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Backend Master Class - Golang, Postgres, Docker

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[Backend #1] Design DB schema and generate SQL code with
[Backend #2] Install & use Docker + Postgres + TablePlus to create DB schema.
[Backend #3] How to write & run database migration in Golang.
[Backend #4] Generate CRUD Golang code from SQL | Compare db/sql, gorm, sqlx & sqlc.
[Backend #5] Write Golang unit tests for database CRUD with random data.
[Backend #6] A clean way to implement database transaction in Golang.
[Backend #7] DB transaction lock & How to handle deadlock in Golang.
[Backend #8] How to avoid deadlock in DB transaction? Queries order matters!.
[Backend #9] Understand isolation levels & read phenomena in MySQL & PostgreSQL via examples.
[Backend #10] Setup Github Actions for Golang + Postgres to run automated tests.
[Backend #11] Implement RESTful HTTP API in Go using Gin.
[Backend #12] Load config from file & environment variables in Golang with Viper.
[Backend #13] Mock DB for testing HTTP API in Go and achieve 100% coverage.
[Backend #14] Implement transfer money API with a custom params validator.
[Backend #15] Add users table with unique & foreign key constraints in PostgreSQL.
[Backend #16] How to handle DB errors in Golang correctly.
[Backend #17] How to securely store passwords? Hash password in Go with Bcrypt!.
[Backend #18] How to write stronger unit tests with a custom gomock matcher.
[Backend #19] Why PASETO is better than JWT for token-based authentication?.
[Backend #20] How to create and verify JWT & PASETO token in Golang.
[Backend #21] Implement login user API that returns PASETO or JWT access token in Go.
[Backend #22] Implement authentication middleware and authorization rules in Golang using Gin.
[Backend #23] Build a minimal Golang Docker image with a multistage Dockerfile.
[Backend #24] How to use docker network to connect 2 stand-alone containers.
[Backend #25] How to write docker-compose file and control service start-up orders with
[Backend #26] How to create a free tier AWS account.
[Backend #27] Auto build & push docker image to AWS ECR with Github Actions.
[Backend #28] How to create a production DB on AWS RDS.
[Backend #29] Store & retrieve production secrets with AWS secrets manager.
[Backend #30] Kubernetes architecture & How to create an EKS cluster on AWS.
[Backend #31] How to use kubectl & k9s to connect to a kubernetes cluster on AWS EKS.
[Backend #32] How to deploy a web app to Kubernetes cluster on AWS EKS.

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