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Advanced Green manufacturing Systems

NPTEL and Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur via YouTube


COURSE OUTLINE: Sustainability aims to conserve energy and natural resources, and to ensure that they have minimal impact on the environment and society. It targets at fulfilling the needs of the presentwithout compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. This course provides an overview of realizing Green Manufacturing Systems. Compared to conventional manufacturing process that is purely productivity driven; various strategies and applicationsare necessary to improve the ecology first focus of green manufacturing. Specific tools and relevant case studies are presented to provide an engineering approach to the course


noc19-mg24-Introduction-Advanced Green Manufacturing Systems.
noc19-mg24 Lecture 01-Significance of manufacturing.
noc19-mg24 Lecture 02-Dynamics Part-II.
noc19-mg24 Lecture 03-Product Lifecycle.
noc19-mg24 Lecture 04-Introduction to Optimization.
noc19-mg24 - Lecture 05-Mathematical modeling example.
noc19-mg24 Lecture 06-Rules of modeling.
noc19-mg24 Lecture 07-Modeling with continuous variable-Part-I.
noc19-mg24 Lecture 08-Modeling with continuous variable-Part-II.
noc19-mg24 Lecture 09-Value engineering Green Plan:Introduction.
noc19-mg24 Lecture 10-Value engineering Green Plan:Methodology-Part-I.
noc19-mg24 Lecture 11-Value engineering Green Plan:Methodology-Part-II.
noc19-mg24 Lecture 12-Value Engineering Green Plan:FAST Diagramming.
noc19-mg24 Lecture 13-Value Engineering Green Plan:Case Study.
noc19-mg24 Lecture 14-Value Engineering Green Plan:Paired Comparison Technique.
noc19-mg24-Lecture 15: Creativity Techniques.
noc19-mg24-Lecture 16: Frugal Innovation.
noc19-mg24-Lecture 17: Green Quality Function Deployment - Part 1.
noc19-mg24-Lecture 18: Green Quality Function Deployment - Part 2.
noc19-mg24-Lecture 19: Solving optimization problems.
noc19-mg24-Lecture 20: Solution using Excel.
noc19-mg24-Lecture 21: MS Excel Solver demonstration.
noc19-mg24-Lecture 22: Solving optimization problems using MS Excel.
noc19-mg24-Lecture 23: Design of Experiments for Factor Selection.
noc19-mg24-Lecture 24: Fundamental Techniques of Experimentation.
noc19-mg24-Lecture 25: Simple Comparative Experiments.
noc19-mg24-Lecture 26 - ANOVA - part 1.
noc19-mg24-Lecture 27 - ANOVA - part 2.
noc19-mg24-Lecture 28 - ANOVA - part 3.
noc19-mg24-Lecture 29 - Design for Environment (Part 1 of 4).
noc19-mg24-Lecture 30 - Design for Environment (Part 2 of 4).
noc19-mg24-Lecture 31 - Design for Environment (Part 3 of 4).
noc19-mg24-Lecture 32 - Design for Environment (Part 4 of 4).
noc19-mg24 Lecture 33 - Life Cycle Assessment, EIO-LCA tool.
noc19-mg24 Lecture 34 - Life Cycle Assessment, process based software.
noc19-mg24 Lecture 35 - Introduction to Factorial Experiments.
noc19-mg24 Lecture 36 - Statistical Analysis in Factorial Experiments.
noc19-mg24 Lecture 37 - Numerical Analysis in Factorial Experiments - Part 1.
noc19-mg24 Lecture 38 - Numerical Analysis in Factorial Experiments - Part 2.
noc19-mg24 Lecture 39 - Overview of Optimization Methods - Part 1.
noc19-mg24 Lecture 40 - Overview of Optimization Methods - Part 2.
noc19-mg24 Lecture 41 - noc19-mg24 Lecture 41.
noc19-mg24 Lecture 42 -Green Factory through Green Unit Processes (Part 2 of 2).
noc19-mg24 Lecture 43 - Green Factory Simulation (Part 1 of 3).
noc19-mg24 Lecture 44 - Lecture 44: Green Factory Simulation (Part 2 of 3).
noc19-mg24 Lecture 45 - Green Factory Simulation (Part 3 of 3).
noc19-mg24 Lecture 46 - Advanced Green Manufacturing Systems course summary.

Taught by

IIT Kanpur July 2018

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