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Digital Signal Processing

NPTEL and Indian Institute of Technology Delhi via YouTube


Instructor: Prof. S.C. Dutta Roy, Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Delhi.

This course discusses topics on digital signal processing: Review of Signals and Systems; Characterization, Description, and Testing of Digital Systems; Discrete Fourier Transform; z-Transform; Discrete-Time Systems in Frequency Domain; Simple Digital Filters; Digital Processing of Continuous-Time Signals; Analog Filter Design; Digital Filter Structures; FIR and IIR Filter Design.


Lecture 1 - Digital Signal Processing Introduction.
Lecture 2 - Digital Signal Processing Introduction Contd.
Lecture 3 - Digital Systems.
Lec 4 - Characterization Description,Testing of Digital Syst.
Lecture - 5 LTI Systems Step & Impulse Responses,Convolution.
Lecture - 6 Inverse Systems,Stability,FIR & IIR.
Lecture - 7 FIR & IIR; Recursive & Non Recursive.
Lecture - 8 Discrete Time Fourier Transform.
Lecture - 9 Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT).
Lecture - 10 DFT (Contd.).
Lecture - 11 DFT (Contd.) Introduction to Z Transform.
Lecture - 12 Z Transform.
Lecture-13 Z Transform (Contd...).
Lecture - 14 Discrete Time Systems in the Frequency Domain.
Lecture - 15 Simple Digital Filters.
Lecture - 16 All Pass Filters,Com.Filters.
Lecture - 17 Linear Phase filters,Complementary Transfer Fn.
Lecture - 18 Compensatary Transfer Functions, (Contd.),.
Lecture - 19 Test for Stability using All Pass Functions.
Lecture - 20 Digital Processing of Continuous Time Signals.
Lecture - 21 Problem Solving Session: FT, DFT,& Z Transforms.
Lecture - 22 Problem Solving Session: FT,DFT, & Z Transforms.
Lecture - 23 Analog Filter Design.
Lecture - 24 Analog Chebyshev LPF Design.
Lecture - 25 Analog Filter Design (Contd.): Transformations.
Lecture - 26 Analog frequency Transformation;.
Lecture - 27 Problem Solving Session on Discrete Time System.
Lecture - 28 Digital Filter Structures.
Lecture - 29 IIR Realizations.
Lecture - 30 All Pass Realizations.
Lecture - 31 Lattice Synthesis (Contd.).
Lecture - 32 FIR Lattice Synthesis.
Lecture - 33 FIR Lattice (Contd.) and Digital Filter Design.
Lecture - 34 IIR Filter Design.
Lecture - 35 IIR Design by Bilinear Transformation.
Lecture - 36 IIR Design Examples.
Lecture 37 - Digital to Digital Frequency Transformation.
Lecture 38 - FIR Design.
Lecture - 39 FIR Digital Filter Design by Windowing.
Lecture - 40 FIR Design by Windowing & Frequency Sampling.
Lecture 41 - Solving Problems on DSP Structures.
Lecture 42 - FIR Design by Frequency Sampling.
Lecture - 43 FIR Design by Frequency Sampling (Contd.).

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