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The Confidence, Assertiveness and Emotional IQ Masterclass

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An essential guide for cultivating genuine, sustainable self-confidence and developing wise emotional intelligence (EQ).

What you'll learn:
  • An easy-to-follow roadmap to becoming more self-aware.
  • The way your mind processes and retrieves new information.
  • How to change negative thought patterns that harm self-esteem.
  • How to define your identity in an autonomous and powerful way.
  • A broad range of popular modern applied psychology principles.
  • A process for evaluating your attitude and behavior honestly.
  • A practical framework for powerful thinking and assertiveness.
  • A time-proven strategy for tackling common everyday problems.
  • How to make intelligent decisions that align with your priorities.
  • And much, much more.

This training course cannot “give” you confidence. Nothing can. Confidence isn’t something that can be found, because it’s something that cannot be lost. Confidence isn’t even something that can be “boosted”, because confidence is something that can only be learned and nurtured over time.

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the product of self-knowledge, and self-knowledge is what emerges in those people who devote themselves to cultivating self-awareness. Therefore, to grow in confidence, you must first understand yourself, your mind, your emotions, and how your decisions in life directly affect the circumstances you encounter everyday - which you may (or may not) feel confident about.

Assertiveness in an attitude you will naturally adopt upon being confident in who you are as a human being. Assertiveness is the expression of confidence and inner strength, and only individuals who are confident in who they are, what they want, and their priorities will have the boldness necessary to assert themselves. You cannot genuinely assert yourself without first being thoroughly self-aware.

Your self-confidence will be defined by the attitude you take towards your identity, strengths, and abilities. Growing in confidence means becoming empowered, and being empowered involves accepting yourself and taking complete responsibility for all aspects of your life. You will know your strengths, weaknesses, have sensible expectations of yourself and are OK with your imperfections.

The following are some of the topics you will learn during this course:

  • The Roadblocks to Personal Growth

  • How Human Beings Experience Emotion

  • A Strategy for Growing in Self-Awareness

  • A Framework for Healthy Self-Identification

  • A Fluid Model for Personality Development

  • Upgrading the Effectiveness of your Thinking

  • How to Make Wise and Assertive Decisions

Assertiveness is the quality of being self-assured and confident without being aggressive. In the field of modern applied psychology, it is a valuable life skill that can be learned and also an extremely healthy mode of interpersonal communication. The ability to assert yourself is what allows you to take responsibility for your attitude, and your actions without blaming or judging other people.

As a general rule, your confidence has little bearing on your actual abilities, and is largely impacted by how you perceive yourself. In many cases, perceptions are inaccurate. People's self-esteem is influenced by their life experiences, such as working in a stressful work environment, financial destitution, unhealthy social circles, being overly self-critical, or fearing failure. It is often the result of thinking inaccuracies that cause low self-confidence, and this is what this course will address.

If you want to make some significant improvements in the quality of your day-to-day life, whether for you personally, for the benefit of your family, friends, co-workers or community groups, enrolling in this Confidence, Assertiveness and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Masterclass will influence how you perceive yourself and the world for the better.

This unique online masterclass hosts a range of personal growth strategies for those who are ready to improve how they relate to themselves, reduce self-doubt and acquire a new ability to interact authentically and assertively with others. You will be exposed to a range of innovative strategies for overcoming unhealthy beliefs, growing confidence, and adopting a genuine attitude of assertiveness.

“The course is essential for anyone serious about furthering their personal growth.” - Drew Mortimer

This training course is part of a larger curriculum of self-improvement and professional development training resources, designed by Kain Ramsay Ltd, and hosted within the Achology community peer-learning environment. The training course is accompanied by a 30-day money back guarantee, so if you're not happy with the format, you can get your money back - no questions asked.

Taught by

Kain Ramsay


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