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China Foreign Affairs University via XuetangX

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课程章节 Course Introduction A Brief Introduction Unit 1 The New World Order 1.1 Pre-class Assignment Feedback 1.2 Reading Skills Development I 1.3 Reading Skills Development II 1.4 Terms in International Affairs 1.5 Critical Thinking Skills Development Unit 2 The Great Crash 2008 2.1 Pre-class Assignment Feedback 2.2 Effective Reading II 2.3 Effective Reading III 2.4 Terms in International Affairs 2.5 Critical Thinking Skills Development Unit 3 The Rise of China and the Future of the West 3.1 Effective Reading I 3.2 Effective Reading II 3.3 Concepts in International Affairs 3.4 Effective Reading III 3.5 Critical Thinking Unit 4 A House of Cards: American Srategy toward China 4.1 Enhancing Reading Skills 4.2 Containment and Engagement 4.3 Realism as an IR Theory 4.4 Off-shore Balancing Strategy 4.5 Learning to Think Critically Unit 5 Clash of the Titans 5-1 Reading Skills I 5-2 Reading skills II 5-3 Background Information 5-4 Theories in International Relations 5-5 Critical Thinking Unit 6 China and America 1941-1991 6.1 Thesis Statement and Outline 6.2 Some Strategies for Reading Efficiency 6.3 Major Historical Facts (1) 6.4 Major Historical Facts (2) 6.5 Evaluation and Criticism Unit 7 American and Chinese Power After the Financial Crisis 7.1 Reading Skills (1) 7.2 Reading Skills (2) 7.3 Key Concepts of International Affairs (1) 7.4 Key Concepts of International Affairs (2) 7.5 Critical Thinking Unit 8 China and America the Great Divergence 8.1 Prereading Tasks 8.2 Reading Skill Development I 8.3 Reading Skill Development II 8.4 Reading Skill Development III 8.5 Key Concepts 8.6 Critical Thinking   展开

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许宏晨, 薛丽, 左晓园, 冯继承, 杨强, 胡水娟, 张蕾, 周慧 and 陆晓红


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