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Computer Networks

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Lec-0: Computer Networks and Security Full Syllabus for GATE, UGC NET,DSSSB,NIELIT & University exam.
Introduction to Computer Network | OSI MODEL in easiest Way in Hindi | Need of OSI model.
TCP/IP Protocol Suite | Internet Protocol Suite | OSI vs TCP/IP.
Lec1:Physical layer in computer networks in hindi | Functions of Physical layer | OSI.
Lec1.1:Topologies in Computer Networks |Part 1 | All imp points of Mesh,Star,Hub,Bus,Hybrid.
Lec1.2:Topologies in Computer Networks |Part 2 | All imp points of Mesh, Star, Hub, Bus, Hybrid.
Lec1.3: Manchester encoding and differential manchester encoding in hindi | Computer Network.
Lec1.4: Various Devices In Computer Networks | Hardware and Software Devices | Communicating devices.
Lec1.5: Types Of Cables in Computer Networks | Coaxial,twisted pair,fibre optic cable.
Lec1.6: Repeaters in Computer Networks | Physical layer devices.
Lec1.7: Hub in Computer Networks | Physical layer devices.
Lec1.8: Bridges In Computer Networks | Physical and data link layer device.
Lec1.9: Routers in Computer Networks | Physical, data link and network layer device.
Lec 1.10: What is Circuit Switching in Computer Networks in Hindi.
Lec 1.11: Packet Switching In Computer Networks | Imp for GATE and UGC NET.
Lec 1.12: Datagram Switching Vs Virtul Circuit Switching in Packet Switching | Computer Networks.
Lec 1.13: What is Message Switching In Computer Networks.
Lecture2: Data link layer in computer Networks and its Responsibilities.
Lec2.1: Various Flow Control Protocols| Stop&Wait , GoBackN & Selective repeat in Data Link Layer.
Lec2.2: Introduction to Error detection and Correction | Computer Networks.
Lec2.3: Single Bit Parity along With Hamming Distance Concept | Error Control.
Lec2.4: Cyclic Redundancy Check(CRC) for Error Detection and Correction | Computer Networks.
Hamming Code | Error Detection & Correction with Easiest Example.
Lec2.5: Various Medium Access Control Protocols in Data Link Layer | Computer Networks.
Lec2.6: What is Pure Aloha in Hindi | MAC Layer Protocol.
Lec2.7: Pure Aloha Vs Slotted Aloha with all imp points in Hindi | Computer Networks.
Lec2.8: Carrier Sense Multiple Access in Computer Network || CSMA || Computer Networks.
Lec2.9: Carrier Sense Multiple Access/ Collision Detection | CSMA/CD | Computer Networks.
CSMA/CA in Computer Network | Full Explanation.
Lec2.10: Numerical Question on CSMA/CD.
Lec2.11: Ethernet Frame Format (IEEE-802.3) in Data Link Layer.
Lec 3: Network Layer | Responsibilities of Network Layer | OSI Model | Computer Networks.
Lec 3.1:Class A in IP addressing with Example in HINDI | Classful Addressing | Network Layer.
Lec 3.2: Class B in IP addressing with Example | Classful Addressing in hindi with most easiest way.
Lec 3.3: Class C in IP addressing with Example | Classful Addressing | Network Layer.
Lec 3.4: Class D & Class E in IP addressing with Example | Classful Addressing | Network Layer.
Lec 3.5: Find Range, Network Id, Host, Broadcast address with Numerical Examples in Hindi.
Lec 3.6: Disadvantages of Classful Addressing | IP addressing | Computer Networks.
Lec 3.7: What is Classless Addressing (CIDR) in Hindi | CIDR vs Classfull Addressing.
Lec 3.8: Subnetting in Classful Addressing with Examples in Hindi | Computer Networks.
Lec 3.9: Variable Length Subnet Masking(VLSM) in Hindi with Examles | Computer Networks.
Lec 3.10: Subnetting in CIDR Addressing | Classless Interdomain Routing in Hindi with Example.
Lec3.11: Numerical Question on CIDR | Classless Addressing | Very Imp for all Competitive Exams.
Lec 3.12: VLSM in Classless Addressing(CIDR) | Variable Length Subnet Masking.
Lec 3.13: IPv4 Header Format – All Fields Explained in Hindi | Computer Networks.
Lec 3.14: Fragmentation of IPv4 Datagram | Identification, Flags and Fragment Offset | Networks.
Lec 3.15: IPv6 Header Format in Hindi | IPv4 Vs IPv6 in Computer Networks.
Lec 3.16: What is Routing Protocols | Various types of Routing Protocols.
Lec 3.17: Distance vector routing algorithm in hindi | Computer Networks.
Lec-3.18: Count to Infinity Problem in Distance Vector Routing.
Lec-3.19: Link state routing in computer networks in Hindi.
Lec-3.20: ARP Explained- Address Resolution Protocol | Network Layer.
Lec-3.21: NAT Explained - Network Address Translation with example in Hindi.
Lec-4: Transport Layer | Responsibilities of Transport Layer | OSI Model | Computer Networks.
Lec-4-1:TCP: Transmission control protocol | TCP Header | Transport layer | part -1.
Lec 4.2:TCP: Transmission control protocol | TCP Header | Transport layer | part -2.
Lec4.3: TCP connection Establishment and connection Termination | Transport layer.
Lec 4.4:TCP Data Transfer | Piggybacking & Pure Acknowledgement.
Lec4.5: Connection Termination in TCP in Hindi with example.
Lec4.6: TCP Congestion Control in Computer Networks in Hindi.
Lec4.7: UDP (User Datagram Protocol) header in Computer Networks in Hindi.
Lec4.8: Advantages of UDP protocol over TCP | Transport Layer.
Lec4.9: TCP vs UDP differences in hindi.
Lec 5: Session Layer of OSI model | Session layer functions in Hindi.
Lec 6: Presentation layer in computer networks in Hindi | OSI Model.
Lec 7: Application layer of OSI model in Hindi | Application layer protocols & Port no.
Lec7.1: Domain Name System (DNS) in computer Networks.
Lec7.2: Domain Name Server(DNS) & its types in Hindi | All about DNS.
Lec-7.3: HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP | All Application Layer Protocols | Computer Networks.
Persistent vs Non-Persistent HTTP | HTTP/1.0 vs HTTP/1.1.
Lec-8: Cryptography in computer network in Hindi | Cryptography in Information Security.
Lec-8.1: Symmetric Key Cryptography in Network Security with examples.
Lec-8.2: Imp Question on Network Security | Symmetric Key Cryptography.
Lec-8.3: Asymmetric key Cryptography with example | Network Security.
Lec-8.4: RSA Algorithm in Network Security with examples in Hindi rsa algorithm example in hindi.
Lec-9: What is Firewalls and How it Works | Packet Filtering firewall explained in Hindi Part-1.
Lec-9.1: What is Application(Proxy) Firewall in Hindi | Network Security Part-2.
3 Imp Questions on Computer Networks| Must Watch |.
All Networking Protocols & Devices | Summary from Physical to Application Layer protocols.
Top Linux Network Commands | Computer Networks.
Socket Programming in Computer Networks.
Framing in Data Link Layer | Bit Stuffing vs Byte(Character) Stuffing.

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