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Control Engineering

NPTEL and Indian Institute of Technology Bombay via YouTube


Instructor: Prof. S.D. Agashe, Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Bombay.

The course deals with topics in control systems: industrial control examples and modern control problems; basic characteristics of feedback control systems - stability, steady-state accuracy, transient accuracy, time response of second-order systems, steady-state errors and error constants; frequency response analysis - the relationship between time and frequency response, Polar plots, Bode plot, stability in the frequency domain, Nyquist plots, Nyquist stability criterion; State variable analysis - state variable, state model, state models for linear continuous-time functions; introduction to optimal control and nonlinear control.


Lec-1 The Control Problem.
Lec-2 Some More Examples.
Lec-3 Different kinds of Control Systems.
Lec-4 History of Feedback.
Lec-5 Modern Control Problems.
Lec-6 DC Motor Speed Control.
Lec-7 System Modelling, Analogy.
Lec-8 Causes of System Error.
Lec-9 Calculation of Error.
Lec-10 Control System Sensitivity.
Lec-11 Automic Control of DC Motor.
Lec-12 Proportional Control.
Lec-13 Non-Unity Feedback.
Lec-14 Signal-Flow Graph.
Lec-15 Masons Gain Formula.
Lec-16 Signal-Flow Graph for DC Motor Control.
Lec-17 Steady-State Calculations.
Lec-18 Differential Equation Model&Laplace transformation Method.
Lec-19 D-Operator Method.
Lec-20 Second-Order System Response.
Lec-21 Frequency Response.
Lec-22 Laplace Transformation Theorems.
Lec-23 Final-Value Theorem.
Lec-24 Transfer Function and Pole-Zero Diagram.
Lec-25 Good Poles and Bad Poles.
Lec-26 Signal-Flow Graph with Transfer Functions.
Lec-27 s-Domain and t-Domain.
Lec-28 Second-Order System Response in s-Domain.
Lec-29 Integral Feedback.
Lec-30 Root-Locus Method.
Lec-31 Root-Locus Rules.
Lec-32 Asymptotes of Root Locus.
Lec-33 Routh Array.
Lec-34 Singular Cases.
Lec-35 Closed-Loop Poles.
Lec-36 Controller in the Forwarded Path.
Lec-37 Mapping of Control in the Complex-Plane.
Lec-38 Encirclement by a Curve.
Lec-39 Nyquist Criterion.
Lec-40 Application of the Nyquist Criterion.
Lec-41 Polar Plot and Bode Plots.
Lec-42 Logarithmic Scale for Frequency.
lec-43 Asymptotic DB Gain.
Lec-44 Compensating Network.
Lec-45 Nichols Chart.
Lec-46 Time Domain Methods of Analysis and Design.
Lec-47 State-Variable Equations.

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