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Data Structures

San Diego State University via YouTube


Welcome to Data Structures.
Complexity 1 Introduction to complexity.
Complexity 2 Big Oh Notation.
Complexity 3 Some examples of big-Oh notation.
Java 1 ObjectOrientedProgramming.
Java 2 ComparableGenerics.
Java 3 Introduction to Generic Programming.
Java 4 Parameterized Types.
Java 5 Autoboxing.
Java 6 Exceptions.
LinkedList 1 Introduction.
LinkedList 2 Nodes and Size.
LinkedList 3 Boundary Conditions.
LinkedList 4 addFirst().
LinkedList 5 addLast().
LinkedList 6 removeFirst().
LinkedList 7 removeLast().
LinkedList 8 remove and find.
LinkedList 9 peek().
LinkedList 10 Testing the list.
LinkedList 11 Iterators.
LinkedList 12 Double Linked Lists.
LinkedList 13 Circular Linked Lists.
Stacks and Queues 3 Using arrays to write stacks and queues.
Hashes 1 Introduction.
Hashes 2 Hash Functions.
Hashes 3 Collisions.
Hashes 4 Hash Functions for Strings.
Hashes 5 Compressing numbers to fit the size of the array.
Hashes 6 Make an integer positive.
Hashes 7 LoadFactor().
Hashes 8 Open Addressing.
Hashes 9 Chaining.
Hashes 10 Rehashing.
Hashes 11 the hash class.
Hashes 12 Review of the hash element inner class.
Hashes 13 Constructor for a chained hash..
Hashes 14 Review of constructors.
Hashes 15 add() and remove() methods.
Hashes 16 getValue().
Hashes 17 resize.
Hashes 18 KeyIterator.
Trees and heaps 1 Introduction.
Heaps 1 Introduction and Tree levels.
Heaps 2 Add Remove.
Heaps 3 TrickleUp.
Heaps 4 TrickleDown.
Heaps 5 HeapSort.
Trees 2 Complete and Full.
Trees 3 Traversal.
Trees 4 Expression Trees.
Trees 5 Node Class.
Trees 6 recursive add.
Trees 7 Contains.
Trees 8 Remove.
Trees 9 Introduction to rotations.
Trees 10 Rotations.
Trees 11 Coding Rotations.
AVL 1 Introduction.
AVL Tree 2 Nodes.
AVL Tree 3 Adding a node.
AVL Tree 4 recursive add for an AVL tree.
AVL Tree 5 checking balance in an AVL tree.
AVL Tree 6 Rebalancing AVL trees.
AVL Tree 7 complete example of adding data to an AVL tree..
Red Black Tree 1 The Rules.
Red Black Trees 2 Example of building a tree.
Red Black Tree 3 - Classes.
Red Black Tree 4 - Add methods.
Red Black Tree 5 checking violations in the tree.
Red Black Tree 6 The Rotate method.
Red Black Tree 7 left rotate.
Red Black Tree 8 leftRightRotate.
Red Black Tree 9 height.
Red Black Tree 10 number of black nodes.
Sorts 1 Introduction to sorts.
Sorts 2 Selection Sort.
Sorts 3 Insertion Sort.
Sorts 4 Insertion Sort Code.
Sorts 5 Shell Sort.
Sorts 6 Merge Sort.
Sorts 7 Merge Sort Code.
Sorts 8 Quick Sort.
Sorts 9 Quick Sort Worst Case.
Sorts 10 Quick Sort Code.
Sorts 11 Radix Sort.
Sorts 12 Sort Summary.
Bloom Filters.
k-mer algorithms: Compare and Swap.

Taught by

Rob Edwards

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