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British English Pronunciation

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Learn British English pronunciations with Lucy! In this course, you will learn how to pronounce different words, verbs, homophones, dates and years, names, hardest English words, silent letters, idioms, reductions and contractions, phrases, tongue twisters in British English, along with pronunciation and spelling tips.


BRITISH ENGLISH PRONUNCIATION (RP accent) - /eə/ vowel sound (hair, parent, air).
BRITISH ENGLISH PRONUNCIATION (RP accent) - /ɪə/ vowel sound (here, career and clear).
BRITISH ENGLISH PRONUNCIATION (RP accent) - /əʊ/ vowel sound (oh, no, go).
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How to pronounce 'JEWELLERY' | British English Pronunciation.
Pronounce the 100 Most Common English Words PERFECTLY | British English Pronunciation.
How do you pronounce OFTEN? | British English Pronunciation.
How to Pronounce the Irregular Verbs in British Accent| British English Pronunciation.
THOUGH | THROUGH | THOUGHT| THOROUGH | British English Pronunciation.
Top 10 British English Homophones.
Amazing resource: Learn to pronounce ANY English word!.
DATES & YEARS in British & American English.
The Schwa /ə/ Sound - Endings British Pronunciation & Spelling Tips | -er -ar -or -our -ure -re.
IS or IT'S - Most Common English Errors | English Grammar & Pronunciation Mistakes.
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20 Best British TV Series to Learn English - Beginner to Advanced Level.
1 LANGUAGE, 3 ACCENTS! UK vs. USA vs. AUS English Pronunciation!.
100 Most Important British English Nouns - British English Pronunciation Training.
-ED pronunciation - /t/ /d/ or /id/? (pronounce PERFECTLY every time!).
British English Pronunciation - Modern RP Accent.
20 Incredibly British Words & Phrases (with examples and pronunciation).
DO NOT confuse these words! Either or Neither? Advice or Advise? Affect or Effect? Bring or Take?.
STOP confusing these words! Especially or Specially? Assure or Ensure? Inquire or Enquire?.
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The MOST Confusing English Mistake - Did you say CAN, CAN'T or ????.
1 Language | 3 Accents | 3 English Teachers.

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  • Soran Luqman Abdulrahman
    A course in British English pronunciation can be a valuable asset for those who wish to improve their speaking skills and communicate more effectively with native English speakers. The course may cover various aspects of pronunciation, including vowel sounds, consonant sounds, stress and intonation, and common pitfalls to avoid. It may also include practice exercises and drills to help students become more confident and accurate in their pronunciation. By the end of the course, students should be able to produce clear and natural-sounding speech that is more easily understood by native speakers.
  • Jadhav Pramod Chandrakant
    This course was helpful to improve my british accent. It is free website for beginners for any course. I am very happy to taking the course.
  • Profile image for Revathi Sukavasi
    Revathi Sukavasi
    All the sessions of the course are very insightful. The videos are short and quick that creates the class to be more interesting. I have understand very clearly regarding pronunciation of the words. Thanks for the course.

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