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Chemistry - Heterocyclic Chemistry

NPTEL and Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur via YouTube


Mod-01 Lec-01 Definition and Scope.
Mod-02 Lec-02 Single - Step Methods for IVPs.
Mod-03 Lec-03 Systematic Nomenclature.
Mod-04 Lec-04 Nomenclature (Contd.) and Important Names.
Mod-05 Lec-05 Overview of Structure Determination in Heterocyclic Chemistry.
Mod-06 Lec-06 15N NMR in Heterocyclic Chemistry.
Mod-07 Lec-07 Effects of Ring Nitrogen - A.
Mod-08 Lec-08 Effects of Ring Nitrogen - B.
Mod-09 Lec-09 Effects of Ring Nitrogen - C.
Mod-10 Lec-10 Oxidation in Heterocyclic Chemistry.
Mod-10 Lec-11 Oxidation in Heterocyclic Chemistry (Contd.).
Mod-11 Lec-12 Reduction in Heterocyclic Chemistry.
Mod-12 Lec-13 Radicals in Heterocylic Chemistry - I.
Mod-13 Lec-14 Radicals in Heterocylic Chemistry - II.
Mod-14 Lec-15 Lithiation for 5-membered heterocycles.
Mod-14 Lec-16 Lithiation for 5-membered heterocycles (Contd.).
Mod-15 Lec-17 Lithiation of 6-membered heterocycle and non-aromatic heterocycles.
Mod-16 Lec-18 Magnetiation and Zincation in Heterocyclic Chemistry.
Mod-17 Lec-19 Transition metal catalyzed cross coupling.
Mod-17 Lec-20 Transition metal catalyzed cross coupling (Contd.).
Mod-18 Lec-21 Dehydrogenative (Oxidative) cross coupling.
Mod-19 Lec-22 Tert-amino effect in heterocycle synthesis.
Mod-20 Lec-23 [4 plus 2] cycloaddition in heterocyclic chemistry.
Mod-20 Lec-24 [4 plus 2] cycloaddition in heterocyclic chemistry (Contd.).
Mod-21 Lec-25 [3 plus 2] Cycloaddition in heterocyclic chemistry.
Mod-22 Lec-26 Cycloaddition : Revisited.
Mod-23 Lec-27 [4 plus 3] Cycloaddition.
Mod-24 Lec-28 [5 plus 2] Cycloaddition.
Mod-25 Lec-29 [2 plus 2 plus 2] Cycloaddition.
Mod-26 Lec-30 Pyrrole Synthesis - I.
Mod-27 Lec-31 Pyrrole Synthesis - II.
Mod-28 Lec-32 Indole Synthesis - I.
Mod-29 Lec-33 Indole Synthesis - II.
Mod-30 Lec-34 Furan Synthesis.
Mod-31 Lec-35 Thiophene Synthesis.
Mod-32 Lec-36 Oxazole, Imidazole and Thiazole Synthesis.
Mod-33 Lec-37 Pyridine Synthesis.
Mod-34 Lec-38 Synthesis of Quinolines and Isoquinolines.
Mod-35 Lec-39 Bycyclic Polyheteroatomic Heterocycles.
Mod-36 Lec-40 Heterocyclic Rearrangements.

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