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Economics of Health and health Care

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COURSE OUTLINE: When I was doing my doctoral research in the area of Health Economics several people asked me “What does these Economics in Healthcare mean?” Health economics or Economics of Healthcare is a discipline of economics that is concerned with the association between health status and the related resources assessing the value, behavior, eficiency and effectiveness of various stakeholders in the production and consumption of healthcare. Health Economics has not been studied well in India or in many other developing countries, unlike the developed economies.


Introduction - Economics of Health and Health Care - Prof Angan Sengupta.
noc18-mg23 Lec 01-Introduction to Health Economics.
noc18-mg23 Lec 02-Health Economics Map and Health Expenditure.
noc18-mg23 Lec 03-Utility.
noc18-mg23 Lec 04-Indifference Curve.
noc18-mg23 Lec 05-Budget Line.
noc18-mg23 Lec 06-Theory of Demand.
noc18-mg23 Lec 07-Theory of Supply.
noc18-mg23 Lec 08-Price Elasticity of Demand.
noc18-mg23 Lec 09-Income Elasticity of Demand and Price Elasticity of Supply.
noc18-mg23 Lec 10-Production Function.
noc18-mg23 Lec 11-Relationship between AP, MP and Law of Diminishing Marginal Returns.
noc18-mg23 Lec 12-Long Run Production Function and Isoquant.
noc18-mg23 Lec 13-Returns to Scale.
noc18-mg23 Lec 14-Iso-Cost Curve and Co-Production.
noc18-mg23 Lec 15-Introduction to Cost Theory..
noc18-mg23 Lec 16-Break-even point and long run Cost Curve..
noc18-mg23 Lec 17-Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis..
noc18-mg23 Lec 18-Costing in a Hospital System..
noc18-mg23 Lec 19-Choice in Healthcare..
noc18-mg23 Lec 20-Measurements based on Choices..
noc18-mg23 Lec 21-Grossman's Demand Model..
noc18-mg23 Lec 22-Market Structures and Perfect Competition.
noc18-mg23 Lec 23-Market imperfection.
noc18-mg23 Lec 24-Ideal healthcare market conditions.
noc18-mg23 Lec 25-Imperfection in Healthcare Markets.
noc18-mg23 Lec 26-Building Blocks of Health Systems and Health Financing.
noc18-mg23 Lec 27-Mechanisms of Health Financing.
noc18-mg23 Lec 28-Introduction to Health Insurance.
noc18-mg23 Lec 29-Important Concepts of Health Insurance.
noc18-mg23 Lec 30-Strategies for Private Health Insurance Companies.
noc18-mg23 Lec 31-Types of Health and Death Spiral.
noc18-mg23 Lec 32-Third Party Administrator.
noc18-mg23 Lec 33-Managed Care Organizations.
noc18-mg23 Lec 34-Reinsurance.
noc18-mg23 Lec 35-Underwriting.
noc18-mg23 Lec 36-What is Economic Evaluation?.
noc18-mg23 Lec 37-Cost Minimization Analysis and Cost Effectiveness Analysis.
noc18-mg23 Lec 38-Cost-utility Analysis.
noc18-mg23 Lec 39-Cost-Benifit Analysis.
noc18-mg23 lec 40-Types of Goods-Excludability and Rivalry in Consumption.
noc18-mg23 lec 41-Public Goods,Common Resources and Decision making based on Cost-Benefit Analysis.
noc18-mg23 lec 42-Tragedy of Commons and Evaluation Framework.
noc18-mg23 lec 43-Fundamental Concepts of Economic Externalities:.
noc18-mg23 lec 44-External cost , External benefit and Efficient output.
noc18-mg23 Lec 45-Economics of Health and Healthcare.
noc18-mg23 Lec 46-Development Indices.
noc18-mg23 Lec 47-Social Determinants of Health.
noc18-mg23 Lec 48-Fundamental Concepts and Theories Related to Population,Health & Development.
noc18-mg23 Lec 49-Population Composition and demographic Dividend.
noc18-mg23 Lec 50-Theories Related to Fertility,Population Growth and Socio-Economic Advancements.

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IIT Kanpur July 2018


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