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Introductory Quantum Chemistry

NPTEL and Indian Institute of Science Bangalore via YouTube


Mod-01 Lec-01 Wave Paticle Duality.
Mod-01 Lec-02 Standing Waves.
Mod-01 Lec-03 Path Integrals and Schrodinger Equation.
Mod-01 Lec-04 Postulates - Part1.
Mod-01 Lec-05 Postulates - Part2.
Mod-01 Lec-06 Postulates - Part3.
Mod-02 Lec-07 Separting Variables and Particle in a Box.
Mod-02 Lec-08 Particle in a box -Part2.
Mod-02 Lec-09 Particle in a box -Part3.
Mod-02 Lec-10 Particle in a box-time dependent states-Expectations values and time dependent states.
Mod-02 Lec-11 Particle in a 3 dimensional box.
Mod-02 Lec-12 Particle in a well of finite depth.
Mod-02 Lec-13 Finite well, Delta and Step Functions.
Mod-02 Lec-14 Finite well, Continued.
Mod-03 Lec-15 Tunneling -part1.
Mod-03 Lec16 Tunneling -part2.
Mod-03 Lec-17 Schrodinger equation for Harmonic Oscillator.
Mod-03 Lec-18 Harmonic Oscillator - The Series Solution.
Mod-03 Lec-20 Harmonic Oscillator - Orthogonality of Eigenfunctions.
Mod-03 Lec-19 Harmonic Oscillator - Generating function.
Mod-04 Lec-21 Hydrogen Atom: Separating centre of mass motion and integral motion.
Mod-04 Lec-22 Hydrogen Atom: Polar Co-ordinates.
Mod-04 Lec-23 Hydrogen atom continued : Separation of variables.
Mod-04 Lec-24 Hydrogen atom : Finding the functions Θ (θ) and Φ(φ).
Mod-04 Lec-25 Finding R(r).
Mod-04 Lec-26 Atomic Orbitals -Part 1.
Mod-04 Lec-27 Atomic Orbitals -Part 2.
Mod-04 Lec-28 Atomic Orbitals -Part 3.
Mod-04 Lec-29 Atomic Orbitals -Part 4 and Hermitian Operators.
Mod-05 Lec-30 Measurement, Uncertainty Principle.
Mod-05 Lec-31 Generalized Uncertainty Principle.
Mod-05 Lec-32 Generalized Uncertainty Principle - Continued.
Mod-05 Lec-33 Angular Momentum.
Mod-05 Lec-34 Angular Momentum - Continued.
Mod-05 Lec-35 Angular Momentum - Continued and Spin.
Mod-06 Lec-36 Pertubation Theory.
Mod-06 Lec-37 Pertubation Theory - Continued.
Mod-06 Lec-38 Variation Method - Introduction.
Mod-06 Lec-39 Variation Method - Proof and Illustration.
Mod-06 Lec-40 He atom wave function with spin included -Paulis principle.
Mod-07 Lec-41 Hydrogen Molecular ion - Linear variation method.
Mod-07 Lec-42 Hydrogen Molecular ion - continued.
Mod-07 Lec-43 Hydrogen Molecular ion -continued.
Mod-07 Lec-44 Molecuar Orbitals The Hydrogen Molecule.
Mod-07 Lec-45 MO and VB theory.
Mod-07 Lec-46 MO theory of diatoms.
Mod-07 Lec-47 Di -atomics-continued.
Mod-07 Lec-48 Hybridization Huckel theory.
Mod-07 Lec-49 Huckel MO Theory continued.

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