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Guitar Beginners Course

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FIRST Chord to learn on guitar - E major chord - Beginners Lesson 1.
SECOND Chord to learn on guitar - A major chord - Beginners Lesson 2.
Change Chords FASTER on Guitar - Beginners Lesson 3.
Guitar Strumming Lesson 1 - Bars and Beats - Beginners Course Lesson 4).
Fingers hurt from playing guitar? Try this! (Beginner Guitar Course Level 1 lesson 5).
Easy Guitar Songs for Beginners (Beginner Guitar Course Level 1 lesson 6).
20 Minute Guitar Practice Routine for Beginners (Beginner Guitar Course Level 1 lesson 7).
How to use a Guitar Capo (Beginner Guitar Course Level 1 Lesson 8).
How to play the D Chord on Guitar - Beginners Level 2 Lesson 1.
Improve Changes Between E, A & D Chords (Level 2 02) Beginner Guitar Tutorial.
8th All Down Guitar Strumming (Level 2 03) Beginner Guitar Tutorial.
Easy Guitar Power Chords E5, A5 & D5 - Beginner Guitar Lesson Tutorial (Level 2 04).
Easy Finger Stretching For Guitarists (Level 2 05) Beginner Guitar Tutorial.
Guitar Metronome Exercises for Guitar (Level 2 08) Download Only Bonus Lesson.
G Chord on Guitar Tutorial - G major - Beginner Guitar Course (Level 3 Lesson 01).
Chord Changes G, A, D, Em (Level 3 02) Improve chord changes on Guitar.
Down & Up Guitar Strumming (Level 3 03) Strumming Patterns for Beginners.
Play E & A Guitar Chords with just 1 Finger (Level 3 04) Beginner Guitar Tutorial.
EASY Blues Riff for Beginner Guitar (Level 3 05) Beginner Blues Guitar Tutorial.
Guitar Tips - Play Guitar Standing Up (Level 3 08 BONUS Download only lesson).
Learn Guitar: Minor Chords Em Am Dm (Level 4 01) Beginner Guitar Lessons.
Guitar Strumming Tutorial - The Off-Beat (Level 4 02).
Sus Chords Guitar Lesson 1 - Dsus2 DSus4 (Level 4 03).
Sus Chords Guitar Lesson 2 - Asus2 ASus4 (Level 4 04).
Sus Chords Guitar Lesson Part 3 Esus4 (Level 4 05) Plus Bo Diddley Rhythm!.
How To Figure Out Chords for Songs BY EAR for Beginners (Level 4 08) Download Only Bonus.
C Chord made EASY! How to play Guitar Chords (Level 5 01) Easy Beginner Tutorial.
EASY F Chord Guitar Lesson Fmaj7 On Guitar (Beginners Course Level 5 02).
2nd Most Common Strumming Pattern on Guitar (Level 5 03) Beginner Guitar Tutorial.
Music Theory for Beginners - What is a guitar 'Key'? (Level 5 04) Key of C on Guitar.
C Major Scale on Acoustic Guitar - Easy Scale For Beginners (Beginners Course Level 5 #5).
How to play Guitar and Sing at the SAME TIME! (Beginners Course Level 5 #8).
Oasis Style Chords Guitar Lesson - Part 1 Cadd9 Chord (Level 6 01).
Oasis Style Chords Guitar Lesson - Part 2 Em7 Dsus4 (Level 6 01).
Easy Slash Chords G/F# G/B C/B D/F# Guitar Tutorial (Beginners Course Level 6 02).
The Most Common Strumming Pattern on Guitar... EVER! (Beginners Course Level 6 03).
G Major Pentatonic Scale for Beginner Guitarists (Beginners Course Level 6 04).
Guitar Note Names EXPLAINED in 5 minutes - Learn The Guitar Fretboard (Beginners Course Level 6 #5).
Chord Embellishments with Easy Chords (Beginners Course Level 6 #8).
The B7 Chord Guitar Tutorial (Beginners Course Level 7 #1).
Blues Guitar Chords - E7 A7 & D7 (Beginners Course Level 7 #2).
Blues & Swing Strumming Guitar Tutorial (Beginners Course Level 7#3).
How to play the Minor Pentatonic Scale on Guitar for Beginners (Beginners Course Level 7 #4).
How to play G7 & C7 Chords on Guitar (Beginners Course Level 7 #5).
Blues Guitar Tutorial for Beginners - 12 Bar blues in E (Level 7 #6).
Easy Blues Turnarounds for Guitar (Beginners Course Level 7 #8) Premium lesson.

Taught by

Andy Guitar

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