilea


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