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History of the Crusades in Chronological Order

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A series of Real Crusades History videos arranged chronologically as the described events took place in history.

Real Crusades History is a channel devoted to exploring the medieval world. I’m J Stephen Roberts, and I’ll be your guide through this amazing era of history. Journey back to the days of Alfred Great and the Viking Wars of England. Discover the Normans, and their epic conquests from England to Sicily to Syria. Delve into the chronology of the Crusades. Follow the campaigns of the Latin Christians in the east to gain control of the Holy Land. Explore the rise of Muslim Spain, and the legendary battles between Christian and Moor known as the Reconquista. Learn about the Knights Templar, and other crusading orders of warrior monks. You’ll find playlists covering all of these topics and much more.


The Crusades: A Concise Overview for Students.
The First Crusade: A Concise Overview for Students.
Peter the Hermit.
A Letter from the First Crusade: The Conquest of Jerusalem, 1099.
Godfrey of Bouillon: His Life, His Legend.
Tancred: The True Founder of the Principality of Antioch.
Baldwin II of Jerusalem - Crusader King.
Why Does the Heathen Rage? - A Novel of the Crusades by J Stephen Roberts.
My Novel: Why Does the Heathen Rage?.
Usama ibn-Munqidh - Arab-Syrian Warrior, Author, and Diplomat.
An Armenian Artilleryman of the Crusades.
The Second Crusade: A Concise Overview for Students.
What Were the Northern Crusades?.
Amalric of Jerusalem and William of Tyre.
Raynald of Châtillon Submits to Emperor Manuel I Comnenus.
Saladin vs. King Baldwin IV at Belvoir Castle, 1182.
Raynald of Châtillon's Red Sea Campaign, 1183.
Balian of Ibelin - A Biography.
Saladin - A Biography.
Battle of Hattin: Pre-History.
Saladin's Cause for War, 1187.
Was Gerard of Ridefort a Fool?.
Who is to Blame for the Defeat at Hattin?.
Why Did Saladin Execute Raynald of Châtillon?.
Saladin and Balian of Ibelin Negotiate at Jerusalem, 1187.
The Crusade of Frederick Barbarossa, 1189-90.
The Third Crusade: A Concise Overview for Students.
Saladin vs Richard at the Battle of Arsuf.
A Letter of Richard the Lionheart from the Third Crusade.
Battle of Jaffa, 1192: Richard and Saladin's Final Battle.
Richard the Lionheart's Heroism at Jaffa.
Why the Third Crusade was Successful.
The Fourth Crusade: A Concise Overview for Students.
Who Were the Cathars? - The Albigensian Crusade.
Simon of Montfort and the Albigensian Crusade.
The Fifth Crusade: A Concise Overview for Students.
The Teutonic Knights and the Prussian Crusader State.
The Sixth Crusade: A Concise Overview for Students.
Reconquest of Cordoba by Fernando III of Castile, 1236.
The Fall of Jerusalem and the Battle of La Forbie, 1244.
Saint Louis IX, King of France: Wisdom and Justice.
The Seventh Crusade: A Concise Overview for Students.
The Eighth Crusade: A Concise Overview for Students.
The Ninth Crusade: A Concise Overview for Students.
The Last Stand of the Templars Against the Mamelukes.
The Great Siege of Malta, 1565.
Battle of Lepanto, 1571: What REALLY Happened.
The Battle of Vienna, 1683: A Documentary.
Why Were the Crusades Fought?.
The Crusades in 5 Minutes.
The Crusades 1095-1204: A Concise Overview for Students.
The Crusades: Top 10 Victories.
The Crusades - A Tribute.
Day's Glorious Lord - A Medieval Poem.
Raymond IV of Toulouse in Anna Comnena.
James I 'The Conqueror', King of Aragon.
James I of Aragon restores a church in medieval Spain.
Why the Fourth Crusade Attacked Constantinople.
Frederick II and the Sixth Crusade, 1228-29: Debunking the Myths.
Women of the Crusades.
Reconquista: Weapons and Tactics in Crusader Spain.
Bohemond I of Antioch.
Acts of Valor During the Crusades.
How did Balian of Ibelin Escape Hattin? 1187.
Saladin Massacres the Templars and Hospitallers at Hattin.
The Impact of the Battle of Hattin.
The Hopeless Situation of Jerusalem After the Battle of Hattin.
Balian of Ibelin defends Jerusalem from Saladin.
Saladin and the Fate of the Christian Women of Jerusalem, 1187.
The Fall of Constantinople, 1453 - Live Podcast.
The Battle of Ourique, 1139.
The Crusades.
Richard the Lionheart rescues his sister Joan, 1191.
Women During the Crusades.
Saladin's Alliance with Isaac Komnenos of Cyprus, 1191.
5 Facts About the Knights Templar.
Richard the Lionheart defeats the army of Cyprus, 1191.
The Fall of Constantinople, 1453 - Live Podcast Part 2.
5 Epic Battles of the Knights Templar.
5 Fascinating Things from a Medieval Crusades Chronicle.
Richard the Lionheart's Strategic Brilliance at Cyprus, 1191.
The Second Crusade - Episode 3: Disaster at Dorylaeum, 1147.
Richard the Lionheart's Marriage, 1191.
Margaret of Provence: The Life of a Great Medieval Queen.
Isaac of Cyprus surrenders to Richard the Lionheart, 1191.
Real Crusades History Live: Favorite Events of the Crusades.
The Importance of Cyprus to the Crusader States, 1191.
A Lord renounces his wealth to become a Knight Templar.
Live Review of History Channel's KnightFall - Episode 1.
Live Review of History Channel's KnightFall - Episode 2.
Live Review of History Channel's KnightFall - Episode 3.
Time and Location of KnightFall Episode 4 Review.
Top 5 Crusader Kings of Jerusalem.
Live Review of History Channel's KnightFall - Episodes 4 and 5.
The Founding of the Knights Templar.
Honoring a Fallen Knight - James of Avesnes, 1191.
Baldwin I, Crusader King of Jerusalem.
Crusaders vs. Turks: Bohemond at the Battle of Antioch.
Where Did the Name "Dracula" Come From?.
Baldwin II, Crusader King of Jerusalem.
Alexius vs. Bohemond: the Battle of Dyrrhachium, 1081.
5 Epic Battles of Bohemond the Crusader.
Baldwin III, Crusader King of Jerusalem (1130, 1143-1163).
How Did the Knights Templar Fight?.
The 3 Punishments of the Knights Templar.
5 Questions About the Crusades: ANSWERED.
The Templar Plan for Total Victory in the Crusades.
Bohemond's Great Defeat: the Battle of Harran, 1104.
Crusaders vs. Saracens: Battle of Antioch, 1098.
How did a Man Join the Knights Templar?.
King Baldwin I and the Battle of the Dog River, 1100.
What were the Differences Between the Templars, Hospitallers, and Teutonic Knights?.
5 Ridiculous Myths About the Knights Templar.
Discussing a Recent Visit to the Holy Land.
Crusaders vs. Seljuk Turks: the Battle of Dorylaeum, 1097.
The 5 Most Important Battles of the Crusades.
The World that Gave Birth to the Crusades.
My Favorite Images of the Crusades by Gustave Dore.
The Crusades and the Roots of Sacred Warfare.
A Crusader Knight Visits the Holy Sepulcher.
Why Did the Knights Templar Wear a White Mantle and Red Cross?.
How Courageous were the Knights Templar?.
Bohemond vs. the Turks: the Battle of the Iron Bridge, 1098.
Welcome to Real Crusades History.
Ibn al-Athir Reflects on the Rise of the Franks.
The Decline of Al-Andalus and the Rise of the Kingdom of Leon.
Saracen Account of Richard and Saladin's Battle at Arsuf.
The Capture of King Baldwin II by the Turks.
5 Facts About the Knights Hospitaller.
El Cid: Champion of Spain - A Documentary Podcast.
My Vision for a Crusades Movie.
How Norman Knights Conquered Arab Sicily.
What made Richard the Lionheart such a great general?.
Normans Crush the Saracens at the Battle of Cerami.
Who Were the Assassins?.
How Christian and Muslim Scholars Collaborated in Medieval Spain.
Amalric of Jerusalem: Crusader King.
3 Common Misconceptions About the Third Crusade.
Roger of Sicily - The Story of a Norman Knight.
What Inspired a Knight to Go on Crusade?.
How the Seljuks Crushed the Crusade of 1101.
Answering a Question from a Viewer.
Battle of Montgisard, 1177.
5 Things Hollywood Gets Wrong in Medieval Battles.
5 Historical Errors in Kingdom of Heaven.
Were Men "More Expendable" in Medieval Societies?.
The Norwegian Crusade - Vikings in the Holy Land.
What was Life Like for a Medieval Knight?.
The Crusades of Saint Louis IX of France - A Documentary.
How the Crusades Began in Spain.
5 Historical Errors in Braveheart.
5 Facts About Marriage in the Middle Ages.
High Deus Vultage - Ep 6: Christianity by the Sword.
Crusaders vs. Pagan Wends: The Northern Crusades Begin.
Epic Crusader Battles: First Battle of Ramla, 1101.
Northern Crusades: The Slavic Wars, 1147-85.
Religious Toleration in the Medieval Crusades.
The Sword-Brothers - Warrior Monks of the North.
I have a new channel!.
The Livonian Crusade, 1188-1300.
What Were the Crusades?.
How did the Teutonic Knights conquer Prussia?.
The Crusades: More Complex than Crusaders vs Saracens.
Why the Crusaders Lost the 2nd Battle of Ramla.
"Pulcheria" - song about a Roman empress.
Friendship Between Templars and a Saracen?.
The Death of King Baldwin IV - "The Fire" by Roman Lion.
How Hygienic and Clean were the Middle Ages?.
Tancred and Normans vs. Seljuks - Battle of Artah, 1105.
The Crucial Role that Women Played in the Crusades.
Were the Northern Crusades Justified?.
Tancred and the Battle of Artah - Normans vs. Seljuks.
Seljuks and Fatimids vs. Crusaders - Third Battle of Ramla, 1105.
Ask Us Anything about the Crusades - Ep 3.
Knights Templar - Part 4: False Charges Against the Templars.
5 Epic Battles of the Early Crusades.
Was the Reconquista a Crusade? Viewer Questions!.
Pope Urban II's Speech Preaching the First Crusade, 1095.
Jack Whyte's Knights of the Black and White: A Review.
Love and Marriage in Medieval Spain.
The Crusades - A Deeper Examination.
On Forgetting a Lover: A Poem from Islamic Spain.
Balian of Ibelin: History vs Myth.
The Crusades: Military Strategy, Organization, and Tactics.
Baldwin IV of Jerusalem: King, Leper, Crusader - History vs. Myth.
The Knights Templar: Origins and Downfall - Separating History from Myth.
Richard the Lionheart - A Biography.
Knights Templar defeat Saladin - The Battle of Montgisard, 1177.
What Happened to the Captives Taken at Hattin?.
A Frankish Woman Escapes from Ja'bar.
Queen Urraca of León-Castile - A Tale of Medieval Spain.
William the Conqueror and the Battle of Hastings, 1066 - documentary.
Baldwin IV the Leper: Warrior Boy King - Pt. 1 of 2.
Baldwin IV the Leper: Warrior Boy King - Pt. 2 of 2.
5 Epic Battles of the Crusades - Documentary.
The Archeology of the Crusades w/ Adrian Boas.
The Norman Conquest of Sicily - Part 1: Roger and Judith - A Norman Love Story.
Alfonso VI and the Reconquest of Toledo - Medieval Spain Documentary.
The Almoravids and the Battle of Sagrajas, 1086 - Medieval Spain Documentary.
Top 5 Popes of the Middle Ages.
El Cid: Hero of Spain - Pt. 1 of 2.
El Cid: Hero of Spain - Pt. 2 of 2.
Notre Dame Cathedral - A Tribute.
The Battle on the Ice, 1242 - Teutonic Knights vs. Alexander Nevsky.
The Strange Funeral of William the Conqueror, 1087.
The Knights Templar in 5 Minutes.
Baldwin IV - The Leper Crusader King - Full Documentary.
William the Conqueror's Traumatic Boyhood.
The Knights Templar's Last Stand - Acre, 1291.
The Reconquista of Spain in 5 Minutes.
Top 10 Kings of the Middle Ages.
The Albigensian Crusade - Full Documentary.
The Normans Defeat the Pope...then Surprise Him.
The Norman Conquest of Sicily - Part 3: The Battle of Misilmeri, 1068.
Richard vs. Saladin - The Battle of Arsuf, 1191.
How the Vikings Became the Normans.
Crusader Horse Archers? - The Turcopoles.
A Strange Habit of Women in the Middle Ages....
What Nobody Gets About William the Conqueror.
The Most Surprising FACT About the Crusades.
The Knights Templar: What Gave them their Power?.
Did People have Bad Teeth in the Middle Ages?.
Medieval Married Couples were Forbidden to do THIS.
The Normans Arrive in Italy: Two Early Legends.
Strange Sleeping Customs of the Middle Ages.
Templars vs. Crusaders - What was the Difference?.
Exploring the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem.
Walking the Templars' Tunnel at Akko.
Mysterious Room Built During the Crusades - The Cenacle.
King Sigurd's Viking Crusade - The Norwegian Crusade, 1110.
How People Named their Children in the Middle Ages.
Mamluks beat the Crusaders by destroying the Levant?.
Exploring St. Mark's Cathedral in Venice.
The First Crusade: An Introduction, Part 2.
Richard, Saladin, and the Third Crusade.
A victory is only impressive if your opponent is impressive..
Did a medieval bride bathe for her wedding night?.
Afonso of Portugal and the Knights Templar.
A Medieval Knight's Bond to his Lord.
Did medieval married couples sleep in a private bed?.
A medieval knight's training began with women?.
If a medieval bride could do THIS, she could get married....
El Cid - The Story of History's Greatest Knight.
The Great Siege of Malta - Ottoman Turks vs. Knights of St. John.
Teutonic Knights vs. Scumand the Prussian Chieftain.
The Battle of Hattin, 1187 - Saladin vs. Crusaders - full documentary.
Richard the Lionheart: a reading from Andrew Ehrenkreutz.
Richard the Lionheart: A Good King?.
Rise of the Knights Templar - full documentary.
Is history written by the victors?.
Who Were the Medieval Pagan Prussians?.
Frederick Barbarossa and the Third Crusade - full documentary.
Rise of the Teutonic Knights.
Martin von Golin: Pagan Hunter for the Teutonic Knights.
A surprising FACT about medieval witches.
Did the Inquisition Conduct Witch Trials?.
William the Conqueror and the History of Norman England - full documentary.
Top 5 Greatest Knights in Medieval History.
The Norman Conquest of Sicily - Part 4: The Siege of Palermo.
The Teutonic Knights launch the Prussian Crusade.
Portugal's Templar King and the Conquest of Lisbon, 1147.
Were the Crusades unchristian?.
Don't ask a medieval lady to do THIS....
The Children's Crusade never happened..
The Norman Conquest of Sicily - Part 5: Last Stand of a Great Norman Knight - Serlo of Hautville.
Top 5 Queens of the Middle Ages.
Why are the Knights Templar so inspiring?.
The Teutonic Knights: Crusaders of the North - full documentary.
Medieval arranged marriages: did they lead to happiness?.
The Norman Conquest of Sicily - Part 6: Count Roger vs. the Emir of Syracuse.
The future of this channel.
The Norman Conquest of Sicily - Part 7: The Siege of Syracuse.
The Knights Templar - History's Greatest Cavalry Warriors.
Why did the Crusades fail?.
Norman Conquest of Sicily - full documentary.
The Origins of the Crusades.
How did a medieval knight prefer to die?.
Godfrey of Bouillon - History's Greatest Knight - documentary.
El Cid Campeador: Origins and Early Life of Spain's Greatest Hero.
El Cid: Master of the Battlefield - The Castilian Years, 1063-1072.
Top 5 Greatest Warrior-Kings of the Middle Ages.
Was the Reconquista of Spain really a reconquest?.
Why did the Crusades happen?.
Alfred the Great and the Viking Wars - documentary.
Were the Crusades motivated by greed?.
How peasants became knights in medieval Spain.
St. Louis IX vs. Baibars - The Battle of Mansourah, 1250.
The Crusade of Varna - John Hunyadi vs. The Ottoman Turks.
Vikings vs. Alfred the Great - The Battle of Ashdown, 871.
Visigothic Spain Before the Arab Conquest.
We're Making a Movie About the Crusades! - w/ Austin Kelly.
Medieval Spirituality and the Crusader Knight.
The Arab Conquest of Spain, 711: Umayyads vs. Visigoths - documentary.
How Common was Adultery in the Middle Ages?.
Pelayo vs. the Umayyads - The Reconquest of Spain Begins.
Charles Martel and the Battle of Tours, 732.
The Arab Conquest of Spain - full documentary.
Addressing a Few Myths About the Crusades.
Government in the Crusader States.
Alfred the Great vs. Guthrum the Viking - Battle of Edington, 878.
Saladin vs. Baldwin the Leper King - Battle of Montgisard, 1177.
Did the Byzantine Empire help or harm the Crusades?.
William Wallace and the Battle of Stirling Bridge, 1297.
Alfred the Great - Philosopher King of the Viking Age.
5 Epic Battles of Medieval Spain.
The Crusades: Victories or Defeats? - documentary.
Welcome to Real Crusades History.
The First Crusade - full documentary.
The Crusade of Edward Longshanks.
The Siege of Tripoli, 1102-1109.
Storms in Valhalla: Alfred the Great vs. Hastein the Viking - documentary.
Rollo and the Viking Colony of Normandy - documentary.
William the Conqueror's Rise to Power - documentary.
Christmas During the Crusades.
The Viking Attack on Paris, 885-86 - documentary.
Queen Isabel and the Fall of Granada, 1492 - documentary - Medieval Kingdoms 1212 AD mod.
The Norman Conquest of Sicily - Part 2: The Great Battle of Cerami, 1063.
The Viking Wars of Alfred the Great's Britain - full documentary.

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