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Internal Medicine

University of Louisville via YouTube


Asthma with Dr. Sara Ellingwood.
COVID-19 Vaccines with Dr. Forest Arnold.
COVID-19: An Update with Dr. Mark Burns.
Introduction to Abstract Writing for Clinical Vignettes with Dr. Samuel Reynolds.
Acid Base Core Lecture with Dr. Nina Vasavada.
Molecular Biology in Cardiovascular Disease with Dr. Samuel Reynolds.
UofL Internal Medicine Residency Training Program Virtual Tour.
Health Disparities: Food Insecurity and Food Deserts with Dr. Jennifer Olges.
Introduction to Mechanical Ventilation with Dr. Christopher Chan.
Cardiology Boards Review with Dr. Lorrel Brown.
COVID-19 Series (Part Two) with Dr. Laura Bishop.
COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) Epidemic with Dr. Forest Arnold.
Critical Care Medicine Board Review (Part One) with Dr. Rodrigo Cavallazzi.
Patterns of Liver Injury Final with Dr. Kushboo Gala.
Biostats for Internal Medicine with Dr. Jennifer Olges.
From Burnout to Joy- Healing the Healers with Dr. Joe Rotella.
Sepsis with Dr. Sally Suliman.
GI Board Review (Part Two) with Dr. Endashaw Omer.
GI Board Review (Part One) with Dr. Endashaw Omer.
HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP): A Review with Dr. Anupama Raghuram.
Chronic cough: Is it a symptom or a disease? Dr. Jonathan A. Bernstein.
Interstitial Lung Disease with Dr. Sally Suliman.
Advanced Care Planning with Dr. Christine Bridges.
Acute Kidney Injury with Dr. Liza Cholin.
Tubulointerstitial Disease with Dr. Gunjan Garg.
Valvular Heart Disease with Dr. Shahab Ghafghazi.
Management of Alcohol-Related Hepatitis with Dr. Craig McClain.
Basics of HIV Infection with Dr. Anupama Raghuram.
Hypertension with Dr. Nina Vasavada.
GI Bleeds Part One (Upper) with Dr. Jordan Burlen.
GI Bleeds Part Two (Lower) with Dr. Jordan Burlen.
Introduction to Writing Case Reports with Dr. Nancy Kubiak.
Hyponatremia with Dr. Liza Cholin.
Positive Pressure Ventilation with Dr. Bilal Jalil.
Oxygen Delivery and Devices with Dr. Bilal Jalil.
Clinical Research: From Idea to Publication with Dr. Julio Ramirez.
Transition of Care with Dr. Shanna Barton.
Little Lectures Teaser.
The Internet of Healthy Things with Dr. Joseph Kvedar.
Klinefelter Syndrome with Dr. Stephen Winters.
Accelerating Innovation in Academic Medicine with Dr. Tao Le.
Hepatitis A: An Update in the Context of an Outgoing Multi-state Outbreak with Dr. Anupama Raghuram.
Endocrine Board Review with Dr. Sathya Krishnasamy.
Advance Care Planning and the Medical Orders for Scope of Treatment (MOST) Form with Dr. Furman.
The Approach to Chest Pain with Dr. Chris Migliore.
Human Microbiomes and Asthma Phenotype: Next Frontiers with Dr. Yvonne Huang.
NAFLD: An Expanding Problem with Dr. Craig McClain.
Nephrology IM Board Review with Dr. Lederer.
Interstitial Lung Disease with Dr. Chaaban.
Introduction to Interventional Radiology with Dr. Missy Potts.
Patients with Epilepsy and Special Considerations in Women with Dr. Brittany Chapman.
Hepatitis with Dr. Michael Wellner.
CV Prevention for the Internist: Life's Simple 7 with Dr. Lorrel Brown.
Cystic Fibrosis with Dr. Molly Howsare.
Polypharmacy: The Silent Syndrome with Dr. Demetra Antimisiaris.
Heroin in the Hospital Patient with Dr. Martin Huecker.
Syncope and ECGs with Dr. Brain Ferguson.
Malnutrition: Identifying Nutritional Risk and Implications in Patient Care with Dr. Ryan Hurt.
Screening for Depression in Primary Care with Dr. Bishop and Sara Williams.
Improving Healthcare Quality and Safety with Dr. Nathan Spell.
A Review of Outpatient Internal Medicine with Dr. Patrick McKenzie.
Ventilation 101 with Dr. Hala Karnib.
Public Health and Dermatology- From Policy to Pox with Dr. Boris Lushniak.
Opiate Workshop with Dr. Parker.
Hypogonadism in Women and Men with Dr. Winters.
Allogeneic Transplants with Dr. Hillard M. Lazarus.
Asthma with Dr. Perez.
Introduction to OSA with Dr. Karim El-Kersh.
Opportunistic Infections in HIV with Dr. Raghuram.
Upper Variceal Hemorrhage with Dr. Luis Marsano.
Axial Aching: Three Different Presentations with Dr. Lyn Shue.
Syncope with Dr. Charlene K. Mitchell.
Undone in the ICU: Understanding the Long-Term Consequences of Critical Illness with Dr. Brummel.
Incorporating Transgender Care into Every Day Primary Care by Dr. Henry Ng.
Patient Evaluation for Advanced Heart Failure Therapies.
Second Wind: Lung Transplantation by Dr. David Nunley.
Nephritic/Nephrotic Syndrome with Dr. Kausar Hamiduzzaman.
Sarcoidosis with Dr. Rafael L. Perez.
Vasculitis with Dr. Charles Moore.
Aortic Stenosis ( and other Decompensated Valves) with Dr. Lorrel Brown.
Reflections on "Hearing Voices" with Dr. André Churchwell.
Bipolar Disorder with Dr. Zachary Sager.
Lipid Disorders with Dr. Sri Mokshagundam.
Getting to know our Louisville Lectures Community.
Neuro-Oncology with Dr. Eric Burton.
Introduction to Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension with Dr. Karim El-Kersh.
Procedure Series: Central Line Anaglyph.
Genitourinary Cancers with Dr. Padmini Moffett.
MDR Bacteria in the Healthcare Setting with Dr. Forest W. Arnold.
Controversies in the Medical Management of Obesity with Dr. Villafuerte.
Hypertensive Crisis with Dr. Lorrel Brown.
Upper Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage with Dr. Luis Marsano.
Personalized Medicine Approach for COPD with Dr. Hiram Perez.
The 4 Horsemen and DNAR Discussions with Dr. Staci Mandrola.
Safe and Effective Hospital Discharges with Dr. Charlene Mitchell.
Disorders of the Hypothalamus and Pituitary with Dr. Winters.
Healthcare Quality and Safety: An Introduction with Dr. Hugh Shoff.
Breaking Bad News and Difficult Decisions with Dr. Michael Burk.
Acute CVA with Dr. Jignesh Shah.
Transparency with Information and Disclosure of Medical Errors with Dr. Nathan Spell.
Understanding and Preventing Physician Burnout with Eric Baker.
Hepatorenal Syndrome with Dr. Kausar Hamiduzzaman.
Novel Targeted Therapy for Low-Grade Lymphoid Malignancies in Older Adults by Dr. Krem.
Inpatient Glucose Management by Dr. Sathya Krishnasamy.
Mechanical Ventilation by Dr. Rodrigo Cavallazi.
Breast Cancer with Dr. Mandadi.
Soundbites from the Quarry- Adventures in Stone Disease by Dr. Lederer.
Taking the Complication out of Chemotherapy by Dr. Maxwell M. Krem.
Basics of HIV Medications by Dr. Raghuram.
Clinical Decision Making with Dr. Eleanor Lederer.
Performing the Study: Pretesting, Data Collection, & Data Quality by Dr. Peyrani.
Study Designs: Quality/Performance Improvement by Dr. Carrico.
Planning the Study: Research Question and Study Designs by Dr. Peyrani.
Research in a University Setting By Dr. Ramirez.
Treating Depression in the Primary Care Setting with Dr. Sager.
Changing Medicine or The Life of Tom Petty by Dr. Roman.
Overview of Alcoholic Liver Disease with Dr. McClain.
Fever of Unknown Origin (FUO) with Dr. Raghuram.
Novel Therapeutics in Diabetes with Dr. Krishnasamy.
Mechanical Circulatory Support: IABP, VADs & ECMO with Dr. Brown.
Epilepsy for the Internist with Dr. Chapman.
Hypertension and Resistant Hypertension with Dr. Basile.
Evaluation of Syncope with Dr. Mitchell.
Internist's Approach to Gastrointestinal Cancers.
Discussing DNR Orders with Dr. Earnshaw.
Colon Cancer with Dr. Farmer.
Coordinating Safe Discharges with Mitchell.
Acute Coronary Syndrome 101 with Dr. Brown.
Non-Invasive Ventilation with Dr. Rosenblum.
Grand Rounds: Lupus Nephritis with Dr. Rovin.
Rickettsial Disease Review with Dr. Raghuram.
Non-malignant Pleural Effusion - Part Two with Dr. Gauhar.
Non-malignant Pleural Effusions with Dr. Gauhar.
Grand Rounds: Refugee Health and The Kentucky Global Health Center with Drs. Bosson and Carrico.
The Basics of Inpatient Geriatrics with Dr. Neamtu.
Grand Rounds: Cancer Thrombosis with Dr. Rojan.
Rhinosinusitis with Dr. Lee.
Sepsis Guidelines and Evidence with Dr. Cavallazzi.
Weaning Mechanical Ventilation with Dr. Cavallazzi.
Basics of Tracheostomy Care with Dr. El Kersh.
Treating Alcoholism with Dr. Stewart.
Cirrotic Ascites and its Complications with Dr. Beauerle.
Ocular Manifestations of Systemic Disease with Dr. Apenbrinck.
Management of C.difficile and Fecal Microbial Transplant With Dr. Krueger.
Grand Rounds: Islet Cell Autotransplantation with Dr. Hughes.
Drug induced Rash with Dr. Owen.
Clinical Assessment of Volume Status with Dr. Cavallazzi.
Cardiac Tamponade and Miscellaneous Cardiomyopathies with Dr. Brown.
Idiopathic Interstitial Pneumonias with Dr. Roman.
Implementing Pharmacogenetics with Kristen Reynolds.
Thyroid Disease with Dr. Krishnasamy.
Complications of Myocardial Infarctions with Dr. Brown.
Primary Immunodeficiencies with Dr. Lee.
Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome with Dr. Cavallazzi.
A Review of ANA Testing and Rheumatology Pharmacology With Dr. Charles Moore.
Shock and Hemodynamics in the CCU with Dr. Brown.
Ultrasound Physics with Dr. Nunley.
Spondyloarthropathies Part Two with Dr. Charles Moore.
Solitary Pulmonary Nodules with Dr. Wiese.
Acetaminophen & Salicylate Toxicity with Dr. Bosse.
Spondyloarthoathies (Part 1) with Dr Charles Moore.
Bradyarrythmias with Dr. Brown.
UTIs with Dr. Gnoni.
Allergic Rhinitis with Dr. Le.
Calcium Homeostasis with Dr. Lederer.
Sodium, Potassium, Diuretics with Dr. Lederer.
Diabetes Complications with Dr. Villafuerte.
Accessibility Issues in the Clinic with Dr. Stillman.
Somatoform Disorders with Dr. Tamas.
PFTs with Dr. Perez.
A-Fib and A-Flutter Concepts with Dr. Espinosa.
Approach to Anemia with Dr. Moffett.
Minimizing Complications in Cirrhosis with Dr. Marsano.
Emergency Stroke Care with Dr. Remmel.
Therapies for Diabetes with Dr. Villafuerte.
Glomerulonephritis with Dr. Caster.
Nephrotic Syndrome with Dr. Caster.
Cystic Fibrosis with Dr. O'Hagan.
Systemic Inflammatory Illnesses with Dr. Roberts.
Acute Mental Status Changes with Dr. Mitchell.
Aortic Stenosis and General Valvular Principles with Dr. Brown.
The Basics of Immunotherapy with Dr. Lee.
Acute and Chronic Diarrhea with Dr. Moffett.
Bacteremia and Intravascular Infections with Dr. Ramirez.
Pulmonary and Critical Care Review (Comprehensive) with Dr. El-Kersh.
Acute Pancreatitis: Medicine vs Surgery with Dr. Roberts.
Renal Transplant with Dr. Mackelaite.
Electrolyte Emergencies with Dr. Lederer.
Antibiotics Review 2 with Julie Harting Pharm.D..
Antibiotics Review 1 with Julie Harting Pharm.D..
Pneumonia in Many Forms (CAP,HCAP,HAP,VAP) with Dr. Peyrani.
Quality Improvement (QI) with Dr. Kubiak.
Preoperative Cardiac Evaluation with Dr. Stillman.
Approach to Low Back Pain with Dr. Burke.
Fulminant Hepatic Failure with Dr. Marsano.
Acute Aortic Syndromes with Dr. Hirsch.
Paraproteinemias with Dr. Sharma.
Mood Disorders with Dr. Casey.
Intro to Peripheral Vascular Disease with Dr. Dwivedi.
The Acute Abdomen with Dr Farmer.
Arrhythmia Concepts,Tachy with Dr. Espinosa.
A Practical Approach to Acid Base with Dr Aronoff.
EKG Concepts with Dr. Espinosa.
Acute Kidney Injury with Dr. Aronoff.
Adrenal Disorders with Dr. Winters.
Acute Pancreatitis with Dr. Parajuli.
Emergency Arrhythmias 101 with Dr. Brown.
Psychiatry with Dr. Spurgeon.
Community Acquired Pneumonia with Dr. Guardiola.
Trends in COPD with Dr. Perez.
Calcium Metabolism with Dr. Krishnasamy.
Anaphylaxis and Urticaria with Dr. Lee.
Bleeding Disorders with Dr. Sharma.
DKA and HHS with Dr. Mokshagundam.
The Seriously Ill Patient with Dr. Nunley.

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UofL Internal Medicine Lecture Series

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  • This course was comprehensive and very educational.

    Most topics covered have atleast an hour long worth of lecture dedicated to the topic of interest. This means that, each topic is covered in-depth.

    I will be referring back to some of the topics as refreshers .

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