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Chinese History

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Ancient Greek State in Afghanistan.
Battle of Mobei 119 BC - Han–Xiongnu War DOCUMENTARY.
The Greco-Chinese War Over the Heavenly Horses.
Roman-Chinese Relations and Contacts.
Battle of Guandu 200 - Three Kingdoms DOCUMENTARY.
Sun Ce and Establishment of Eastern Wu - Three Kingdoms DOCUMENTARY.
Red Cliffs and Jiangling 208 - THREE KINGDOMS DOCUMENTARY.
Rise of Jin and the War of the Eight Princes DOCUMENTARY.
Huns: The Origin.
How the Romans Stole Silk Production Secrets from China.
Emperor Taizong and the Rise of the Tang Dynasty DOCUMENTARY.
Last Sassanids and the anti-Caliphate alliance with Tang.
Battle of Talas 751 - Abbasid - Tang War DOCUMENTARY.
An Lushan Rebellion - One of the Bloodiest Conflicts in History.
Mongols: Rise of the Empire - Battle of Yehuling 1211 DOCUMENTARY.
Mongols: Civil Wars and Conquest of China - Battle of Yamen 1279 DOCUMENTARY.
Mongols Season 1 Full - from Genghis to Kublai.
Mongols: Invasions of Japan 1274 and 1281 DOCUMENTARY.
Zheng He's Floating City: When China Dominated the Oceans.
Is Mulan historical?.
Ancient Origins of the Chinese Triads.
Koxinga - Chinese Pirate Who Fought European Colonization.
Nanman: the Lost Tribe of South China DOCUMENTARY.
Earliest Chinese Armies - Armies and Tactics DOCUMENTARY.
Emperor Han Wudi - Ancient China's Greatest Conqueror.

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