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Financial Planning Basics and Investment Planning

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NISM DOCE - Govt Securities - Secondary Market.
Primary Market - IPO Grading.
Primary Market - Issue Pricing.
Primary Market Issues - Allotment Basis.
Primary Market Issues - Types of Investors.
What is a Debenture ? Features & Types of Debentures Explained.
Capital Market - Preference Shares.
NISM DOCE - Settlement of Market Trades.
NISM DOCE - Settlement Calendar.
Prevention of Money Laundering Act 2002 - Part 2.
Prevention of Money Laundering Act 2002 - Part 1.
Govt Securities - Yield Based Auction.
Government Securities - Price Based Auction.
Capital Market - Certificate of Deposits.
Capital Market - Commercial Paper.
Government Securities Market - Participants.
NISM DOCE - Government Securities - Introduction.
Treasury Bills - Introduction.
NISM DOCE - Dated Securities.
Capital Market - Overview , Classification and Need.
Capital Market - Primary & Secondary Markets.
Securities Market - Functions.
Secondary Market - Segments.
Capital Market Legislations - SEBI, SCRA, DP, COMPANIES ACT.
What is a Gold Exchange Traded Fund ?.
Capital Market - Trading Cycle.
Capital Market - Depository System.
Budget 2018 - Long Term Capital Gain Tax - Scenarios.
How To Calculate Capital Gain Tax on SIP in Mutual Funds ?.
Budget 2018 - Dividend Distribution Tax on MF.
Budget 2018 - Long Term Capital Gain Tax - Summary.
Budget 2018 - TDS, 80D, 54EC & Standard Deduction.
Budget 2018 - Personal Taxation, LTCG & Cess.
What is the difference between Hedging, Speculation and Arbitraging ?.
Put Option Explained with an Example in 2 minutes.
Call Option Explained with an Example | Stock Call Option.
American & European Style Options.
How to Calculate Time Value, Intrinsic Value & Cut off Price of an Option ?.
Futures Contract Payoff with Charts | Linear Payoff.
How to Calculate Time Value, Intrinsic Value & Premium of an Option ?.
How does Beta measure a Stock's Market Risk ?.
Futures Contract Explained with Single Stock Futures.
What are the Features / Specifications of Future Contracts ?.
Derivatives Terminology - FUTSTK, FUTIDX, OPTSTK, OPTIDX.
Types of Derivatives | Forwards, Futures, Options & Swaps.
What is a Mutual Fund ?.
Treynor Ratio & Alpha | Risk Adjusted Return | Mutual funds.
Sharpe Ratio | Risk Adjusted Return | Mutual funds.
Systematic Withdrawal Plan in Mutual funds.
How Systematic Investment Plan Works in Mutual Funds ? | SIP & STP.
Fixed & Flexible Asset Allocation Strategies | Financial Planning | Mutual Funds.
Asset Allocation | Strategic Asset Allocation | Financial Planning using MF.
Who can invest in Mutual Funds ? | Eligibility Criteria for Investing in MF.
NAV Calculation in Mutual Funds - Part 2.
What is NAV of a Mutual Fund ? How is NAV Calculated ? - Part 1.
Liquid Fund Redemption | Mutual Funds.
Beta - Market Risk / Systematic Risk | Mutual Fund Risk Measures.
Systematic Risk & Non Systematic Risk in Mutual Funds.
What is NAV of Mutual Fund? Sale Price & Repurchase Price Explained.
Tracking Error in Index Funds | Mutual Fund.
Index funds - Passive Funds | NISM Mutual Fund.
Passive Funds - Fixed Maturity Plans ( FMP ) | NISM Mutual Fund.
Open Ended & Closed Ended Mutual Funds | Types of MF.
Mutual Fund Terminologies - NFO, SIP, SWP, STP, SWITCH, Redemption, Folio.
Structure of Mutual Funds | Sponsor, Trustee & AMC.
Capital Gains Tax on Mutual Funds Explained | LTCG & STCG Taxes.
How to Calculate Long Term Capital Gains Tax on Mutual Funds ?.
How To Save Tax Using ELSS #MutualFund ? | Equity Linked Savings Scheme.
What are Hybrid Schemes ? | Types of Hybrid #Mutualfund Schemes.
What are Debt #MutualFunds ? Types of Debt Funds, Explained.
New Category of Equity Mutual Funds Explained.
NAV Cut off Timing for Non Liquid Funds | Mutual Fund NAV.
ARN Registration & Renewal Fees | Revised by AMFI | Mutual Fund.

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