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Data Structures and Algorithms

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1.1 Arrays in Data Structure | Declaration, Initialization, Memory representation.
1.2 Array Operations - Traversal, Insertion | full explanation with C program | data structure.
1.3 Array Operations | deletion from array | full explanation with code | data structure.
1.4 Pointers and arrays | Data structure.
1.5 Introduction to Two Dimensional (2D) arrays | Implementation of 2D arrays |Memory representation.
1.6 Pointers and 2-D Arrays | Two dimensional array | data structure.
2.1 Introduction to linked list | Need of linked list | data structures.
2.2 Types of linked list in data structures.
2.3 Arrays vs Linked List | Data structures.
2.4 Linked List implementation in C/C++ | creation and display | data structures.
2.5 Insert a node in Singly Linked List(at beginning,end,specified position)with code|data structure.
2.6 Delete a node from linked list (from beginning, end, specified position) | Data Structure.
2.7 Find length of linked list- Iterative approach | data structures.
2.8 Reverse a linked list - Iterative method | data structure.
2.9 Introduction to Doubly Linked List - Data structures.
2.10 Implementation of Doubly Linked List - Data Structures.
2.11 Insertion in Doubly Linked List(beginning, end, specific position) - Data Structures.
2.12 Deletion from doubly linked list (from beginning,end,specific position) | data structures.
2.13 Reverse a doubly linked list | data structures.
2.14 Circular linked list in data structure - Creation and display.
2.15 Implementation of Circular linked list | data structure.
2.16 Circular linked list - Insertion | data structure.
2.17 Circular linked list - deletion (from beginning, end, given position) | data structures.
2.18 Reverse a circular linked list | data structure.
2.19 Doubly Circular Linked List - Creation and Display | Data Structures.
2.20 Doubly Circular linked list - Insertion | data structure.
2.21 Doubly circular linked list - Deletion | data structure.
3.1 Stack in data structure | Introduction to stack | data structures.
3.2 Implementation of stack using Array | data structure.
3.3 Stack implementation using linked list | data structures.
3.4 Infix Prefix and Postfix expressions | Data structures.
3.5 Infix to Postfix conversion rules using STACK | Data structures.
3.6 Infix to Postfix using stack | Data structures.
3.7 Infix to Postfix conversion using Stack | Data structures and algorithms.
3.8 infix to prefix using stack | Data structures.
3.9 Evaluation of Prefix and Postfix expressions using stack | Data structures.
3.10 Postfix Expression evaluation using Stack | Data structures and algorithms.
3.11 prefix to infix conversion | postfix to infix conversion | example (Data structure).
3.12 Expression trees | Binary Expression Tree | Data structures.
3.13 Expression Tree from postfix | Data structures.
4.1 Queue in data structure | Introduction to queues | data structures.
4.2 Implementation of queue using Arrays | data structures.
4.3 Queue implementation using linked list | data structure.
4.4 Circular queue in data structure | circular queue using array | data structures.
4.5 Circular queue in data structure | Circular queue using linked list | data structures.
4.6 Implement Queue Using Stack | Data Structures.
4.7 Deque in data structure | introduction to deque - Double Ended Queue.
4.8 Implementation of DEQUE using circular array | Data structures.
5.1 Tree in data structure | Introduction to trees | Data structures.
5.2 Binary Tree and its Types | Data Structures.
5.3 Binary Tree Implementation | Data Structures.
5.4 Binary Tree Representation |Array representation of binary tree | Data Structure.
5.5 Binary Tree Traversals (Inorder, Preorder and Postorder) | Data structures and algorithms.
5.6 Binary Tree traversal : Preorder, Inorder, Postorder.
5.7 Construct Binary Tree from Preorder and Inorder traversal with example | Data structures.
5.8 Construct Binary Tree from Postorder and Inorder with example | Data structures.
5.9 Construct Binary Tree from Preorder and Postorder traversal | Data structure.
5.10 Binary Search Trees (BST) - Insertion and Deletion Explained.
5.11 Construct Binary Search Tree(BST) from Preorder( example) |Data structures.
5.12 Construct a Binary Search Tree(BST) from given Postorder traversal | Data structures.
5.13 AVL tree - Insertion, Rotations(LL, RR, LR, RL) with example | data structure.
5.14 AVL tree Insertion | with solved example | Data structures.
5.15 AVL Tree Deletion in Data structures | AVL tree deletion example.
5.16 Red Black tree | Introduction to Red Black trees | Data structure.
5.17 Red Black Tree Insertion.
5.18 Red Black Tree deletion | Data structure.
5.19 Splay Tree Introduction | Data structure.
5.20 Splay Tree Insertion | Data structure.
5.21 Splay Trees deletion | Bottom-up Splaying | Data structure.
5.22 Splay Tree Deletion | Top Down Splaying | Data Structure.
5.23 Introduction to B-Trees | Data structures.
5.24 Insertion of elements in B-tree of order 3 | Data structures and algorithms.
5.25 Insertion of elements in B-Tree of Order 5 | Data structures and algorithms.
5.26 Insertion in B-Tree of Order 5 with Given Alphabets | Data structures and algorithms.
5.27 Insertion in B-Tree of Order 4 (Data Structure).
5.28 B tree deletion in data structures.
5.29 B+ tree insertion | B+ tree creation example | Data structure.
5.30 B+ tree deletion| with example |Data structure.
5.31 B+ tree insertion | create b+ tree of order 5 | Data structures.
6.1 Graph representation in Data Structure(Graph Theory)|Adjacency Matrix and Adjacency List.
6.2 BFS and DFS Graph Traversals| Breadth First Search and Depth First Search | Data structures.
6.3 Types of edges in DFS | Edge classification | Data Structures and Algorithms.
6.4 Minimum spanning tree | Data structures.
6.5 Prim's Algorithm for Minimum Spanning Tree | Data structures.
6.6 Kruskals Algorithm for Minimum Spanning Tree- Greedy method | Data structures.
6.7 UGC NET(computer science) Practice question with solution on Minimum spanning Tree.
6.8 Detect Cycle in Directed Graph |Data Structures and Algorithms.
6.9 Detect Cycle in Undirected Graph | Data Structures and Algorithms.
6.10 Topological Sorting (with Examples) | How to find all topological orderings of a Graph.
6.11 Connected Components: how to find connected components in graph | Graph Theory.
6.12 Finding All Bridges(cut edge) in a Graph | Data structures and algorithms.
6.13 Dijkstra Algorithm- single source shortest path| With example | Greedy Method.
6.14 Bellman Ford Algorithm-Single Source Shortest Path | Dynamic Programming.
6.15 Floyd Warshall Algorithm All Pair Shortest Path algorithm | data structures and algorithms.
7.1 Linear Search Algorithm with example | linear search in C | Data structures.
7.2 What is binary search | Binary Search Algorithm with example | Data structures.
7.3 Bubble Sort Algorithm| Data Structures.
7.4 Insertion Sort Algorithm | Data Structure.
7.5 Selection Sort Algorithm | Data Structure.
7.6 Quick Sort Algorithm | Sorting Algorithm | Quick Sort Algorithm Explained.
7.7 Merge Sort Algorithm | Sorting Algorithms| Merge Sort in Data structure.
7.8 Max Heap Insertion and Deletion | Heap Tree Insertion and Deletion with example| Data Structure.
7.9 Heap Sort | Heapify Method | Build Max Heap Algorithm.
7.10 Radix Sort/Bucket Sort Explained- Easiest Way with Examples - Sorting Algorithm.
7.11 Shell Sort algorithm | sorting algorithms | Full explanation with code | data structures.
7.12 Counting Sort algorithm (analysis and code)- Easiest explanation | data structure.
7.13 Radix Sort - Easiest explanation with code | sorting algorithms | data structures.
8.1 Hashing techniques to resolve collision| Separate chaining and Linear Probing | Data structure.
8.2 Hashing - Quadratic Probing | Collision Resolution Technique | Data structures and algorithms.
8.3 Hashing: Double Hashing | Collision Resolution technique | Data Structures and algorithms.
9.1 Huffman coding example -Greedy Method |Data Structures.
9.2 Huffman coding example with probabilities-UGC NET previous year questions.

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