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Introduction to Psychology

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COURSE OUTLINE: This course is designed for a better understanding of the self and others. It will help you understand the how and why of thinking, feeling, and action. This introductory psychology course will cover the major psychological constructs and principles, primarily focusing on the perceptual processes, learning, memory, emotions, genetic and environmental determinants of behavior and personality. In the last week, it will also demonstrate some lab sessions whereby the relevant construct and phenomena can be empirically tested.


Introduction to Psychology.
Lecture 01 Major Areas of Psychology.
Lecture 02 Major Milestones in Psychology.
Lecture 03 Methods in Psychology.
Lecture 04 Schools of thoughts in Psychology.
Sensory Mechanisms.
External Factors in Perception.
Theory of Signal Detection.
Gestalt Principles.
Form Perception.
Role of Culture in Perception.
Lecture 11 Basic Concepts of Learning.
Lecture 12 Classical Conditioning.
Lecture 13 Concepts and Applications of Classical Conditioning.
Lecture 14 Operant Conditioning.
Lecture 15 Observational Learning.
Lecture 16 Cognitive Learning.
Lecture 17 MEMORY - Models of Memory.
L 18 Short term Memory- Storage and Retention.
L 19 Long Term Memory-Episodic Memory.
L 20 LTM- Autobiographical and Semantic Memory.
L 21 LTM: Procedural Memory.
L 22 Forgetting.
Lecture 23 Theories of Emotion - 1.
Lecture 24 Theories of Emotion - 2.
Lecture 25 Basic Emotions.
Lecture 26 Culture and Emotion.
Lecture 27 Musculature Analysis of Facial Expressions.
Lecture 28 Biological Basis of Emotion.
Lecture 29 Nature vs Nurture.
Lecture 30 Behavioral Genetics I.
Lecture 31 Behavoiural Genetics II.
Lecture 32 Intelligence.
Lecture 33 Aptitude.
Lecture 34 Various Perspectives of Personality.
Lecture 35 Neo Freudian and Behaviourist Perspective.
Lecture 36 Behaviourist and Humanistic Perspective.
Lecture 37 Indian Perspective of Personality and Assessment of Personality.
Lecture 38 Psychometric tests of Personality Assessment.
Lab Session 1.
Lab Session 2.
Lab Session 3.
Lab Session 4.
Lab Session 5.

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Introduction to Psychology



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  • Well elaborate, and easy to understand. The fact that psychology has great impact in fundamental level of human life I suggest it’s the basis of all endeavor.

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