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Build and Administer Tableau CRM

Salesforce via Trailhead


Learn how to set up Tableau CRM, bring in your data, and build apps that help your teams make great decisions.
  • Get to know Tableau CRM by building and sharing a data exploration app.
  • Bring your data into Tableau CRM and make it work for you.
  • Create an end-to-end integration process to load and prepare data from different sources.
  • Make magic happen with Analytics dashboards and the smarts of Einstein.
  • Increase adoption and usability by making dashboards more dynamic and focused.
  • Set up Tableau CRM and enable features and security.
  • Learn the principles of app design and apply them to build Tableau CRM apps.
  • Create a personalized and engaging dashboard with SOQL and bindings.
  • Use templates to distribute Tableau CRM apps to your partners and customers.
  • Deliver Tableau CRM functionality wherever you work in Salesforce.
  • Import a spreadsheet and create Tableau CRM charts. No code required.
  • Use GeoJSON to extend the mapping capabilities of Tableau CRM.
  • Use flag icons to create a stunning dashboard with Tableau CRM.


  • Quick Start: Tableau CRM
    • Sign Up for a Tableau CRM-Enabled Developer Edition Org
    • Create an App and a Lens
    • Create a Dashboard with a Conversational Query
    • Apply Conditional Formatting and Annotate a Saved Dashboard View
  • Tableau CRM Data Integration Basics
    • Kick Off the Data Journey
    • Extract External Data into Tableau CRM
    • Extract Salesforce Data into Tableau CRM
    • Prepare Your Data
  • Integrate Local and Remote Data in Tableau CRM
    • Review Your Data Requirements
    • Load Your Local Sales Data
    • Load and Prepare Your Remote Sales Data
    • Prepare Your Combined Data in a Recipe
  • Tableau CRM Dashboard Building Basics
    • Build Powerful Dashboards Quickly with Analytics
    • Add Key Metrics to Evaluate Your Business
    • See the Big Picture with Charts and Get the Details with Tables
    • Add Selectors That Allow Users to Filter the Dashboard Results
    • Make Analytics Dashboard Widgets Interactive
    • Take Analytics On the Go With Mobile Dashboards
  • Build Advanced Tableau CRM Dashboards
    • Take Analytics Dashboards to the Next Level
    • Make Data Do the Talking with Conditional Highlights
    • Engage Users with Animated Pages
    • Use Bindings to Compare Data
  • Tableau CRM Administration Basics
    • Learn About Tableau CRM Setup
    • Assign Permissions
    • Select and Enable Tableau CRM Features
    • Control Access and Secure Your Data
    • Set Up Tableau CRM Apps
  • Tableau CRM App Design
    • Understand the Principles of Good Design
    • Ask the Right Questions Before You Build Your App
    • Create Features with Purpose
    • Structure Your App
    • Make Your App Look Great
  • Customize a Dashboard with Tableau CRM Advanced Editor
    • Sign Up for an Tableau CRM-Enabled Developer Edition Org
    • Create a Templated Dashboard
    • Set up a Salesforce Direct Query
    • Build Dynamic Top-N Queries and Add a Greeting
  • Tableau CRM App Template Development
    • Get Started with Tableau CRM Templates
    • Understand How Templates Work
    • Explore Template Structure
    • Make Your Template Smarter by Adding a Wizard
    • Enhance Your Template With App Customization Features
  • Embed a Tableau CRM Dashboard in Lightning Experience
    • Deliver Tableau CRM Where People Work in Lightning Experience
    • Embed a Tableau CRM Dashboard in a Home Page
    • Embed an Tableau CRM Dashboard in an Account Page
    • Filter an Embedded Dashboard
  • Create a Product Pipeline Dashboard with Tableau CRM Charts
    • Import a Spreadsheet into Tableau CRM
    • Create a Dashboard and Add a Waterfall Chart
    • Add a Map Chart
    • Add a Pyramid Chart
  • Create a Custom Map for Tableau CRM Charts
    • Create the Dataset
    • Work with GeoJSON and Create the Map
    • Use a Bounding Box to Zoom In on Your Map
  • Build a Gauge Chart in Tableau CRM That Visually Identifies Regional Data
    • Upload Flag Images into Tableau CRM
    • Modify and Upload Your Dataset
    • Create a Lens Using a Polar Gauge Chart with Chart Icons
    • Add the Chart to Your Dashboard


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