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Data Structures and Algorithms Course in Hindi

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This Algorithms and Data Structures course will teach you everything you need to prepare for placements, interviews and logic building. This playlist will teach you how to create optimal solutions to your real world problems. We will cover a wide variety of data structures and algorithms in this course. Make sure to access the notes I have provided along with the course.


Introduction to Data Structures & Algorithms.
Time Complexity and Big O Notation (with notes).
Asymptotic Notations: Big O, Big Omega and Big Theta Explained (With Notes).
Best Case, Worst Case and Average Case Analysis of an Algorithm (With Notes).
How to Calculate Time Complexity of an Algorithm + Solved Questions (With Notes).
Arrays and Abstract Data Type in Data Structure (With Notes).
Array as An Abstract Data Type in Data Structures(With Notes).
Implementing Array as an Abstract Data Type in C Language.
Operations on Arrays in Data Structures: Traversal, Insertion, Deletion and Searching.
Coding Insertion Operation in Array in Data Structures in C language.
Coding Deletion Operation in Array Using C Language (With Notes).
Linear Vs Binary Search + Code in C Language (With Notes).
Introduction to Linked List in Data Structures (With Notes).
Linked List Data Structure: Creation and Traversal in C Language.
Insertion of a Node in a Linked List Data Structure.
Insertion in a Linked List in C Language.
Deletion in a Linked List | Deleting a node from Linked List Data Structure.
Delete a Node from Linked List (C Code For Deletion From Beginning, End, Specified Position & Key).
Circular Linked List and Operations in Data Structures (With Notes).
Circular Linked Lists: Operations in C Language.
Doubly Linked Lists Explained With Code in C Language.
Introduction to Stack in Data Structures.
Implementing Stack Using Array in Data Structures.
C Code For Implementing Stack Using Array in Data Structures.
Push, Pop and Other Operations in Stack Implemented Using an Array.
Coding Push(), Pop(), isEmpty() and isFull() Operations in Stack Using an Array| C Code For Stack.
Peek Operation in Stack Using Arrays (With C Code & Explanation).
stackTop, stackBottom & Time Complexity of Operations in Stack Using Arrays.
How to Implement Stack Using Linked List?.
Implementing all the Stack Operations using Linked List (With Code in C).
peek(), stackTop() and Other Operations on Stack Using Linked List (with C Code).
Parenthesis Matching Problem Using Stack Data Structure (Applications of Stack).
Parenthesis Checking Using Stack in C Language.
Multiple Parenthesis Matching Using Stack with C Code.
Infix, Prefix and Postfix Expressions.
Infix To Postfix Using Stack.
Coding Infix to Postfix in C using Stack.
Queue Data Structure in Hindi.
Queue Implementation: Array Implementation of Queue in Data Structure.
Array implementation of Queue and its Operations in Data Structure.
C Code For Queue and its Operations Using Arrays in Data Structure.
Introduction to Circular Queue in Data Structures.
enqueue(), dequeue() & other Operations on Circular Queue.
C Code For Circular Queue & Operations on Circular Queue in Hindi.
Queue Using Linked Lists.
Implementing Queue Using Linked List in C Language (With Code).
Double-Ended Queue in Data Structure (DE-Queue Explained).
Introduction to Sorting Algorithms.
Criteria For Analysis of Sorting Algorithms.
Bubble Sort Algorithm in Hindi.
Bubble Sort Program in C.
Insertion Sort Algorithm in Hindi.
Insertion Sort in C Language (With Explanation).
Selection Sort Algorithm.
Selection Sort Program in C.
QuickSort Algorithm in Hindi (With Code in C).
Analysis of QuickSort Sorting Algorithm.
MergeSort Sorting Algorithm in Hindi.
MergeSort Source Code in C (Helpful Explanation).
Count Sort Algorithm.
Introduction to Trees.
What is a Binary Tree?.
Types of Binary Trees.
Representation of a Binary Tree.
Linked Representation Of Binary Tree in C.
Traversal in Binary Tree (InOrder, PostOrder and PreOrder Traversals).
Preorder Traversal in a Binary Tree (With C Code).
PostOrder Traversal in a Binary Tree (With C Code).
InOrder Traversal in a Binary Tree (With C Code).
*Best* Trick To Find PreOrder, InOrder & PostOrder Traversal.
Binary Search Trees: Introduction & Properties.
Checking if a binary tree is a binary search tree or not!.
Searching in a Binary Search Trees (Search Operation).
C Code For Searching in a BST.
Iterative Search in a Binary Search Tree.
Insertion in a Binary Search Tree.
Deletion in a Binary Search Tree.
C Code For Deletion in a Binary Search Tree.
AVL Trees - Introduction.
Insertion and Rotation in AVL Tree.
AVL Trees - LL LR RL and RR rotations.

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