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Italian Lessons for Beginners

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In this Italian language course, you will learn Italian grammar, vocabulary, and conversation. You will learn Italian phrases, verbs, conversational Italian, pronunciations, the Italian alphabet, grammar, expressions, words, numbers, difficult to pronounce Italian words, geography of Italy, propositions, Italian holidays, time and dates, listening comprehension skills, nouns, Italian greetings, articles, simple conversations in Italian, punctuations, adjectives, and much more!


12 Italian phrases for absolute beginners (subs in multiple languages).
27 common Italian verbs for conversation (Italian audio with subtitles in multiple languages).
10 must-know Italian verbs for beginners (sub).
Conversational Italian: Let's talk Italian together - Learn Italian with Lucrezia.
How to pronounce BRUSCHETTA in Italian.
Italian for beginners: tell your name, age, and city of origin in Italian.
40 parole italiane difficili da pronunciare | Italian pronunciation.
Learn Italian: the alphabet (Lesson 1 - Beginner).
How to pronounce in Italian: FOCACCIA, CALZONE, GNOCCHI, PROSCIUTTO.
Italian vs English: expressing feelings and needs (Lesson 17 - Beginner).
Learn Italian Alphabet Pronunciation (ITA, EN, FR, POR SUB).
8 words and expressions Italians use to respond to "grazie" (IT, AR, GR, EN, POR subtitles).
Come Ordinare il Caffè in Italia.
Learn Italian: numbers from 1 to 20 (Lesson 2 - Beginner).
How to introduce yourself in Italian (Lesson 7 - Beginner).
12 words and expressions Italians use to say "yes" (IT, FR, AR SUB).
3 ways to say "cheers" in Italian language.
Geography of Italy #1 - borders and regions (Italian audio).
Learn Italian: days of the week (Lesson 4 - Beginner).
Learn Italian: numbers from 20 to 100 (Lesson 3 - Beginner).
Italian vocabulary at the beach (near Rome) (Sub ITA).
Tempi verbali italiani da cui cominciare (studenti A1, A2, B1).
Learn Italian: c'è and ci sono (Lesson 15 - Beginner).
16 Italian words YOU find difficult to pronounce.
I nomi invariabili in italiano [Qual è il plurale di CITTÀ?!] #learnItalian.
Italian grammar practice with simple prepositions A DI DA IN PER (IT, EN audio).
10 Italian (fixed) expressions with prepositions (very common in informal conversation) [subtitled].
Italian breakfast | Learn Italian with Lucrezia.
Futuro semplice o condizionale presente? (Italian grammar exercise).
Italian for beginners: venire + DA/DAL/DALLO/DALLA/DAI/DAGLI/DALLE + name of your country.
Geography of Italy #2 - regional capitals and independent states in Italy (Italian audio).
Christmas vocabulary in Italian - Learn Italian with Lucrezia.
Learn Italian: months (Lesson 5 - Beginner).
The difference between "e" and "è" in Italian (Italian audio - subtitled).
Italian Listening Comprehension: Lorenzo e la musica (A1-A2) ita audio + transcript.
Learn Italian: thank you (Lesson 9 - Beginner).
Buona Pasqua - Happy Easter.
How to Use Popular Italian Linking Word "PERCHÉ" (Subs).
20 collective nouns you should know in Italian language (to boost your conversations!).
Learn Italian: hobbies and spare time (Lesson 16 - Beginner).
5 questions every student of Italian language should know and use (subtitled).
Learn Italian: the four seasons (Lesson 6 - Beginner).
Pronouncing the sound GN in Italian.
How to apologise in Italian.
Learn Italian: like or dislike (Lesson 11 - Beginner).
Learn Italian: how are you? (Lesson 8 - Beginner).
How to Pronounce PISTACCHIO in Italian Language.
Learn Italian: you are welcome (Lesson 10 - Beginner).
Prepositional articles in Italian language (Lesson 21 - Beginner) - Learn Italian with Lucrezia.
How to respond to wishes in Italian (3 basic and useful responses).
Italian verbs 1 | essere e avere - Learn Italian with Lucrezia.
Learn Italian: agree or disagree (Lesson 12 - Beginner).
Let's review Italian definite articles (il, lo, la, i, gli, le) (for all levels).
Italian pronunciation: "e" vs "è" - Learn Italian with Lucrezia.
Learn Italian: I love you (Lesson 13 - Beginner).
How to pronounce double consonants in Italian (part 2) [ITA audio, subtitled].
Learn Italian: simple prepositions (Lesson 20 - Beginner).
Bello o buono? (Part 1).
Learn Italian: daily routine (Lesson 26 - Beginner).
Italian Reflexive Verbs | Learn Italian with Lucrezia.
How to use Italian articles w/ family nouns ('LA MADRE', 'LA MIA MADRE', or 'MIA MADRE'?) (Sub ITA).
How to tell time in Italian (chatty lesson in IT & EN).
Learn Italian: greetings (Lesson 14 - Beginner).
How do you ask how to say (something) in Italian? - Learn Italian with Lucrezia.
Come si dice X in italiano?.
Italian Listening Exercise - il cibo per gli italiani (A2-B1 level).
Learn Italian: happy birthday.
Learn Italian: adjectives to describe one's personality (Lesson 25 - Beginner).
Bello o buono? (part 2).
Learn Italian: the weather.
Typical Italian Breakfast Foods | Learn Italian with Lucrezia.
Learn Italian: definite articles (Lesson 18 - Beginner).
How to wish Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in Italian.
Learn Italian: telling time and dates (Lesson 22 - Beginner).
Learn Italian Grammar: Parts of Speech (explained in English).
Italian verbs 2 | Andare, Mangiare, Amare (to go, to eat, to love).
Describe someone's character in Italian 1/2 (Lesson 23 - Beginner).
Italian vocabulary: family - Learn Italian with Lucrezia.
Learn Italian: indefinite articles (Lesson 19 - Beginner).
Italian language Dictation exercise (ADVANCED level).
Italian Adjective Conjugation | Learn Italian with Lucrezia.
Colours in Italian language (with example sentences) (Lesson 26 - Beginner).
Learn Italian: GH, R, GL pronunciation.
Italian language Dictation Exercise - Intermediate level.
Italian language Dictation exercise - BEGINNER level.
How do you form plurals of foreign nouns (loanwords) in Italian? [Italian audio].
Italian verbs 3 | Bere, Ridere, Vedere (to drink, to laugh, to see).
Learn Italian Grammar: How to Form Plural Nouns (subtitled in Italian).
Italian Verbs DIRE & FARE and synonyms.
Italian language revision: days, months, seasons (Beginner level) (subtitled).
Describe someone's character in Italian 2/2 (Lesson 24 - Beginner).
Top 3 mistakes to avoid when you write in Italian (EN audio).
Learn Italian Grammar: Types of Nouns (subtitled in Italian).
5 Italian adjectives to describe your holiday.
"How are you?" in Italian | Learn Italian with Lucrezia.
Fun way to spell words in Italian - Learn Italian with Lucrezia.
Intro to Italian Punctuation (subtitled) | Learn Italian with Lucrezia.
Learn Italian Grammar: How to Form Feminine Nouns (subtitled in Italian).
Learn How to Pronounce the Word ESPRESSO in Italian Language.
Useful Italian vocabulary for the pool or the beach - Learn Italian with Lucrezia.
5 adjectives to describe a good book in Italian.
Learn Italian: what do you do?.
How to say "to walk the dog" in Italian (subtitled) | Learn Italian with Lucrezia.
Reading Italian numbers aloud (exercise + answers) | Learn Italian with Lucrezia.
Learn Italian Grammar: Introduction to Italian Adjectives.
When to use capital letters in Italian (subtitled).

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