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课程章节 Chapter I Electric Fields Lecture 1 Electric Charges Lecture 2 Coulomb’s Law Lecture 3 Electric Fields Lecture 4 Evaluation of Electric Fields(I) Lecture 5 Evaluation of Electric Field (II) Lecture 6 Electric Field Lines Lecture 7 Electric Flux Lecture 8 Gauss’s Law Lecture 9 Application of Gauss’s Law Lecture 10 Electric Potential Lecture 11 Evaluation of Electric Potential Lecture 12 Finding E from V Chapter II Conductors and Dielectrics Lecture 13 Properties of a conductor in electrostatic equilibrium (I) Lecture 14 Properties of a conductor in electrostatic equilibrium (II) Lecture 15 Dielectrics Lecture 16 Capacitor & Capacitance Lecture 17 Capacitors with dielectrics Lecture 18 Energy stored in a capacitor Chapter III Magnetic Fields Lecture 19 Magnetism Lecture 20 Current & Current Density Lecture 21 Steady current & Electromotive force Lecture 22 Magnetic Fields Lecture 23 Charged Particle in a Magnetic Field Lecture 24 Magnetic Force on a Current—Carrying Conductor Lecture 25 Sources of a Magnetic Field Lecture 26 Calculation of a magnetic field by applying the Biot-Savart Law Lecture 27 Ampere’s Law Lecture 28 Application of Ampere’s Law Lecture 29 Gauss’s Law in Magnetism Lecture 30 Origin of the magnetic effect of materials Lecture 31 Magnetization Lecture 32 Magnetic Materials Chapter IV Electromagnetic Induction Lecture 33 Faraday’s Law Lecture 34 Motional EMF Lecture 35 Induced Electric Field Lecture 36 Generators Lecture 37 Inductance Lecture 38 Energy in a Magnetic Field Lecture 39 Maxwell’s Equations   展开

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