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The Easiest Beginners Guide to Microsoft Excel

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If you've struggled with Excel or you don't know much about it, I've created this course just for you.

What you'll learn:
-> Getting started from absolute basics - Opening and Saving Excel, Screen navigation, Screen Elements Explained, Typing and Deleting Data
-> Text and Cell formatting - Font Selection and Sizing, Bold, Italic and Underline, Border Creation, Horizontal and Vertical Justification, Wrap Texting, Row and Column Adjustment
-> Number Formatting - Decimal Places, Data Types, Decimal Places, Currency and Accounting, Dates, Format Paint
-> AutoSum and Count Function - Application, Average, Minimum, Maximum, Count, Connection Readjustment, Large Table Considerations
-> Formulas - Arithmetic Operations, Cell Linking, BODMAS, Formula Duplication, Fill Handle
-> Equation Creator, Symbols, WordArt and Hyperlinks (File, Workbook and Webpage Options)
-> Data Organisation using Sheets - Do's and Don'ts, Renaming, Reordering, Tab Colouring, Moving, Copying, New Window Function
-> Images - Importation Methods, Moving, Resizing, Rotating, Picture Styling, Artistic Effects, Bring/Send to Front/Back, Cropping
-> Shapes - Textboxes and Formatting, Arrows and Arrow Locking, Shape Proportion Adjustments, Object Rotation, Quick Duplication Techniques
-> SmartArt - Insertion, Indenting and Hierarchies, Colours, Accents, Styles, Layout Changes, Graphic Restting
-> Data Sorting and Filtering - A-to-Z, Z-to-A, Primary Key Theory, Custom Sort by Field Name, Sorting by Colour, Multi-Level Sorting
-> Line Charts - Data Preparation, Chart Elements, Styling Options, Chart Features
-> Printing - Page Breaks, Margin Settings, Orientation, Paper Select, Page Layout, Scaling, Print Tiles, Printing, Portable Document Format (PDF)


  1. Are you a business professional needingto up-skill?
  2. Are you struggling to geta pay-rise and/or promotion?
  3. Are you a recent graduate with an empty looking resume and no job experience?
  4. Have you recently been laid off, fired or had a contract end?

If you answered 'yes' to any of the above then having “ExpertMicrosoft Office Skills” will get you closer to your goal of either landing your first job, a new job or progressing further in your current role. Here's why.

The job market has never been more volatile. Statistically, people are changing jobs more often now than they ever have before and that also means people are also losing jobs to newcomers who are far more skilled. So if you’re not up-skilling, you’re falling behind. It’s scary I know. I’ve experienced this myself.

A study released by Microsoft and the IDC showed that among 14.6 million job postings, proficiency in Microsoft Office was ranked 2ndas the most desired skills by employers leading up to 2020. Microsoft Office proficiency ranked higher than Project Management skills, Sales Experience, Time Management, Analytical Skills, Interpersonal Skills and Work Ethics.

This is because we live in the digital age, meaning employers are looking for proficient data handlerswho process data faster, aremore data-organisedand cancommunicate effectively viadigital channels. Theseare skills everyone should have no matter the discipline because they are transferable skills. It makes you more adaptable and more valuable in the long-term.This brings us back to Microsoft Office. It is the oldest, most well-known, most affordable and most trusted data management tool available and hence everyone uses it. So to be noticed and taken seriously in your job or job application, proficiency in these programs is compulsory.


One of the most common problems with online learning content is that there is so much of it now and it’s difficult to know where to start or who to turn to. Many go the YouTube route and piece together videos from hundreds of tutorials from hundreds of tutors hoping to become an expert at the end of it all. This simply won’t happen and will just waste your time.

Many take the route you’re about to take, they decide to enrollin an online training course. Many charge hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars for their courses which is simply unaffordable foruniversity students, recent graduates, the unemployed or those looking for a career change. That is the reason why I have decided to keep this course as low as possible even though I’m offering substantiallymore content than most ofmy competitors here on Udemy.


I have been using Microsoft Office for over 20 years. I know the in’s and out’s and the simplest ways of doing things. My delivery philosophy is simple, if I can’t get a 6 year old to follow along and understand, than I’m not teaching correctly. I hate complicated language and so do you. Nobody likes trainers who focus on impressing rather than teaching and giving value to students. That is also why my lecture videos are as short as can be and divided into small sections for easy consumption. So you won’t get unnecessary chit chat or nonsense. I also assume that all my students are near-sighted and as such, I use a special software tool that allows me to draw on the screen to show exactly what I’m about to press as well as zoom in on small area’s so you don’t miss a thing.

Each section has been designed so you can take it on it's own. i recommend taking the first sectionbut then after that you can take any section you want in any order! You have complete freedom!


In this course I'll be covering the basics of how to get started, text and cell formatting, number formatting, autosum and count functions, formulas and arithmetic operations, equation generator, symbols, wordart, hyperlinks, organisation techniques, hotkeys, correct sheet use, data management basics, image control, artistic effects, shapes, flowcharts, banners, SmartArt, Data Sorting, Filtering, Charts and styling, PDF printing and anything else I can squeeze in for you!!

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you end up not liking my course, that's ok, I will refund your money back no questions asked even if you've completed a portion of the course. Your satisfaction is my priority!


  1. Member of the Udemy Council
  2. Co-Founder of Paperclip Learning
  3. Over 70,000 students
  4. Over 175,000 enrollments
  5. Over 5,300 Positive Reviews
  6. Over 20 courses on Udemy

Teaching is my passion and my creative outlet. I have been using the Microsoft Office package since I was a child and have been using it consistently throughout my life. My teaching experiences span from teaching primary school students, high school students, university graduates and business professionals. Professionally, I am trained in Aerospace Engineering, Database Design and Business Analytics.


Yu Hui Jun Yu -The courses are simply amazing and I can learn them rapidly. The hints presented were also very useful. I like the 'mini-lesson' format. Fast and efficient. The instructor's direction is very detailed and easy to understand. I can immediately start using this program. Thanks!

Narayanan Krishnamoorthy -Perfect and to the point...the instructor doesn’t waste time and gets to the point quickly!!

Lala Darchinova -I've been looking for this kind of course for ages! And finally I find it. Short, comprehensive and absolutely interesting! Thank you for the work you are doing.

Spencer Berkman -Extremely knowledgeable and clear on instructions.

E Frank -Simple to learn techniques and instructor made it all really easy. Thank you!

Parth Gandhi -I learned techniques in a very short need to google and waste time finding the perfect approach

Taught by

Jed Guinto

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