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Basic Theory of Indian Music

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These episodes aim at acquainting the viewers to the aesthetics and philosophy that revolves around Indian Classical Music. By gaining insight into the basic theory of Indian classical music, the common public shall be able to dissolve the mystery that surrounds Indian Classical Music.


Introductory episode: Basic theory of Indian Classical Music.
Ep 1: Concept of Sangeet, Aahat-Anahat Naad- Basic Theory of Indian Classical Music.
Ep 2: Concept of 'Swara'- Hindustani, Carnatic and Western theory of swara.
Ep3: Concept of 'Saptak' (octave) and vocal registers.
Ep 4: Harmonium, concept of scale and shruti.
Ep 5: Concept of 'raag', trend of Hindustani shastriya concert ('khayal' performance).
Ep 6: Alankaar (ornamentation) in Indian Music.
Ep7: Carnatic music concert- trend and comparison with Hindustani concert.
Ep8: Concept of Rhythm (taal and laya) in Hindustani Classical Music.
Ep9: Taal and Laya in Indian Light Music.
Ep10: Is Indian Classical music same as Indian Folk music?.
Ep11: Indian Music Instruments (Types and Classification).
Ep 12: Carnatic and Hindustani- a brief discussion.
Ep 13: What is a Raag?.
Ep 14: Types Of Swaras w.r.t The Concept of Raag.
Ep 15 [ENGLISH]: Techniques of Elaborating a Raag - Part 1 (Aalap and Bandish).
Ep 15 [HINDI]: Raag vistar ki Takniken- Bhaag 1 (Aalap aur Bandish).
Ep16 [ENGLISH]: Techniques of Elaborating a Raag - Part 2 (Layakari and Taan).
Ep16 [HINDI]: Raag Vistar ki Takniken - Bhaag 2 (Layakari aur Taan).
Ep17[HINDI]: Hindustani aur Carnatic Sangeet ki Shaileeyan (Khyaal, Kriti etc).
Ep17[ENGLISH]: Forms in Hindustani and Carnatic Music (Khyaal, Kriti etc)- An overview.
Ep18: Indian Music v/s Western Music.
Episode 18 (Hindi): भारतीय संगीत और वेस्टर्न म्यूजिक (Indian Music v/s Western Music).
Ep 19 (HINDI): Dhrupad.
Ep 19 (ENG): Dhrupad.
Ep 20 (Eng): The story of Khyaal and Sadarang.
Ep 20 (Hindi): Kahaani Khyaal aur Sadarang ki.
Ep21 (Eng): What is Bada and Chhota Khyaal?.
Ep21 (Hindi): Bada Khyaal aur Chhota Khyaal | बड़ा ख्याल और छोटा ख्याल क्या हैं?.
Ep 22 HIN: 'Thaat' kya hota hai?.
Ep22 ENG: What does 'Thaat' mean?.
Ep 23 (Eng): More about Thaat.
Ep 23 (Hindi): Thaat (bhaag-2) | विवाद ठाट सम्बन्ध के.

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Anuja Kamat


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