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Human Stuff by Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

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The Origin of Consciousness How Unaware Things Became Aware.
Why Beautiful Things Make us Happy Beauty Explained.
Plastic Pollution: How Humans are Turning the World into Plastic.
The Side Effects of Vaccines - How High is the Risk?.
Is Organic Really Better? Healthy Food or Trendy Scam?.
Why Meat is the Best Worst Thing in the World .
3 Arguments Why Marijuana Should Stay Illegal Reviewed.
Time: The History & Future of Everything Remastered.
A Selfish Argument for Making the World a Better Place Egoistic Altruism.
Homeopathy Explained Gentle Healing or Reckless Fraud?.
Universal Basic Income Explained Free Money for Everybody? UBI.
How to Cure Aging During Your Lifetime?.
Why Age? Should We End Aging Forever?.
Optimistic Nihilism.
Is the European Union Worth It Or Should We End It?.
Overpopulation The Human Explosion Explained.
A New History for Humanity The Human Era.
What Happened Before History? Human Origins.
Safe and Sorry Terrorism & Mass Surveillance.
Why The War on Drugs Is a Huge Failure.
Who Is Responsible For Climate Change? Who Needs To Fix It?.
Is the EU Democratic? Does Your Vote Matter?.
Is Meat Bad for You? Is Meat Unhealthy?.
Could Your Phone Hurt You? Electromagnetic Pollution.
The Egg - A Short Story.
What if We Nuke a City?.
An Antidote to Dissatisfaction.
Overpopulation & Africa.
Milk. White Poison or Healthy Drink?.
Why Blue Whales Don't Get Cancer - Peto's Paradox.
The Coronavirus Explained & What You Should Do.
Why Are You Alive Life, Energy & ATP.
The Past We Can Never Return To The Anthropocene Reviewed.
What Is Intelligence? Where Does it Begin?.
Is It Too Late To Stop Climate Change? Well, it's Complicated..
When Time Became History - The Human Era.
Geoengineering: A Horrible Idea We Might Have to Do.
How Many People Did Nuclear Energy Kill? Nuclear Death Toll.
Do we Need Nuclear Energy to Stop Climate Change?.

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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

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