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Full Modern React Tutorial

Net Ninja via YouTube


This course provides a complete introduction to React, the popular JavaScript library. It covers topics such as creating React applications, components, applying dynamic values, adding styles, click events, state, the React Dev tools, outputting lists, props, reusing components, functions as props, the useEffect hook, JSON server, fetching data, conditional loading message, custom hooks, the React Router, route parameters, controlled inputs, submission events, POST requests, programmatic redirects, and deleting data. Finally, the course covers 404 pages and next steps. With tutorials, exercises, and plenty of code demonstrations, this course will provide you with the best introduction possible to React and its features.


Full React Tutorial #1 - Introduction.
Full React Tutorial #2 - Creating a React Application.
Full React Tutorial #3 - Components & Templates.
Full React Tutorial #4 - Dynamic Values in Templates.
Full React Tutorial #5 - Multiple Components.
Full React Tutorial #6 - Adding Styles.
Full React Tutorial #7 - Click Events.
Full React Tutorial #8 - Using State (useState hook).
Full React Tutorial #9 - Intro to React Dev Tools.
Full React Tutorial #10 - Outputting Lists.
Full React Tutorial #11 - Props.
Full React Tutorial #12 - Reusing Components.
Full React Tutorial #13 - Functions as Props.
Full React Tutorial #14 - useEffect Hook (the basics).
Full React Tutorial #15 - useEffect Dependencies.
Full React Tutorial #16 - Using JSON Server.
Full React Tutorial #17 - Fetching Data with useEffect.
Full React Tutorial #18 - Conditional Loading Message.
Full React Tutorial #19 - Handling Fetch Errors.
Full React Tutorial #20 - Making a Custom Hook.
Full React Tutorial #21 - The React Router.
Full React Tutorial #22 - Exact Match Routes.
Full React Tutorial #23 - Router Links.
Full React Tutorial #24 - useEffect Cleanup.
Full React Tutorial #25 - Route Parameters.
Full React Tutorial #26 - Reusing Custom Hooks.
Full React Tutorial #27 - Controlled Inputs (forms).
Full React Tutorial #28 - Submit Events.
Full React Tutorial #29 - Making a POST Request.
Full React Tutorial #30 - Programmatic Redirects.
Full React Tutorial #31 - Deleting Blogs.
Full React Tutorial #32 - 404 Pages & Next Steps.

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The Net Ninja


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  • Profile image for Anvith K.S.
    Anvith K.S.
    Excellent course to kickstart your ReactJS learning. I was able to grasp the basics of React within the stipulated time and have an actual app that works.
  • Anthony Dupuis-Doudot
    Great course, great teacher, I wasn't bored once! Thank you for this amazing content. I will definitely go back to this course and tell to other developers.
  • Profile image for Nemanja Lazarevic
    Nemanja Lazarevic
    This course contain a lot of great stuff about react. If you are really new to react , you should watch this course.
  • Anonymous
    This is an excellent introduction to React. I've used React, but I wanted to update myself on the latest changes to Single Page Applications.

    I highly recommend this course, especially to users new to React.
  • Profile image for Harry Krisna
    Harry Krisna
    This course was great. It teaches me well every single thing of React frameworks. Good for beginner who want to start learning React.
  • Danny Glover
    This is basic, but very good starter course for React. It does need some updating for react-router-dom v6, but its easy enough to google the differences between what you learn in the videos (v5) and the latest (v6).
  • Stef Paun
    I enjoyed the course and the way you structure the content. Congrats for your site: it’s a professional product and also highly approachable.
  • Profile image for The Uknown
    The Uknown
    The best course ever ! It's very easy to understand, very quick to learn and excellent to make start developing in React

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